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Friday and the End of February!

Friday, February 28, 2014

That short month went by quick! It was filled with some stress, some sickness, a vacation, and more stress. Oh and my 31st birthday. Ah fun times. Kinda glad it's over, though! I'll do a more detailed monthly recap blog next week but overall it wasnt too bad. I didnt get in all of my runs, or do any ST or Yoga, but I did manage to beat both of my goals for the half marathon! I did a bunch of crafting and reading this month, too. Sounds like a win :)

I'm ready to set goals for March now, though.

Two weeks ago I joined WW online (shocked? me too). But I felt like I needed something else to motivate me to make better food decisions. I was just using it the past two weeks as a guide because with vacation and being sick, etc... I couldnt really commit, plus I wanted to get an idea of where I was. I was definitely going over my points, but even on good calorie days, too. See, I think WW wants me to starve. If I eat all of my points allotted, it equates to about 1000 calories, which is not enough for me - that is before adding in activities points, but even then, my calories seem really low for the amount of exercise. But I am willing to give it a good effort this month, while still making sure I am eating enough calories to fuel my workouts.

I also want to really crack down on my nutrition in general. I've been really lax on my food sensitivities recently. I made a huge effort to avoid eating anything that would upset my stomach while I was at Disney, and it paid off becuase I didnt have any stomach troubles while I was there. This is just a reminder that I need to do this in my daily life, too. If I was able to be relatively good on vacation, I can be even better at home. So my plan this month is to not eat out any meals unless it's like a restaurant dinner with friends or something. But no take out, no picking up "to go" from a restaurant to eat at home by myself. I want to eat only meals that are homecooked (and occassionally microwave meals if I get tired of what I have). I made a long list of meals I want to cook this month and am planning to cook a bunch of them this weekend to freeze to get off on a good start! I really want this month to be the month I get my nutrition back on track and start seeing some real weight loss again!

I am going to continue with my running. I am running a 10k in a few weeks, and looking at another half marathon in April, so I need to keep my mileage up, and make more of an effort to get in my mid-week runs, too. I also am adding in circuit workouts. I signed up for a 30 day Bodyrock challenge (the one from January) and I am planning to follow that challenge this month, too. I realize this will take a lot of dedication on my part, but I need to make my fitness a bigger priority this month, along with my nutrition, to start seeing some really great results! Plus, my Air Force fitness test is in April, so I need to get prepared for pushups and situps!

I also want to not spend as much money. I have a bunch of sewing projects that I want to do, that I already have the fabric for. I am a sucker for finding new projects online and then buying new stuff and not using what I already have. So this month I am going to just concentrate on doing the projects I already have planned and have purchased supplies for: including finally finishing my grandma's quilt, and making the living room and kitchen curtains, and new living room pillow cases. That should definitely keep me busy the rest of the month - plus the cross stitch I've been working on forever, and the leg warmers I started crocheting two weeks ago. That should be more than enough!

I also have a ton of books that I already own and havent read yet, so instead of purchasing more books, even kindle books that are cheaper, I want to just pick up some books I already have and finally read those.

I've spent way too much money in the past few months, and I need to start managing my money better. Between shopping less and only eating homecooked meals, this should help a lot!

And one big thing that must be accomplished is seriously cleaning my house and purging. It is time. There is a ton I need to do at home that will make me feel so much better once it is all organized and less messy. Like I said, I do the bare minimum to live in a livable house, but I really want to spend some significant time making it more manageable.

So in a nutshell, my goals for March:

emoticon Run 3x week, maintaining a long run on weekends of around 10 miles
emoticon Complete the 30 day Bodyrock challenge

emoticon Give WW a serious try for the entire mont of March, but also pay attention to calorie intake and make sure I am fueling my workouts properly
emoticon Only eat home-cooked meals for the month of March with the exception of a possible restaurant dinner with friends, or the occassional microwaveable dinner

emoticon Complete the craft projects I've already purchased materials for - do not purchase materials for new craft projects all month
emoticon Read the books I already own but havent read yet - do not purchase new books this month
emoticon Do some serious cleaning in my house

I'm excited for March! Are you? I'm feeling much more rested now that I've been able to catch up on sleep for the past two days, and I am thinking of skipping crafting night tonight just so I can start my weekend off on a relaxing note at home. Have a great weekend :)
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  • CHEMCHIC2006
    I found my first week of WW hard.. I was always hungry! BUT I found I could fill in my snacks with fruits and veggies, and I can be satisfied while still staying in my range. If you are only eating 1000 cals.. then yes, you are eating too little. Eat higher cals/points for meals, but keep your snacks as fruits and veggies. That way you are getting all the calories you need, but still keeping your points reasonable.

    I love cooking and trying new meals.. I try to cook a new recipe every weekend.. and I always make enough to last a few days for the week too.. makes deciding what I want for dinner a snap!

    Yay for the BR 30 day challenge! I did the one from last October.. took me til January because the workouts were so long, I broke them up into sections so I could work them into my morning routine. A couple days I had to stay home from the gym, and I completed the whole workout in one sitting.. they were no joke! I'm still doing the one from January (I'm on Day 23 or something like that.) I haven't really been keeping up with the challenge aspect of it, but I like the daily workouts. I do not however, like the eating plan that goes with it.. they are pushing the whole gluten free thing (which I know you've mentioned you're sensitive.. but I'm not) and I don't like how people jump on that bandwagon and think it's going to do anything for them (if they do not have a sensitivity.) I feel like it's just hype to sell something.

    Love your goals.. looking forward to hearing about them at the end of the month!
    1012 days ago
    Raine, I feel this blog could be about me. I too want to get control of my eating and my spending. The 1st of the month is a great time to start fresh!!
    1013 days ago
    Like the goals! Well done! Here is to a RAWKING March! emoticon
    1013 days ago
    Have a great March!
    1013 days ago
  • DBEAU57
    Great plan and totally doable!

    1014 days ago
    Great batch of goals - many of which I share almost word for word.

    - I have piles of books I bought and need to read, plus books on my Kindle I haven't read yet and I request books from the public library, too. I am not buying any more books until I have completed art least a few of the books already in my possession.

    -Taking advantage of the predicted cold and grey weather this weekend to do lots of sorting and recycling and pitching in my house. Great way to spend days when it isn't fun to be outside.

    And so on. Keep up the good work and yes - so glad it is March and spring is right around the corner! emoticon
    1015 days ago
    Great goals there, Raine. Hope you have a wonderful March!
    1015 days ago
    Solid plan!!
    1015 days ago
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