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Days 48 & 49 of 100 Days; Exercise; Various~

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Day 48 "You Gotta Want To"

So even when you are determined to change your attitude sometimes there are certain things you don't want to do and you drag your feet. Deep down you don't want to do the work and put in the effort and time it takes to change your life. If you are serious about changing your life, then you need to work on your "want to" skills.

Look back at the previous day's "I can't" list and change the statement to "I don't want to." So "I can't exercise regularly" is "I don't want to exercise regularly" That really doesn't feel good reading this right? Change it to "Of course I want to exercise regularly."

Set tiny goals if you still have a hard time taking action. Split the issue apart and consider which parts you don't feel ready to take on. Maybe when you say you can't exercise you are worried about being injured or don't want to be exhausted. Set some tiny goals based upon what you can do. Take a short walk, ride a bike for just a few blocks, do the elliptical for 5 minutes to start...

Follow through with your plans!

-Go back to yesterday's list or even write a new list of goals or situations where you are inclined to say "I can't do it."
-In front of each one, write the words "Of course I want to..." reinforcing your plan to make it happen.
-Pick one of these goals and write it on a separate piece of paper along with the words "Of course I want to..." Carry this with you and read it often.

Day 49 "Just Do Something"

Every day you tell yourself you'll get started on your diet & exercise plan, but it doesn't happen. When you get into that deep of a rut that you can't see the forest for the trees, you may feel as if you'll never get going. The solution is pretty straightforward. Just do something and then you'll have started right!

Doing something moves you past the inertia and your mind helps you to keep going. Getting started is crucial to motivation. Those first steps can be a killer but all you need is one positive step. With whatever steps you have taken, plan to repeat the action for 3 days. Once you sustain a positive action, you'll begin to get back your confidence and regain a sense of control. With a new attitude you will be more likely to stick with your plan.

Anytime your motivation slips or you have a setback in your routine, just take one little step. Get out of your rut! Stay with your efforts for three days and you'll be back into a rhythm.

-Just do something. Pick out the tiniest action, whether its to clean off one corner of your desk, eat a piece of fruit or take a 5 minute walk!
-Repeat this activity for each of the next two days & then celebrate the success of doing something!
-Make a list of your just doing something ideas & record them in your notebook. During the next week, use one of the ideas every day.

Okay Sunday when I went shopping I bought a new mouse since the old was prone to sticking and I finally wanted to throw it through a window. This new one is doing fine and I am happy enough with it! It was up to 81 degrees Sunday, it did feel pretty warm in the car so that was lovely and we are in spring it seems. The time change is in a few weeks so that will mean it will stay light later into the evening and it will help when I am out walking. It gets dark round 530-540 now so maybe it will be light until about 645pm or so we'll see. The next few days seem to be windy and a bit overcast and in the higher 60's so I may do most of my exercise indoors. If its not too bad tomorrow I'll do some outdoor walking but I was a little bit busy with different exercise today. As much as I love walking sometimes I have to mix it up some since I am trying to get stronger in my lower body and get the flexibility going so I can have even strength on both sides. My left side is strong, the right side not so much. Working on that, yoga helps and stretching but strength training has been most helpful so far from what I can tell from my notes.

Today I pretty much ate minimally I wasn't super hungry but I made sure I ate properly. I had beans and quinoa for dinner. I had a 1/4 cup trail mix after and for breakfast and lunch I tried to get in a bunch of fruit and vegetables. After my episode last week I was taking no chances whatsoever. I have my hair appointment Thursday and that is when I will catch up to my shopping.

For exercise today, 30 minutes came from the elliptical, you read it right. I'm trying to get more of a variety going. I've done 3 miles in walking and I am going to try for one more mile in walking and that will be it for today. I will do my strength training and walking tomorrow for the midweek. I'm a pretty disciplined exerciser but to try and plan out a week's exercise is a no go for me. Some days I feel like walking and a cardio video or two, another day strength training and the elliptical. I just never know what I'll feel like. I keep a written record of what I did that day so I can see what do I need to do the rest of the week. I strength train Monday, Wednesday, Fridays most of the time but sometimes I'll skip Friday and go to Saturday instead just depends. I usually walk 5 days no matter what but these last few weeks have been a bit of a challenge. I try to get in what I didn't at the end of the week but its not always reasonable to expect it. No excuses mind you, but sometimes I just have to either walk or do the cardio but I always do the 3 days of strength training.

