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Thoughts on balance

Friday, February 21, 2014

I am always up for a fun experiment. I love a good challenge. For 21 days I ate no sugar. I read every label, ate low sugar fruits, ate LOTS of nuts, and had no problem saying no to any sugary treat that came my way.
Clear skin
Energy up f(or the most part)
Slept well (for the most part)
Scale down
I could not eat enough- I was hungry all the time.
Lasted exactly 21 days and then I started craving sugar like crazy.

Trying to find balance:
After the 21 Day Sugar Detox, raisins, dark chocolate and Ezekiel Bread products are recommended. I have purchased all the above items in an effort to eat more of a balanced diet. Eating a handful or two of nuts every time I get hungry, does not work for me. I am not hungry all the time any longer, but I still crave sugar. Also the scale is back up to where it was three weeks ago. I am not terribly concerned about this as I know much of it is water weight. When I have to stop at the grocery store mid week for a chocolate fix, then I know a change is due.
I have read the excessive exercise makes one crave more carbs. I am not willing to give up any of my workouts. I feel so much better and have way more patience for me to stop or cut back.

Anyone have any success completely eliminating sugar from their diet? What advice do you have for someone on day 22 and beyond?

522.03 miles for the year!
Looking forward to relaxing tonight with my hubby:)
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    I gave up sugar many years ago. I had gotten into the habit of eating very healthy during the week and then loading up on sugar on the weekends. For several days afterwards, I would feel sluggish, tired, cranky, nervous, and guilty. That went on for probably a year or two before I WOKE UP one day and asked myself, "Why am I doing this to myself?" It seemed like I was either starving from making up for all of the calories that I'd eaten in junk on the weekends or stuffed from eating all of that junk on the weekends. I realized that I did not want to do that anymore, so that is when I gave up sugar. I knew I would rather have NONE than just ONE. Since I had gotten so 'down,' about it, that was it for me. I gave it up!

    Like I said, that was many years ago, and for the past ten years or so, I have eaten a few foods that contain sugar such as yogurt or an occasionally granola bar, but no pies, candy, cookies, cakes, ice cream, or anything like that has entered my lips in 20 or more years.

    I guess my advice to you would be "If you can eat sugary foods in moderation, (which I could not, and I do not trust myself to test myself) then it is OK and probably a good idea to have an occasional sweet treat (to avoid a binge)." Giving up sweets and junk food gave me more energy and seems to keep me in a better mood. I eat a lot of fruit, and once I gave up sugar, fruit began tasting much better and sweeter than it had ever tasted before.

    Good luck and best wishes in all that you do!

    1222 days ago
    I have never tried an elimination diet, although I do have a friend at church who has eliminated sugar, processed foods, and it seemed to me -- most things from her diet. She can no longer join the rest of the ladies for a regular "ladies night out" because none of the foods would be on her list of what she can eat. Sometimes she comes any way and just sits and eats an orange. I do not want to eat within such a restricted group of foods. And while I love NUTS, I know if each time I get hungry I ate a handful of them, I would be gaining weight instead of losing. Nuts, while healthy, are full of protein, fats and calories. So even though the sugar is gone the danger is still there.

    I truthfully do not feel that any one thing can be eliminated. But you can be careful and stay a bit below what is recommended when it comes to some things. Protein is not one where you should go below. Carbs, yes, but only to a point, same with fat.
    1223 days ago
    It sounds like you are eliminating processed foods and sugar? It also sounds like you feel like (except being hungry) that your body is responding well?

    Are you eating enough proteins and fats? Sometimes I crave sugar because I am tired - I have found if I eat things like avacados or greek yogurt it helps.

    Full disclosure - I have given up and gone back to sugar many times. It is not easy! But - I was thinking maybe if you eat more healthy fats in your diet that might help. :)
    1223 days ago
    Relaxing evening sounds good. I have not done any elimination diets, so I'm no help (I tend to think that they probably are out of balance) Common sense would say reserve processed and added sugar for special treats....seems to me in the days gone by when sugar was the ultimate luxury, a teaspoon of sugar in tea at the end of the day was a sweet treat. Does fruit (nature's sweet treat) help? do need enough food if you are going to burn calories like you do. I always find it ironic that my biggest losses tend to happen when I make sure to eat enough. Go figure. You're doing good. Remember that.
    1223 days ago
    Wow- I'm so impressed. I have no clue. Wish I could help.
    1223 days ago
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