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Saturday, March 01, 2014

I'll admit... today did not start well. Dh woke me up to ask if I wanted something to eat from McD's for breakfast. Because I love McD's breakfast, I of course said yes. Which lead to eating 2394857394857 calories of grease and crap right after waking up. Not great.

After I ate, my belly was too full and I felt crappy. I should learn a lesson from that. I sat around for a while feeling blah and regretting my choice to eat so much garbage so early in the am.

Eventually my belly felt better and I took a shower and got dressed. We needed to go to Whole Foods and Walmart for a couple things, so we headed out. Whole foods was grilling hamburgers, hot dogs and brats for some global charity. We were both a little hungry, so dh got a burger and I got a brat. Not gonna pretend that was a healthy choice, but it was an organic brat on a whole wheat bun, so it was a better choice than straight up fast food. I call it a mini-win.

Next up was Walmart where I did something that could have potentially been really bad, but so far hasn't been. I bought a box of Girl Scout Cookies. I LOVE Tagalongs cookies, and I felt like the whole world was talking about them, and in a fit of sheer glee I ran up to the people selling them and bought a box. But, another mini-win, I bought A box. Not 3 or 4 boxes like I have done in years past. Then I came home with them and did the ultimate -- PORTION CONTROL! I had one cookie when we got home with them, and one more cookie for dessert after dinner. Again, not healthy... but 2 cookies, when I would normally have consumed at least one whole box by this point... mini-win #3!

Next up was something productive. I have eczema on the tip of one finger. {I know, wtf?} The steroid cream my dr prescribed hasn't cleared it up. I saw a recipe for making all-natural eczema butter and decided immediately that I wanted to try it. Magically I had everything to make it but cedarwood oil, which is why we went to Whole Foods. I mixed that up and put some on my finger. If nothing else, it smells a lot better than the steroid cream. So horray for that!

After I got my eczema butter made I sat down and started poking around on the computer. Then dh decided he wanted a nap. Otherwise known as... I had to entertain myself. I played on some websites for a while, but eventually I got restless. I checked the weather and saw it was 49 degrees outside. I also saw that we've been upgraded to a Winter Storm Warning, and that thing is about to clobber us. Then I made the best decision of the day -- going for a walk! The weather was perfect, 49 and cloudy. {Perfect for me, I know most normal people consider that still a little cold.} I had a lovely walk, enjoyed the fresh air, and got some movement. That was good stuff.

I don't think I could overstate what a monumental thing it is for me to exercise even though I hadn't eaten perfectly. Although it totally defies logic, my brain has always said... well, if you're not eating right, why bother?... But today my brain said... It feels good to move, it's a nice day, and you will feel so much better afterwards... And you know what? It was all true! I'm really trying to train my body that eating well and exercise are two independent things. In other words, there's still good reason to exercise, even if I'm not eating well... and still reason to eat well, even if I don't get in my exercise. I think getting that concept pounded into my brain will do a LOT to help my health!

Then I did another good thing! I made dinner! It was sort of a recipe I half made up and half followed. Lean ground turkey with brown rice, mushrooms, frozen peas, reduced fat cream of mushroom soup and some seasonings. It was tasty. I did eat too much of it, but I didn't stuff myself. I should have made some veggies to go with mine. Still, all things considered, not a bad dinner. And then a cookie... A cookie... for dessert. Then I put them away.

And because one can never have too many good things in a blog entry -- I've been drinking all my water. I just feel better that way.

So, I think I'm maybe trying to paint today through rose colored glasses... I did eat a big, greasy breakfast... but instead of beating myself up about that, I'm saying "Good job" to myself for the things I did right. I can't un-eat the breakfast I had, but I can continue to pile good things on the day.

I'm happy to say, dh and I are ready for the impending storm. We have plenty of food and everything we need, and plenty of food for the animals. So we're all good. Ready to batten down the hatches and get hammered. Still crossing my fingers we don't get it as badly as they are predicting, but if we do, we're prepared.

And now I"m off to spend some quality time with a magazine and relax. Hope everyone is having a good weekend, and for all of you in the storm's path -- stay safe!

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HOLLYM48 3/2/2014 11:29AM

    Sounds like you did a great job of making the rest of the day a great day! Keep up the great work. It is choices like the rest of your day that will get you where you want to be!
Good luck with the storm. I know I have had more than enough of this winter and am ready for some warm weather!

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GURLNEXDOOR 3/1/2014 10:29PM

    I really like your "Win Win" attitude!!! How Awesome of you to see the best side of life and with an attitude like that you will accomplish exactly all you are aiming for! High Five to you!!

I even think my new motto will be "Win Win Mini Win" Thanks for the new insight your blog was just what I needed today!


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PICKIE98 3/1/2014 6:36PM

    I am so proud of you Cat!! What difference from last year!! One year..
If yo divide your choices for the day, you are about 80% to the good!! NOT 95% to the bad.. Sometimes when we finally become aware of how and what the effects are, we want more..of the good results!! You are going down the right path and discovering so many new things for your new lifestyle..

!! emoticon emoticon emoticon

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    I call following up "junk food" with a good workout theme of the day and a win! I had pizza, wings, and breadsticks and managed to still get in 30 minutes on the Gazelle. I envy your weather today...I'd much rather have walked.

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MARYBETH4884 3/1/2014 6:08PM

    It's those mini good things that add up. I was forever stopping at fast food when ever I was out and about. It's been 9 months to a year since I have had fast food! I'm afraid of how it would make me feel now. Walking also help get rid of that greasy over full feeling too! You made progress today keep it up!!

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