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Need advice on energy levels

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Hi all!
I need some advice on how to increase my energy levels, without adding more caffeine to my diet. I've struggled this week with my food intake (WAAAAAY too much sugar!!) and I know that has something to do with it. But any advice would be much appreciated!!
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  • KAYWEB555
    I had not seen your video blog until after I wrote. The same doc told me that coffee isn't a boost to the body. You drink it feel a little kick and quickly become tired so you drink more or have some soda. She told me that if you are looking for increased energy instead of drinking diet soda or coffee or tea, to go for the clear cold water and surprise, when I do that my energy is stronger. I feel so much better and find that I'm not falling asleep during the afternoon hours.
    All that sugar from the Kmart store ! Oh my, I can understand why you are battling not being able to find energy. Now I'm hoping that you have gotten rid of those food items from your home.
    I have to say this is the 2nd year that I have not let any one including myself to bring home any of those wonderful treats that they make looks so wonderful at Valentine's Day. To my BF if you bring around anything to eat for V Day then I know that you don't really care about me and my battle. Bless his heart, I got flowers and a Gift Cert from a Garden Center for Spring for my gardens ! We didn't go out for a special dinner this year, but he did do the cooking for me. It was the best Vday ever! For I know that I will be working in the gardens this Spring helping me battle all of the physical and mental issues that can bring me down.
    Move forward and start setting goals for what you will do for the next holiday where they will be pushing all those food items that you should not be eating. It isn't easy, don't we all know it. I'm so very thankful that I'm not fighting depression along with everything else. I'm finding over the years that I have been on SP that setting those goals really is so helpful to get past birthday parties, holidays where the center has a focus on food. Find healthy foods in advance so that you will stick with the plan to stay away from those sugar filled stuff. Once you come up with the plan share it on my video blog in advance so that we all can help you stick with it. You have so much courage to come on line and speak. I don't have that going for me. Also don't have a camera on my computer. You keep sharing you are helping so many people by sharing common issues we all see from time to time !!!! God Bless You !
    1488 days ago
  • KAYWEB555
    First don't reach for the Candy when your blood sugar is down, get fruit, or use the diabetic wafers (glucose) my mind isn't clear yet this morning. But the sugar in the candy will push the blood sugar up, and usually way to high then you zap the energy that you are looking for.
    Having diabetes myself it can become a yo-yo game! Exercise low blood sugar then you take something quick and easy to combat the low and you go high and the circle can continue all day like that and you find yourself falling asleep off and on all day.
    You are doing great with the non-smoking, getting in exercise, eating healthy. The body is like a fine tuned watch. Much care to keep it going. When the blood sugars are on the high side your energy get less and less. So try to keep things in balance.
    Easy words to write, but I find those words ringing in my ears when I find that I don't have energy to keep moving forward. A doctor that works with diabetes patients was telling me that you have to be careful how much exercise you do at one time. She suggested to me nothing longer than a 30 min. work out at one time. Spreading it out to a couple of work outs in a day to keep the energy levels up and keep the blood sugars in check. Hope this helps some. I know so well how hard that is to follow. Battle on fair warrior ! Love the fact that you have quit smoking ! That will help with the energy levels also after a while.
    Thanks so much for sharing your walk and concerns.
    1488 days ago
  • AJB121299
    do something special just for you
    1488 days ago
    I struggle too and since I'm not a huge sugar eater I can't blame that. What I do blame is my tendency to want coffee and tea when I'm tired and really could use water instead or at least alongside...
    1488 days ago
    Maybe energy levels are like happiness: The harder I look for it, the harder it is to find. When I stop trying to find it, there it is!

    From the sound of your workout, you do have energy. It's just easier to keep going than it is to start. Caffeine doesn't give you more energy, it just makes you feel more alert -- you already have the energy, you're just not using it.

    I wish there was just one thing that would be the answer, but I think it's a combination of good sleep, nutritious food, exercise, positive relationships, gratitude, and a sense of purpose. It doesn't all come at once, but once we have it, it's easier to keep going!

    This is the second time this morning that I've been reminded: no food is a bargain if it doesn't fit my goals.
    1488 days ago
  • STR458
    water actually helps... especially if you have medication for depression &/or anxiety
    1488 days ago
  • KDJONES551
    I also have depression, anxiety and diabetic isssues and what I do is exercise everyday for only 30 minutes and that has added some energy but not alot but enough to keep me motivated. Keep up the good work and stay away from the sugar. I know I have problems with chocolate but I use the chocolate to reward myself for exercising.

    Good luck. emoticon
    1489 days ago
    Well I am fairly new and am depressed also and fell into the sugar trap on Valentines day. I know my niece always buys for me and mostly buys sugar free candy. She as always bought one box of the full sugared stuff. Don't want to admit how fast I ate them. Can't have in the house for me but that is me. Dont like to give advice when I am in the same hole. What I have learned on this site is to pick your self and keep a going. I am amazed at the lenth of time you exercize. move on. emoticon
    1489 days ago
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