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SMART Goals for BLC-24

Monday, February 24, 2014

Review your SMART Goal & tweak if needed
About 6 weeks ago I listed these goals: they need a good tweaking!

January: My Goal:
I want to get back to caring about my goals; right now I am very apathetic about just about everything (except my cats). I need the "spark" to care about health and weight loss. I need to get back into the mindset where I think about it all the time.
February 24: My goal
I think I am FINALLY back into that Spark. It took me a while to realize that thinking about it won't make it happen.

Goals are Specific and Measureable
Toning up, bulking up, and getting healthier are vague notions, not goals. Losing 4 lbs of fat, building 4 lbs of muscle, and dropping your cholesterol by 40 points are goals. If you can’t measure it or be specific about what it is that you want, it’s not a goal.

My SMart Goal:

January: I want to weigh 190 pounds at the end of this round; I secretly want to weigh 185 pounds but I am, realistically, a slow loser.
Feb: I want to weigh 193 pounds at the end of this round; I went for 6 weeks with no change; this week I've lost a bit and I want to sustain the momentum.

Goals are Attainable and Realistic
Of course, you can set a goal to gain 5 lbs of muscle in a week, but that’s not likely (this goal would take anywhere from 1 – 6 months, based on commitment level and level of experience). Goals should reflect an accurate understanding of how long it actually takes to attain such a goal. See page 2 Table 1.

My SMARt Goal:

January: To get to the gym at least 4 times a week and to work out at home when I cannot get to the gym.

February: I am doing this; I am getting to the gym 5-6 times a week

Goals have a specific Timeline
Specific, measureable goals are a good start, but until they have a timeline on them, they’re still lacking. Timelines make goals more real.

My SMART Goal:
To exercise and stay in shape until I have my fatal or incapacitating experience--whether it's a stroke or a cardiac event.

February: That remains my goal; staying in shape might help to postpone the inevitable. Ideally I can get down to 175 pounds in this year, 2014. Even better 170. My goals are not as far-reaching because I am old and I take medications that interfere with weight loss.

Goals are Significant
Before you can get really motivated to accomplish a given goal, you must aspire to accomplish something that’s personally meaningful. Without some deeper value attached to the goal, it’s unlikely to take shape.

My SMARTS Goal: why do you want it? Ask yourself the “5 Why’s”
1. I need to get back my self-respect and my dignity, which have been badly eroded in the past month. FEB: I am working on this.

2. I want to be healthy enough to get almost all the way to the North Pole, as I've planned to do in August. I still plan to get there!

3. I want to be alive long enough so that my grandson has some sort of memory of me. I would like that. His parents are not responsible.

4. I want to be as close as possible to being out of debt and paying down the mortgage. Yes, although the grand trip to Norway and the North Pole will not get me out of debt. But it will be probably the last "big" trip my husband and I take.

5. I do not want to support unhealthy food or GMO food or institutions like Wal-Mart which systematically exploit workers. I want to be as far out of the system of Frankenfood as possible.

Feb: I am still as committed to this as possible; I have not been to any Fast Food places. I do not go to the "big" stores. I realize that caring about social justice is part of my core value system so if I work too much on myself, without thinking about politics and society, I feel out of the loop with myself and my quest for meaning in life.

Behavior goals: You can directly control this type of goal; it’s an action you can choose to do every day.
Example: I will eat vegetables and or fruits at each meal for the next 10 weeks AM DOING SO
Example: I will miss no more than 10% of my scheduled exercise sessions for the next 10 weeks
Example: I will exercise 5 hours per week for the next 10 weeks AM DOING SO

Behavior goal 1:
To get to the gym as often as possible within my work schedule._

I am doing this.

Behavior goal 2:
To increase the weight settings on my strength training machines.
I am doing this.
Behavior goal 3:
To ignore the cliques and "groupthink" on Spark People; to use what helps me and forget the rest. ______________________________
February: I've been fairly successful at this; I realize that any attempts to NOT be myself are self-defeating; I am a deeply introverted person who cares a lot about what I perceive as the ailments of society. For a while I tried to make my journal utterly bland and I have decided that this must be a record of myself; of who I really am. My goal is NOT to be liked; it is to keep on breathing and to keep junk out of my mouth.

