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Update on Me

Thursday, February 27, 2014

So far this week I have done two 5-mile walks. I even begged DD to let me walk further while she drove in to pick up the mail on Tuesday. They were both accomplished on my new favorite route home which is full of hills and the most wonderful stream that I never knew existed. I also managed to drop another pound and I'm liking that the pounds are moving off me again. I was starting to think I would be stuck forever. I have noticed, at least with the last 2 pounds, that I am ravenous one day then I sleep like the dead and then - the weight slides off. It is probably just a coincidence but I might have to pay attention and see if it happens again.

Also this week, I was explaining my new way of eating to a friend. Mostly veggies, some fish, etc. She was pretty stunned because she knew what a big steak lover I used to be. I can still eat steak, just a much smaller bit, and usually in a salad. But anyway, I was telling her how I have trouble eating chicken. It actually makes me gag so I avoid it at all costs. And cheese. I have given up cheese. Didn't really intend to but it just happened and now when I get a taste it is not a pleasant sensation. Definately not a comfort food any more. Is this normal as I transition over to a more healthy lifestyle? I'm thinking probably.

And I am happier than I have been in a very long time. I feel fabulous on a daily basis not just occasionally. I have more energy and don't fall asleep in the evenings like I used to. I've been logging my reading as a daily thing and I think I'm better read than I was in the past. I'm back watching old movies, which I dearly love and missed. So far this winter I haven't gotten sick - which is amazing since I work at a school and kids have been dropping like flies in the past couple of weeks with some sort of stomach bug. I attribute it to my walking home each day. I'm in the fresh air for over an hour so I get to breathe real air and really clean out my lungs. Sounds goofy but I enjoy it.

So I'm progressing. Not dropping the weight as fast as I had hoped but it is coming off. My measurements are smaller. I'm happier and having fun each day. And that truly is what I want in my life. To be happy, healthy and loved.
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