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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

In one more pound I will have lost 10% of my starting weight.

In six more pounds I get to move the big 50# block(although it will be a 39 pound loss) on our doctor's style scale. I will move that big block two more times after that on the way to goal.

In another seven pounds, I will have lost 40 pounds!

And how will I do all of that? The same way I gained it, one pound at a time. This is not a race to see how fast I can lose, it is a marathon of gradually losing the weight while building my health and overall wellbeing.

Yesterday was a good one. I actually hit ALL of my nutrition ranges, not just calories. I also hit range for fat, protein and carbs. I had e-mailed my Spark Coach on Saturday thinking I was craving carbs, and included what I had eaten that day. Turns out the carbs I was eating that day were healthy ones, not the refined sugary ones, and not a reason to worry. I was low on fruits and vegetables that day.

Looking back I had been below the baseline carb range every day that week. NO WONDER I was craving them!

This journey, for me, isn't about some magical calorie number to lose weight quickly. I need it to be with the right nutrients to fuel my body as I continue to increase fitness minutes and strength building activities. This is for LIFE, not just to LOSE it for a short while.

If counting calories alone would achieve that, I could eat 1200-1400 calories of anything at all and lose. Sure, but I'd also be starving half the time because 1200-1400 calories of cheesecake and pizza would still not be all that filling.

I am happy with my decision to continue on with SparkCoach. I haven't reached the point yet where the messages are repeating as some have said they do. I can tell you from experience that on my last two journeys, the lessons eventually started repeating also. Maybe hearing it the second, third or tenth time will make it stick!

I like the structure of the program, and I love the freedom of it. Yesterday, for example, I had a hot caramel sundae from McDonald's. 340 calories, worth every bite. I haven't had one in months. I ate it very slowly and savored the taste of the warm caramel and the creaminess of the ice cream. So slowly that I got a brain freeze moment.

I probably won't have ice cream again until sometime in late March or early April when we make our first trip to Dairy Queen for a small vanilla cone.

We really should not completely give up any of our favorite foods. To do so leads to feelings of punishment, followed by a binge, guilt, depression, weight gain. It is better to plan for and enjoy those favorite foods occasionally and work them into our healthy eating lifestyle.

That's my opinion. Your mileage may vary.

Onward & Downward!

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