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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Ok, enough of that, to defend my sanity by giving some of you an earworm. You'll understand why by the end of this entry. (Also, if any of the words don't make sense, I'm writing this on my phone. I'll try to catch them, but I may not get all of them.)

Today did not start auspiciously. When my husband is home, he takes Ben to the bus. Which he did, so that was awesome. But just as he was going to lay back down to get some sleep for work tonight, his boss called over something petty. She'd said before that she wouldn't call him during the day, since he works nights, but I guess that's not in affect anymore. Grrr. That would have been bad enough, but then she had him wait until she called him back, which took an hour, of course. By then he wasn't relaxed enough to fall asleep (gosh, I wonder why?), so we went grocery shopping, since it had to be done anyway.

When they say not to go shopping hungry, oh boy, they're right. We got a crapload of fruits and veggies and yogurt and stuff like that. So, I mean, it's good food, so that's something, but maybe 9 pounds of apples was a bit much... Then again, with the way we go through apples, it actually is reasonable.

After we got home and put stuff away, we had a DELICIOUS steak, and Mar (my husband) finally got some sleep. At that point, it was time to wait for the bus. It was pretty warm today, so I took Scrumpy with me. Not the best plan, in retrospect, both because he got somewhat muddy and I ended up carrying him, and because the bus was late. AGAIN. Yesterday it was because the bus had a problem; today it was because they didn't have enough bus drivers. The bus is supposed to be at our stop between 3:15 and 3:20. We finally got home about 3:55. If I hadn't had Scrumpy with me, I would have just walked to the school and gotten him. (I don't drive.)

Ben settled in and Mar got off to work, and things were ok for a while. I was thrilled because I got confirmation that I get my Fitbit tomorrow, yay! Ben was pretty normal, except that he wasn't hungry. He usually is since we started just giving him his meds in the morning. And his farts and burps were truly awful. At one point, he was crying because he hadn't quite made it to the toilet on time. I knew there was something seriously wrong when he asked to go to bed at 7... Usually he fights going to bed at 9.

I made him some Benerade (lemonade with a bit of salt... You can do that with pretty much any Koolaid flavor and you've got Gatorade) and put him to bed.

And less than an hour later, I hear whimpering and he ran to the bathroom with explosive diarrhea and vomiting. Including on himself and on me.

The vomiting hasn't had a return visit, thank goodness, but there's been quite a few return trips to the bathroom. Poor kid. He had to have a shower, and I had to do a load of laundry while trying not to gag myself. So I'm sitting up with him while he watches YouTube videos and annoying songs (interspersed with trips to the bathroom) until the diarrhea settles down a bit.

So tomorrow is going to be busy... Ben's doctor, Target, and ALDI. Wish us luck... I really hope that neither Mar nor I catch this, because neither of us is really expendable.
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