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Is it the really the Moon?! What makes me Hungry?

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Although I'm in maintenance mode, I would like to drop a few pounds now, helps for running. When I overeat a little bit, my belly shows it immediately, within a few days, and if I eat less, it drops.

Two weeks ago I did really well, and have eaten the usual 500 kcal less per day, and I lost 2 kg immediately.

However, this last week, I don't know why, I was always hungry, and although I have eaten enough, drank enough, did sports, slept well, I was still hungry. Of course, a 1kg came back.

I just don't understand, what's the difference.
We had full moon these days.

Is it really the Moon?!

This is a picture from a morning walk this weekend.

My wife keeps telling me that with the full moon, we are more hungry.
Being a rational engineer, I don't see any cause effect in this, but somehow, they tend to happen really at the same time...

Any ideas?

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  • KANOE10
    I think the moon must affect us in some ways. I would track the next month and see if you notice hunger again. I find that stress causes me to feel hungry!

    I also immediately gain weight in my stomach! I hope you lose that 1kg. Your healthy lifestyle is keeping you successful.
    1459 days ago
    Curious...hoping to reach goal and to have such struggles in the not too distant future...lol!

    1460 days ago
  • FIT4MEIN2013
    The full moon does exert a pull on us, as we are made of 70% saline, just like the seas....

    If you are hungrier (stomach hunger, not appetite or head hunger) you need to eat a bit more. You will find that an extra 100 or so calories will actually positively impact your weight. Maintenance is a strange animal. emoticon
    1460 days ago
    Polar shift .... watch out emoticon Plates gonna be moving in a big way!

    1461 days ago
  • JSPIN74

    1461 days ago
  • JSPIN74
    Oh yes I think that is true...as some previous sparkers have said (re women's cycles etc) & there is always a week a month for me where I want everyyything...

    This past week was that wek for me! (desire to eat much more then usual).

    Your wife understands the rational engineering of the universe! emoticon
    1461 days ago
    Interesting. I'll have to pay attention the next time I feel like a bottomless pit. You never know, could be something to that!

    Keep tracking and moving. You are a powerhouse of health!
    1462 days ago
    I've never noticed an impact on my hunger or appetite from the moon. I have noticed that sometimes I feel hungry, and sometimes I feel compelled to eat from boredom/stress/anxiety when I'm not hungry, and other times that seem rationally the same I'm not hungry and don't feel compelled to eat from boredom, stress or anxiety.

    What drives the cycle? I don't know. How do I deal with it? I track everything, and eat to the target ranges. I let myself eat from boredom, but I don't let myself eat out of range.

    YMMV. This works for me, but you might need a strategy more customized to your personality.
    1462 days ago
    I tend to have one week a month that I eat everything in site...will have to investigate the moon theory!!
    1462 days ago
    I don't know about the moon but there are cycles to everyone!

    I didn't know you were an engineer! I was in a former job.
    1462 days ago
    I'm sure that men must have hormonal fluctuations, just like women. I know the moon does have some play into these fluctuations and when my hormones are off kilter I will definitely eat more. I think your wife may be onto something.
    1462 days ago
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