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Week Eight: Day 50! I have changed a lot.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

I can't believe it's day 50. Time is just moving along. So, looking back I see I'm 35 pounds lighter, even if the last two weeks I haven't lost. At least I am maintaining while injured.

Looking back to before I started I've made big changes. I don't have milk in my home. The only dairy is some cheese that I haven't been eating much of. I have very little bread products and have been trying to stay away from the grains (gluten). I do have a lot of rice, oatmeal, and quinoa. I have a healthy looking fridge, open it up and healthy choices, no processed foods, mainly freggies! Same with the freezers. Open the cupboards, healthy choices, no processed foods, mainly items from the bulk bins in mason canning jars.

I've been making foods from scratch, a lot of organic beans, rice noodles, balsamic vinegar, apple cider, flaxseed, coconut, seeds, and more spices and herbs. I've even grinded up flaxseed to add to my foods.

I have switched from potatoes to yams (not sweet potatoes). I have switched soda and crystal light to water with slices of lemons and limes and decaf tea. I have switched milk to organic almond and coconut milk. I have switched meat to beans. I have switched sweets and junk to healthy smoothies. I have switch two nights of water zumba to six nights of hour long exercise sessions.

Overall, I have changed a lot in the last 50 days. I'm proud of my choices and know if I slip up, I have the next meal and/or choice and day to make better choices. It's time to stop criticizing my steps back when having a sweet or hamburger but to look at this whole picture. I have changed a lot in the last 50 days.

Here's what happened today.

I had plans to exercise today but my back said no way. Sorry challenge partner. I just couldn’t today. It’s a major frustration when the pain like that happens. I went to massage therapy and this time I told her about something that has been happening since the injury. I thought I said it before and after we talked she remembered me saying it but thought it was something else until I gave her specifics of it again. We found that one of the muscles in my behind which is extremely painful to the touch is causing a catching action when I’m walking. I told her when my back is hurting or going to hurt real bad every time I take a step on the right foot and the heel touches the ground it feels like a popping but not like a popping of the finger or bonee but like a popping but like the muscle or ligament is getting caught making a rubber band sliding over popping feeling. It’s odd to describe but that’s the only way I can visualize it as. She didn’t do a lot of massaging but more of trying to figure out what muscle and why it’s happening. We did a few things to figure it out but she said she’d do more research for next week. While I was there she really was exploring and it didn’t hurt at the time but a few hours later my goodness my back has been on fire.

I might not have exercised but I'm sure I will be able to do it tomorrow. Just because I wasn't able to today doesn't mean it will be the end of it all. By not exercising I'm taking care of my body. My body is saying no, rest up.

On a different subject...
As a note for myself, don’t drink peppermint tea so late. I had a dream I was searching for bathrooms. I woke to the most intense feeling of having to go the bathroom. Reminder, don’t drink liquids so late at night!!!!

I had a great conversation with a close friend. I haven’t seen her since October and she will be visiting in March. I can’t wait. We talked about health plans and vitamins. She has recommended me to take inositol. I have researched it and it helps with polycystic ovarian syndrome which she also has. I’m already taking B12, Omega 3’s, D3, probiotics, and Chinese medicines. Now I will be adding primrose and inositol. I hope taking all this doesn’t put me in vitamin overload.

My healthy high point today was eating healthy even when craving fast foods. (I did it to myself I watch Man vs. Food at my client’s home.)

My health low point was my back pain.

Updated Challenge for the week.

Week 3: Feb. 16-22, 2014
Day 1: Task 1 [], Task 2 [], Sleep [], Drink [], Calories [], Contact CB [], Freggies [] = /25 Pts.
Day 2: Task [X], Sleep [X], Drink [X], Calories [X], Contact CB [X], Freggies [X] = 50/50 Pts.
Day 3: Task 1 [X], Task 2 [X], Sleep [X], Drink [X], Calories [X], Contact CB [X], Freggies [X] = 45/45 Pts.
Day 4: Task [O], Sleep [X], Drink [X], Calories [X], Contact CB [X], Freggies [X] = 5/55 Pts.
Day 5: Task 1 [], Task 2 [], Sleep [], Drink [], Calories [], Contact CB [], Freggies [] = /45 Pts.
Day 6: Task [], Sleep [], Drink [], Calories [], Contact CB [], Freggies [] = /55 Pts.
Day 7: Task [X], Sleep [X], Drink [X], Calories [X], Contact CB [X], Freggies [X] = 15/15 Pts.


Plans for tomorrow:
Focus on food, and
Combo class.


Five things I'm grateful for:
1. Friends.
2. History.
3. Coconut Oil.
4. Tea.
5. My furbabies.
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