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Becoming fat-adapted

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

What does that mean?

What does that look like? Start with 50 g of carbs if you're sedentary, 100-150 g if you're very active. Obviously I need to start with 50 g of carbs per day, since I do work on my feet but I'm not exercising yet.

So what is that going to look like on a daily basis? I'm going to list my go-to fruits, veggies, drinks, snacks, etc. to see where I need to make alterations to fit those 50 g of carbs.

One cup of my tea with a touch of milk and honey = 11 g
I usually drink at least 2-3 cups a day = 22-33 g/day

Two cups of my morning coffee with a touch of sugar and milk = 13 g/day

Then there are the vegetables...

Acorn squash = 15 g/cup
Broccoli = 5 g/cup
Carrots = 13 g/cup
Asparagus = 6 g/cup
Brussel Sprouts = 8 g/cup
Yams = 38 g/cup - holy cow!!!!
Mushrooms = 2 g/cup
Zucchini = 7 g/cup

What about fruits?
Strawberries = 11 g/cup
Cherries = 19 g/cup
Apples = 17 g/cup
Watermelon = 11 g/cup
Cantaloupe = 13 g/cup

Almond butter = 3 g/tbsp
Smoked almonds = 5 g/oz

So on any given day:
2 cups coffee = 13
If I have my tea, I'll be at least at 22
That only leaves 15 g for veggies or fruit.

Eek. I can't do without my coffee and tea, but I could make alterations. I don't absolutely have to have sugar in my coffee. That could save 8 g a day, leaving me 23 g for fruits/veggies.

All I know is that I've been feeling worse this past week and the weight loss hasn't been what it was. Now I know the reason: I've been eating a lot of apples and I've started to introduce yams to my meals. I've had yams probably every other day. I feel bloated and tired and I want to binge...I've been having cravings. The only change has been the added apples and yams. You'd think that loving to eat apples wouldn't be a bad thing, but maybe it is. It kind of bothers me that I have to think about restricting my fruits intake! So what do I eat when I want a snack but don't want anymore eggs or chicken?

I need to think of more creative solutions, maybe. More recipes. I don't want to get bored.

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  • v TWESTEN1
    Listen to Woubbie - she is a wealth of information when it comes to low carb. I started in September and it's the only thing that's every worked for my body. And believe me - I was ADDICTED to bread, potatoes, rice & sugar. Haven't had any in 6 months and I don't crave it at all. Granted, I "want" it a LOT, but the cravings are gone!!! You can do it. A great place to get good recipes and information is from - Laura Dolson - she sends out a weekly email on low carbs & does have some great tips. You can do this!!!
    907 days ago
    I have never done a carb restricted diet or if I did it lasted 2 hours. I would be a very unhappy girl.
    907 days ago
    My doctor wants me to cut back on carbs but he is never specific. He said 150 is too many which I usually am under anyway but I wonder if he doesn't mean under 100. I could maybe do that but not 50. I am of the mind that I don't mind giving up grains but not most fruits and veggies.
    908 days ago
    You might try some jicama when you get the urge for an apple. Slightly sweet, nice crisp texture.
    908 days ago
    I agree with what WOUBBIE said, in addition, I find that I only need about 1 tsp. of real heavy cream for a large cup of coffee. It is a lot richer than milk and gives a lot more taste with less. You can also wean yourself from the sweet taste over a few days if that works better. Decrease the amount until you have none. I have always drank tea black maybe with some lemon. For starting out, I would recommend to start with veggies only, no fruit. Then as you become more comfortable, experiment with berries and peaches first as they are lower. Hope this helps!
    909 days ago
    We have to be so careful.
    909 days ago
    Yes, the veggie grams come first. Modern fruit is bred for exceptionally high sugar content but not higher nutrition. Berries are allowed on most plans after the first several weeks of adaptation. Even that can sometimes be problematic for people who are very sugar sensitive.

    Get used to thinking of sugar and starch as the same thing. Starch is simply a plant's stored form of sugar. It's "complex" in the sense that it's a long string of glucose chained together.

    Starch turns to sugar beginning in your mouth. The enzyme amylase, which is in saliva, breaks those chains and releases the glucose. (You can test this by putting an unflavored cracker in your mouth and letting it sit for a minute. It will begin to magically taste sweet!)

    Two things to remember. First, physiology. High insulin levels make your blood sugar roller coaster. As it drops it makes you want sugar.

    Second, eating sugar in the first few weeks doesn't allow your taste buds to adapt to new tastes. There are plenty of naturally sweet foods out there that we don't appreciate because we're so used to being inundated with sugar.

    Ditch the milk. Use cream. One gram of carb per 2T. Remember, on low carb calories don't count the way they did on low fat. (If the cream scares you, at least switch to half and half.) If you want to wean off of the sweet coffee you can use a tiny bit of sweetener to give it a little lift. Stevia or xylitol are generally the best choices.
    909 days ago

    Comment edited on: 2/26/2014 6:53:49 PM
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