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Basketball, Bouncing and Bonus Boys!

Saturday, February 22, 2014

What a perfectly lovely day! For the past few kid weekends, it's been kinda sucky because Bonus Boy #2 has basketball up in Indy (about an hour and a half drive) and Mr. T has been keeping the boys up there on Friday nights at his parents' house, then finally coming home around 5pm on Saturdays. Well, my kids leave at 8:30am Sunday so they were really bummed about missing that time with the boys. And, frankly, so was I. I am tired of the "my kids/your kids" dichotomy. They are all five going to be OUR kids. And since I barely get to see them as it is (just every other weekend), it finally hit me that there is nothing to stop me from packing up my kids and driving up to the games to cheer on my new sons in whatever sports they are playing at the time! Duh. I fully intend to be at every game, play, and major event of theirs from now on (as long as I am able to make it). So today we watched A play basketball. So stinkin' cute! We won't talk about which team technically "won"...we'll just talk about what a great hustle that kid had. Here he is looking all sporty-like!

The other kids had a blast! And a very funny moment occurred in the stands. So, it's no secret that both boys have minor crushes on my oldest, even though they know this is NOT AN OPTION! Still...they are boys and she is, well, pretty lovely. Anyway, the referee came over and said to C, "Why aren't you working today?! Oh...I see...it's because you've got a GIRLFRIEND." C turned bright red and Anika sat shocked. Finally, C recovered his power of speech and yelled, "She's my SISTER!!!!" LOL. Love it!

As soon as the game was over, we jumped in the cars and were on our way to the Main Event (the activity that all the kiddos were most excited about) - we went straight to Jump N Joeys, an indoor inflatable playground that also has a bunch of video games and stuff. We spent a long time there and the kids all had a blast!!!

I suppose Mr. T and I had a good time too.

Had some pizza and breadsticks and now we're home with all kids showered. We are PRAYING they all fall asleep quickly!!!

Just a perfect day with my beautiful family. So blessed!!!

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