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Saturday, March 01, 2014

Something rose up in me when my husband told me he had just come from the Doctor ........ They had a lengthy discussion about his Type 2 diabetes. She mostly focused on health 'benefit's' he could expect to enjoy as he develops daily habits of quality exercise, and eats a diet compatible to his needs.

As he talked, I had brief flashes of all the times he has been there for me .......... When in 1997, I found a large breast mass in my left breast ...... emoticon .... when I was diagnosed w/ ankylosing spondylitis, and saw the xrays to confirm my spine was one fused column. He was always there to dry the tears and calm the fears. Through the good and robust times, and the times I felt my health and life was threatened, he was there for me .............. Offering his strength, knowing we could and would conquer this together. emoticon

All I could think was, "Don't worry Honey! I've got your back and we are going to face this challenge together and we will come out on top once again!

Our commitment has proven to be over 35 years of marriage, unstoppable for if one has a problem, the other one reaches out their hand ........... It has never failed yet.

Our Immediate Plan:
I made individual index cards for each of us. One a day. Simple.
Record Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks as you go. (stay in caloric range)
Write down exercise (s) for the day at the bottom.
Motivational verse at bottom ....... Healthy meals are planned daily.

End of day ........ We spend a few minutes talking in a supportive way of how
our day went ........... any thoughts or ideas of how we can improve for tomorrow ........ and we each read at least one positive health blog a day and spend a moment talking about it. We do not talk about health risks or the negative side of a condition, although, we are aware of them. .............. We focus solely on the positives.

I think this says it best ........however, whether it is a spouse, or best friend or good buddy, .... I want my Spark friends to know ...... just how much I care about YOU and how much help and inspiration you continually are to me! .....(I would not have come this far without you!).....

It really is true .......... No person really does it all alone ......... emoticon so much for reading. P.S. I plan to periodically report on how things are going ....... emoticon
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