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An awesome discovery!

Sunday, February 23, 2014

So, I can't remember if I mentioned this after the last time I went to therapy... so I'll mention it again. She told me that one thing that might really help with my anxiety levels at night {that's when it's worst for me, in general}, would be to get in as much activity and exercise as I could. She said if I burned off energy that way, I wouldn't have as much residual energy hanging around to be converted into nervous energy when I try to relax and settle down at night.

Turns out... she might be onto something! Walking at the zoo for an hour and a half yesterday was a LOT of exercise for me, way way way more than my body is used to. And I was pretty darn tired when we were sitting around relaxing last night. Then I noticed something... I WAS relaxing. I actually felt relaxed, genuinely relaxed. I can't put into words how amazing that was. Even before I found out about the disability review, I was never truly able to relax. Since I found out about the review, it has been twice as bad. But last night, I felt amazing.

And one amazing thing leading to another... I started to feel really tired and sleepy. So I laid down for bed like 2 hours earlier than normal. The strangest, but most amazing thing happened... I felt myself drifting off to sleep. Normally when I go to sleep, it's like... lay down, feel anxious, tense and nervous... and lay there and lay there... and then eventually I just pass out. I never get to feel that wonderful feeling of peacefully falling asleep. But last night I did, and that was the first time in a VERY long time. Even taking sedatives doesn't help me relax like I was relaxed last night. Pure bliss!

Unfortunately I woke up to kind of a nasty surprise this morning. My plantar fasciitis is acting up. I hadn't been on my feet as long as I was yesterday in a very long time, and my foot is kind of angry about it. Since I don't currently have access to a pool and/or recumbent bike, that's kind of a problem for tiring myself out. I'm pretty much restricted to doing chair exercises for now. I put the brace I got from the doctor on and hopefully wearing that for a couple days will take care of the problem.

I will do chair exercises if I must, though. If burning off some energy during the day really will help with my nighttime anxiety, then bring on the exercise! {Funny thing about it is that dh and I have been watching My Cat From Hell on Netflix and the general advice is to burn off the cat's energy through play so they won't be so aggressive. Dh suggested getting a cat toy and swinging it for me and letting me chase it. Hmph.}

I gotta say, after last night, I feel so encouraged. Having just one night to feel normal instead of neurotic was absolutely amazing, and I'm really hoping to have a repeat of that tonight. By way of doing that, I guess I should search out a chair exercise video and do it. So I suppose I'll get on that.

Hope everyone has had an awesome weekend!

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    Yippee for the good night's sleep!! I have restless leg syndrome and can totally relate to the joy of sleeping through the night. It doesn't happen often, but I'm grateful when it does. Hope you have lots more of those in the future!

    And dangit for the PF pain coming back. We've chatted about that before and I'm still having issues with mine :-( I hope yours is just a momentary flare-up from your walking and that it goes away quickly!

    1480 days ago
  • JO88BAKO
    Awesome!! Exercise helps me sleep too. Hope you get a good nights sleep!!
    1480 days ago
    Excellent news! Glad some positives are happening for you :)
    1481 days ago
  • PICKIE98
    HEck yeah!! "An one, an a two and hup hup hup! !What a great day for you!!
    1482 days ago
    You know what will help that plantar fasciitis and get the exercise that will help relax you!! Get in the pool. Even if you only just tread water for a bit, it will get you lots of aerobic exercise and give you weightless physiotherapy for your feet. See two birds with one stone, so to speak. Well actually 3 stones since it will also help with the weight loss. emoticon

    I feel better when I can walk outside and not have to do the treadmill. The fresh air revives me and I just feel so much better. Too bad the weather is going to get cold again so that means more treadmill time!!! Yesterday we took a walk around younger daughter's new neighborhood and it felt great!!

    I am so glad that you were finally able to have a peaceful relaxing night. I hope the chair exercises help you relax tonight!!

    emoticon emoticon
    1482 days ago
    1482 days ago
    1482 days ago
    So glad to hear about you reaping the benefits of exercise already. That's awesome! And hey, don't worry about it. My husband would say the exact same thing about me to me. I think it's a male thing, lol.
    1483 days ago
    So glad you are exercising and reaping the mental benefits of that! The more I exercise the better I feel. Sometimes the only way I can deal with my anxiety is just to move. When anxiety hits, if I can walk it helps big time! I am glad things are falling into place for you. Most people do not realize that besides good nutrition and exercise the third component of rest and recovery is as important!
    1483 days ago
  • HOLLYM48
    Glad to hear that exercise helped you sleep more soundly. Makes perfect sense really! Way to go and keep it up!
    1483 days ago
  • MARYBETH4884
    That is a great discovery!
    1483 days ago
    emoticon Cat, that is great. No matter you now have to chair excercises it counts. I am glad you finally relaxed. That is so important.
    1483 days ago
    That is such good news! I'm glad the walking tired you out and I hope you find that perfect 'thing' you can do that makes your whole body happy and relaxed.
    1483 days ago
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