I don't always track everything on Spark People because I prefer the paper and pen method. I'm Old Skool baby. Most of the time I just track the cardio & cardio videos & walking on Spark People. I have a set strength routine for every day I do it and its easier to follow along on the chart instead of trying to work it out on Spark People's Fitness Tracker. I can see my arms are less flabby, my legs are more defined, my knees are stronger, my abdomen area is improving and my chest has me going down a size so I may have some new bra purchasing in my future but I don't want to have to keep buying different sizes. I'm improvising for now which is fine. I was fine with my other size and so was the SO. (Is that kinda dirty, lol?)

Last night I watched the ice dancing and I can't say I've ever been as proud. Meryl Davis and Charlie White have been exceptional since Vancouver 2010 and I think they deserved to win it over the Canadians and Russians. They all did a wonderfully fabulous job though. Ladies starts tomorrow and then that's it. The games are pretty close to being over and the men's & women's hockey look to be in contention for a medal. Unless its ice skating or downhill skiing I'm pretty much not into it like I enjoy the Summer Games. Brasil should be pretty fun!

My brother started his Chemo today and he had my mom and I making him red beans and rice, a bunch of vegetables, baked chicken and a few other items so I was surprised I could get in so much exercise time but it was good I basically did indoor work today. I made him fruit salad with the fruits he likes so if he wanted he could make a smoothie if he was having issues with being able to eat. Tomorrow he'll know what he is feeling like. During his treatment today he started to have an upset stomach but otherwise he was alright during the 4 hours of treatment. My parents both had Doctor's appointments today so they were out most of the day so I was taking care with Smokey. He is on a diet, no complaints so far but he needs to shed a few pounds or the vet is going to charge us with not caring properly for the cat. My dad just overfed him for too long is all.

Chemo is a serious thing of course. He has his own bathroom and everything is sanitary and beyond clean. Basically, only his wife and my parents are round him while he is going through treatment. The lady who was leading the chemo class yesterday gave my parents a guideline to follow. I can't be round him though since she said he can make me ill. I'm prone to getting very sick when I get anything so it was decided I should not be round him and vice versa. I'd rather not go there so a good 3-4 months I probably won't see my brother in person. It's fine because he can eat my food since nobody is more sanitary than I am when it comes to preparing food. He likes my chicken and food best after my Mom and I don't want her to overdo it too much so I am helping with that task. Last week eating out was a bad idea. I should of known better than to eat a pink burger. I'm much better though and I don't feel crappy anymore.

So my work will be added to some days and I'll be able to keep up with work, exercise, house cleaning and cooking. I usually can deal most days anyhow but if I have to take a day off here and there for a few months than so be it. My brother doesn't really care for his wife's cooking. His one complaint, she doesn't make vegetables much and the food she does make is high in salt and sodium derivatives. I've had her cooking, can you say processed food queen? She brought food for Thanksgiving and Christmas. I didn't touch any of it except for pasta salad and picked out the salami and cheese. Not complaining just stating facts, lol.

Happy Wednesday~

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    You are so sweet to take care of your brother. Sad you will not be able to see him but I am sure he truly appreciates all you do for him. Chemo is really hard and it does a number on the system. I will be happy when is done and I am sure so will he.

    Thanks for sharing all the great advice. Glad you are trying new cardio. Have a great day tomorrow!
    1314 days ago
    Thinking of you and your brother, so much is going on and I feel for you. take care x
    1315 days ago
    Everyone has their gifts and their pitfalls. I certainly do!

    Glad you are feeling better. Your brother is in great hands for his recovery.
    1315 days ago
    Simple, good advice.
    Good luck to your brother, he's fortunate to have you helping out with his food! emoticon
    1315 days ago
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