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I Am (Still) My Own Hero

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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Today is day 18 of my current streak!

You'd think that after 18 days of being back on track that I'd have some NSV's to report, wouldn't you? Like maybe some looser pants, or the steering wheel not being so close to my tummy. But nope, none of that! Am I discouraged? Well, to be honest, I was starting to get there! Its hard to stay on track when you're not seeing any visible signs of progress. But I'm not giving up! And you know what? The fact that I'm not giving up is actually an NSV, after all! So yay for me!

Yesterday I went out to lunch with my two sons. (My oldest son is in need of prayers for a work related situation, so if you would, please add him to your prayer list. Thank you!) Anyway, we went to a BBQ place, and although I'm a vegetarian, there are still plenty of things there to tempt me. (They've got hush puppies!!!!!) But I remembered my streak....and the fact that I'm up 31 pounds right now...and I stayed on track. I had a ginormous salad, with the dressing on the side. After lunch, my son had to get back home, so I went to my favorite store, TJ Maxx, and treated myself to a couple of things to reward myself for staying on track for over two weeks. I got a pretty scented candle for 3 bucks, and a new pink yoga mat for $7.

It feels great to be back on track. I'm going to reward myself with a little something every two weeks that I stay on track, even if I'm not noticing any progress in the fit of my clothes. I am eating right and working out, so I know that if I keep going, I will start noticing some weight loss soon! In the meantime, I'm going to keep treating my body like a temple, and feeding it real, healthy food. That means I need to cook, instead of buying frozen meals! Here's a recipe that I'm going to make today....it looks so yummy!


The part of this journey that I struggle most with is eating. I find it so easy to go off track and eat too much. I love to workout, but I know that I can't out exercise too much food. For the past 18 days I've been on track, and I have not binged or had any junk food, but the temptation is always there.

When I first made this lifestyle change, back in March of 2012, I told myself that "I am my own hero. I am saving myself from myself." Whenever I felt like giving up or giving in, I would remind myself of that. Being my own hero helped me to lose 71 lbs. And even though I have gained back 31 of those pounds, I am STILL my own hero, because I am still here every day, fighting to save myself from myself.

Be your own hero too...you're worth the effort!

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