More Strategies for Successfully Achieving SMART Goals:
Spread the word – who will you tell?
Here. The "who" is a very vague concept.______________________
Be accountable to at least 1 other person – who is your “accountability-buddy(s)”?
My husband.______________________
Set up a reward system – what will you get if you do your behavior goals? What will you do if you don’t do your behavior goals?

I already have plenty of rewards in my life; I deny myself almost nothing that I want that I can afford. I don't like the idea of donating money to charity as a "punishment" as is suggested here. Having the money to give to charity should be a "reward" in itself.
Example: If I miss no more than 10% of my scheduled exercise sessions for the next 10 weeks I will give myself $100 to buy a new workout outfit. If I don’t, I will donate that $100 to charity. NO NO NO! I do not need a new workout outfit. I will not buy meaningless things that are not necessary; I would rather clean out my house than bring anything in!

What is your reward system?
Feeling better about myself is a reward; if I do not feel better, I am automatically going to move to very negative thoughts about myself, which will be my punishment.___________________
Feb. I am feeling a bit better; I am not faking it and I am not being dishonest to myself or to others.

Commit to less –
Our natural tendency is to OVERPROMISE and UNDER DELIVER. Do the opposite.

I am working on that====I have to recognize that with age and illness, I have a lot less energy than I did in past centuries....or even decades....

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    This sounds like me in few years, when I've decided to stop being quite so conciliatory in order to avoid conflict. (That may be a goal I need to break down and work on.)

    You're doing really good work here, both with the structure and with all your successes.

    BTW, this is my first time here, (I like to check on members of Writers a couple of days a week.) I poked around your page a bit, and I really like your sensibilities.
    1308 days ago
    I can hear your commitment!
    1308 days ago
  • GOING4GOAL2014
    I love how you broke these all down and really made a concrete plan for yourself! Great job! emoticon
    1309 days ago
    'old' is in the mind
    1309 days ago
    You've thought this through. Sounds like you're also taking action!!

    1309 days ago
    Frank and honest, Natalie. As I would expect. But what's with the "old" stuff? I get it about the meds, but not the age. It has been easy for me the past 10 years to say that it gets harder and harder to lose weight as I get older. That's how I put on 30 pounds, in fact. And it's true, sort of. I am not naturally as active as I used to be. I sit down during faculty meetings instead of pacing in the back of the room. I wait for a nice day to go to the administration building so I can stroll, rather than hustling through the sleet. But when I buckle down, eat less, and exercise more, you know what? I lose weight just as quickly as I did when I was 40. I think you're a couple or three years older than I am --I'm 62-- but I'm not convinced that should make a difference. How is it you aren't as quick to reject the easy acceptance of "it's harder to lose weight when you're older" as you are to dismiss all the other easy paths?

    Hmm. I guess I am supposed to be supportive rather than challenging. Oh well. I was never that good at conforming.
    1309 days ago

    Comment edited on: 2/24/2014 10:47:52 PM
  • POPSY190
    You are working very hard here with lots of reflection and insight. We are having a lot of controversy here (NZ) about cyber bullying as a media personality who battled depression has taken her life in Australia because of it. We do have to be ourselves as we are, and attempts to suit others' preconceptions are doomed to failure. I think this is easier in some societies than in others. I have just had a long conversation with a friend about how fortunate we are to live in this country. At the moment I'm taking on the big business in Australia that injured my husband and will accept no responsibility at all. A young lawyer tried to bully us. They will take no safety measures to adjust the dangerous area. All we wanted was some recognition they had hurt us and a remedy of the dangerous site. We didn't want money!! I don't think they understand this. emoticon Such is our society these days. My motto is "Gadfly" - I'll make my voice heard about their ethics at least and just when they think I've gone away, there I'll be reminding various people and institutions of their immoral and unethical standards! Kia Kaha, Natalie emoticon
    1309 days ago
  • LE7_1234
    This was great. I'm working on taking a few vague thoughts and turning them into goals--reading this made me feel like I'm pointing in the right direction.
    1309 days ago
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