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no swimming today,, did i take it off?

Saturday, March 01, 2014

Today and for quite a few morah to come,, my BFf is quite sick,,, and will need a week or 2 in order to recover. She had to go to quick care yest to be looked at,, she was having a HORRIBLE time breathing in the pool,,, and KNEW she needed help. lOL I did ALL the talking yest,, and of course She ALSO loves to talk,, so she KNEW to get help !!! she has and I'll prob spell this wrong, phumenia and also a sinus infection,, so she's OUT for a bit.

She's my ride there,,, I can not drive with the med s I am on,, 28 pills daily,,, its just to MUCHERS !!! So I could not make it today.

Did I SIMPLY take the DAY OFF and be LAZY or a SLUG??? Now there's NOTHING WRONG with taking oFF a day to give ur muscles a chance to recouple rate,,,,it's instead RECOMMENDED !!! But, I WANTED TO MOVE !!! So I went for a WALK !! Remember a week ago when I tried this,, I HURT So much,,, though it WAS rewarding,, I had to turn around,, this time I DID NO GO THRU it so badly !! I COULD feel my right hip, but NOT enough to stop !! YEAH YEAH YEAH !! I am already getting STRONGAH !!! YEAH YEAH YEAH !!! I walked 1/6th of a mile today !! better than the last time,, and I WOULD of kept on going,, but there was MORE I WANTED to do at home !! I rested up for an hr,, than I POPPED In the yoga DVD,, and did ALL OF IT TODAY !! WOOHOOO !! it lasts for an HR,, and by dong this all the way thru,, I found out its NOT ALL Sitting down,,, which is challenging ENOUGH for me,, but there's ALSO some STANDING !! WOWZERS !! SCARY !! So I did as they did,,, at one point,, I had my hand on the chair seat,,, and my hand/arm,, level with my back,,which was leaned over to be flat with that hand,,, in a line,, then SCARIER they had me LIFT UP MY LEG ALSO on that side !! WOWZERS !!! OH MY GOODNESS !! And this tie they did OT offer an alternative,, so I DID IT !! OH I was VERY WOBBLY, but I STAYED UP !!

That reminded me of the man on the DDPYOGA,, who was rather large,, and he was in a wheelchair also,,, as he started the yoga,, he kept on FALLING DOWN !! but, he did NOT give UP !! He KEPT ON TRYING HARD !! he fell again,, and again !! AND AGAIN ! but, still he KEPT getting up,, than he could do a hadstand against the wall,,, slowly he got u from the chair,, used crutches on his hands,, was also able to get rid of those,, hey that'd be FUN !! if I could !!! Now he can RUN thru the park,, has HIT GOAL !! WOOHOO I found him on youtube,, but he can also be found on the DPPYOGA.com page,, remarkable story in case you think "I CAN NOT DO THIS" for if HE CAN, I CAN ALSO !! WOOHOOO !!

Already my back is feeling s oMUCH better !! WOOHOOO ! I can NOT wait for a back appt on Mon,, this Dr has NOT seen me in an EON of time,, before I had moved to another state !!! So it OUGHT to be AMAZING for him to see the progress !! B4 I hardly did ABY exercise,, I hink I a=was at 25 mins ??? Maybe a 1/2 hr,, now I am at 120,,,, for as we stay with SPARKS,, we HSOULD be making progress and f NOT,, be HONEST with ourselves on WHY?? if it's pain,, are you REALLY WORKING w/ ur Dr's ?? I've HAVE YET to hear a Dr say "DO NOT DO ANY EXERCISE " and sit there and feel BAD for urself for what you USED to do. I MAY NOT get back to my gymnast days, BUT I AM DETERIMINED to reach my 30 yrs again !! WIOOOHOOO AnD I WILL !!

THANKS CHeri, , Linda,, Chandra for showing me the WAY and ALSO maryANnS,,,,, akk SYOER DAWGS who now LOVE to excerise,, and either AT GOAL ,,,, or doing so RAPIDLY !
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