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Prayers requested

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

I know that not everyone considers prayers in the same way, some really believe in the power of prayer, some just send happy and healthy thoughts...all of that is appreciated today.

I have a friend who is having brain surgery this morning, in about three hours. Saturday morning her boyfriend was woken up when she was having a seizure and she was rushed to the hospital. The CT scan found a mass in her brain and she was transferred to a larger hospital with a neurosurgery department. Over the past few days and multiple MRI's the decision has been reached to do surgery today.

It's hard to have so many questions yet about what is going on. What kind of tumor is it? Where in the brain is the mass? Will it require multiple treatments? What possible consequences could there be from the surgery? How optimistic are the surgeons? And so many more. For better or worse, I've been through this with another friend's husband over the past three years. He's had multiple surgeries, radiation treatment and so much more. The scary thing is that it is so unknown. What caused these tumors? Why these people?

When I first heard about what had happened, I instantly thought about the food I've been choosing to put in my body again. I truly believe that our diets impact our bodies so much. Is there a reason that I hear about tumors more now than years previous? Is there a reason that so many more young people are getting diagnosed? Deep down I'm starting to remember why I was choosing healthy foods in the past year. Eating my emotions, binging until I'm nearly sick...none of that is helping me to live longer or to live better.

Today my thoughts are with my friend and her family. I know that surgery is supposed to take four to six hours, and I'll be watching for updates as soon as that time frame approaches. But at the same time, I'm spending time today thinking about what I should be learning from this entire situation. What can I do to make this mean something? It's past time to get my act together again, so today I make that first step again in my journey.

So whether you believe in prayer or positive thinking or anything else that might help my friend today, please put those beliefs into action. She is at UW Madison hospital and will appreciate any and all support. My prayers go out to her, her fiance and her family. I also am sending prayers to her team of surgeons and every medical personnel that will help her as the day progresses. My friend is strong and has spent the past few days hearing some really difficult news but has kept a smile on her face as much as possible. She can do this.

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