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Saturday, March 01, 2014

If you have been reading my blog through February then you already know that it is has all been about the inches this month. I can worry about weight or I can worry about inches but rarely do I worry with both of them. But when the month started I knew it was time to worry with the other numbers beside the scale. My body had turned soft again after fighting through being sick.

I will not lie and tell you that any of what I have done this month has been easy. Mentally I have battled through the extremes. Physically I have pushed hard to get back my strength and endurance. I have iced and I have had hot packs. Three weeks out of the month I had to wear a ankle brace because my Achilles tendon was not holding up. I have laughed and I have cried but that was all to be expected. When you are obese it is not like you jump up and drop weight or inches. There is always a battle as to how far to push it, are you doing enough, are you doing to much, guilt because you cant do more guilt because perhaps you are doing to much. I dont have answers for everyone, I just know that for me I had a goal to get my numbers in check.

I wish I could tell you that I have lost a ton of weight but that isnt going to happen. The first thing you should learn if you have not already is that if you choose to worry with inches ( muscle) then do not expect a huge amount of weight loss as muscle weighs more. I learned that lesson the hard way. So how did I do ? Well thank you for asking lol !!!

After taking my measurement this morning I have lost to 2.66 inches across my whole body. I am down 1 pound from the start of February. Is it a huge loss for me well hell yea !!! the biggest drops were in the waist and hips. at the end of Shape up Pascagoula I had lost 1.58 % of body fat and i can live with that. That combined with my measurements means that most of the fat was lost from my upper body area and well that is exactly where I want it gone from. This all was hard but it is all so worth it to me as i am heading right back in the right direction for me. Wow 2.66 who wouldnt feel good about that. Now I will see if i can repeat in March.
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