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Bad Leroy Brown's close call

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Bad Leroy Brown had an early appointment with the Vet this morning for another tooth removal.

This vet ROCKS and he lets me go into the OR to keep Leroy company while they're setting up. So, everything goes as normal until they put the mask on him to put him under . . . then, rather than gently drifting into sleep, he went limp . . . lights out!

They immediately took the mask off and started giving him oxygen and checking vitals. I AM SO GLAD I WAS OUT OF THE ROOM ---- but I was down the hall and could hear what was going on.

They called me in so I could talk to Leroy and thankfully, he responded to my voice.

After they made sure he was stable, the vet grabbed his pliers and removed the tooth (since it was just hanging there anyway) but said he wouldn't do the cleaning procedure which would require putting him under again. NO PROBLEM.

Leroy seems to be back to his sweet little self . . . but wow! I don't like to even think about what could have happened.

When Leroy was about a year old, something happened (bee sting???) and he had a bad reaction, and died in my arms. I did CPR until we got him to a vet for a shot. Everything's been fine since then, but I guess he's just a sensitive little guy.

Right now he's curled up next to me snoozing . . . . I sure do love this little guy.

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