2/23: broken scale (no, really)

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Normally I check my weight on the weekend, but it looks like my scale is totally on the fritz (lots of readings as different from each other as 10 pounds, all on the same day, happening as rapidly as the time it takes to step off and back on again). It's on the older side, so I suppose it's just hit its stride. I ordered a new one which should be arriving Tuesday. Since I couldn't monitor progress that way, I decided to take a look at some measurements I haven't checked on in awhile, namely my thighs. I seem to lose the slowest there (half an inch every couple of months or so), so measuring every 2-4 weeks like I do with my waist and hips has never seemed to have much purpose. Anyway, it was well worth it to check - they're an inch smaller now than they were 6 months ago. Since my weight has fluctuated very little during this time, it tells me that I'm continuing to burn fat while building muscle, and for me, knowing I am continuing to improve my fitness is a better way to gauge success at this point compared to the number on the scale.

Calories: 975 so far of 1825 for the day
Workout: 45 minutes of cardio dancing done, 25 minutes of yoga scheduled this evening
24 hour challenge: not physical health related, but mental - meeting up with someone and having a discussion that might bring up some emotions for me
24 hour success: modifying my evening meal plans yesterday to keep my calories in range
Today's body gratitude: Having energy! I got lots of sleep last night and this morning was able to snap into my morning workout, house cleaning, etc. I love the rewards that come from taking care of myself!
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