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Pistol Patent Day

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Pistol Patent Day

When : Always February 25th

"Shoot! I don't have a Pistol Patent." If this thought is going through your mind right now, then this day is for you. You should aim to get a patent today. Why, today is Pistol Patent Day.

In order to get a pistol patent, you must have a new design for a pistol. I'm sure you can whip one up in short order and lay down the permit application fees and such, right? If not, how can you participate in this day? .... we offer no answer to this question.

Did you Know? Samuel Colt invented the revolver, a pistol with multiple chambers for bullets. He patented it in Europe in 1835, and in the United States in 1836.

Origin of Pistol Patent Day:
Samuel Colt invented the pistol. He received Patent # 138 for it on this day in 1836. The patent was for the Colt Revolver with a rotating chamber containing six bullets.

We thought perhaps this day was to honor Samuel Colt. But, his birthday is in July.

This Day in History February 25th

Colonel William Tate and his force of 1000-1500 soldiers surrender after the Last invasion of Britain. (1797)

Samuel Colt is granted a United States patent for the Colt revolver. (1836)

Provisional Cession of the Hawaiian or Sandwich Islands established by Lord George Paulet. (1843)

Miners in Calaveras County, California, discover what is now called the Calaveras Skull - human remains that supposedly indicated that man, mastodons, and elephants had co-existed. (1866)

Hiram Rhodes Revels, a Republican from Mississippi, is sworn into the United States Senate, becoming the first African American ever to sit in the U.S. Congress. (1870)

J. P. Morgan incorporates the United States Steel Corporation. (1901)

World War I: the Germans capture Fort Douaumont during the Battle of Verdun. (1916)

Oregon places a one cent per U.S. gallon tax on gasoline, becoming the first U.S. state to levy a gasoline tax. (1919)

Charles Jenkins Laboratories of Washington, D.C. becomes the first holder of a television license from the Federal Radio Commission. (1928)

Adolf Hitler obtains German citizenship by naturalization, which allows him to run in the 1932 election for Reichspräsident. (1932)

The USS Ranger is launched. It is the first US Navy ship to be built solely as an aircraft carrier. (1933)

World War II: Turkey declares war on Germany. (1945)

The State of Prussia ceases to exist. (1947)

In his speech On the Personality Cult and its Consequences, Nikita Khrushchev, leader of the Soviet Union denounces the cult of personality of Joseph Stalin. (1956)

Vietnam War: 135 unarmed citizens of Hà My village in South Vietnam's Quảng Nam Province are killed and buried en masse by South Korean troops in what would come to be known as the Hà My massacre. (1968)

The first unit of the Pickering Nuclear Generating Station, the first commercial nuclear power station in Canada, goes online. (1971)

People Power Revolution: President of the Philippines Ferdinand Marcos flees the nation after 20 years of rule; Corazon Aquino becomes the Philippines' first woman president. (1986)

Southern Methodist University's football program is the first college football program to receive the Death Penalty by the NCAA's Committee on Infractions. It was revealed that athletic officials and school administrators had knowledge of a "slush fund" used to make illegal payments to the school's football players as far back as 1981. (1987)

Gulf War: An Iraqi scud missile hits an American military barracks in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia killing 28 U.S. Army Reservists from Pennsylvania. (1991)

Mosque of Abraham massacre: In the Cave of the Patriarchs in the West Bank city of Hebron, Baruch Goldstein opens fire with an automatic rifle, killing 29 Palestinian worshippers and injuring 125 more before being subdued and beaten to death by survivors. (1994)

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