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A Love Letter to Myself

Monday, February 17, 2014

Dear Self,

I almost did not do this. I am down to about one hour and I can go for the extra points to help out my team or I can discreetly ignore this assignment.

But here goes:

I love myself because I have a great memory and am curious. I want to know what the Greeks did and I want to know all about my great-great grandparents. I want to know what London smelt like when Shakespeare was about the town. I want to know what the Queen REALLY thinks.

I love myself because I try not to forget the poor, the weak, the disenfranchised, the workers who toil for so very little. I love myself because I give away money to politically progressive causes and I will stand up and say that income inequality is repugnant and inhumane. Sure, maybe if it's in a degree of 100% or so---the poorest earn 100K and the richest earn a million maximum...

I love myself because I try to figure out how cats and dogs and fish and mice think. What are their passions? What is their inner narration? What dreams do hamsters have when they sleep?

I love myself because I care, really care, about the arts and humanities and am impressed by the sciences.

I love myself because I try to be kind whenever I can. And if I am not kind, it's because I have been provoked. I love myself because I visit people in hospital and I do not shy away from death beds.

I love myself because I never forget the humanity that has passed before my own eyes nor the humanity that suffers across the world nor the humanity that suffered to bring the world forward.

I love myself because I never never never go to Walmart. Never. I will not put money into the hands of that obscenely wealthy family from Arkansas who have stripped the mom and pop stores out of existence and who treat their employees like dirt. I love myself for boycotting fast food places.

I love myself because I understand why some people have to go to Walmart and eat fast food. I know that options are limited.

I love myself for not thinking that everyone has to be like me.

I love myself for being an enthusiastic member of the audience.

I love myself for knowing so much about classical music and poetry and literature.

Now if only I could take better care of myself and love myself enough to avoid unwholesome foods.

Yours truly,

The Self....
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Natalie, the world is a better place because of your presence. It really is.

    Thank you for doing this one "for the team". emoticon

    Spark on my friend.
    1491 days ago
  • AMY4593
    I love you for writing this!!!! Absolutely enlightening!! Well written, as always!

    And P.S. I love you for not going to Walmart! I detest that horrible place!
    1492 days ago
    1492 days ago
    1493 days ago
    Wonderful, Natalie. I especially love the part where you love yourself for exercising the choices you have responsibly, and for understanding that some people don't have those choices. It is a great challenge to be righteous without self-righteousness.
    1493 days ago
    1494 days ago
    well hello bertrand russell!
    1494 days ago
    This was wonderful. YOU are wonderful. (I'm saying that deliberately, not flippantly. I can see this was tough exercise for you and you need to know that your perceptions of your best self add up to an incredible person.)

    I enjoyed the whole piece, but I stopped cold when I came to "I do not shy away from death beds." That is a beautiful gift to bring to the world and it brought tears to my eyes.

    You did good work in this post.
    1494 days ago
    I enjoyed reading this and appreciate your honesty. Every quality you mentioned in here shows love and compassion to others. This is a beautifully drawn self-portrait.
    1494 days ago
    You have a damned good scorecard. Only one strike.

    And that awful Walmart woman buying up paintings for her own art museum in Fractured Tibia [or whatever it's called], Arkansas? She's a regular arbiter of culture, she is. You can lead a horticulture, but you can't make her think. Don't quote me.

    1495 days ago

    I admire you for writing this and I'm glad to get to know you better. I'm not sure that I have it in me to write so truthfully -- and/or maybe I just don't really know myself after all this time...
    1495 days ago
  • 1SALMON1
    Dear Natalie - thank you for this blog. It's inspiring and brave. I'm going to try to write one of these... Be well.
    I agree with you about Walmart, and about understanding why some folks can't afford to not go there.
    And you made me think about Samuel Pepys - did he say anything about London's air quality in his diary? Not that I recall. Need to read him again.
    Have a triumphant week!
    1495 days ago
  • POPSY190
    You should read this regularly!! I'm glad you didn't shy away from doing the task. I don't think we'd have liked the smell of Shakespeare's London; in fact, I think until at least the end of the 19C it would offend our eyes, ears and noses! It used to be called "The Big Stink". Perhaps if we lived then though it wouldn't have bothered us as it would today? But the use of pomanders and posies suggests otherwise - I suspect they liked the smell of them as much as trying to ward off plague!
    1495 days ago
    This was very moving; thank you for taking the time and energy to do it. I admire you greatly. And I'm with you on Walmart (and Starbucks)--they've neveer gotten a dollar from me and never will.
    1495 days ago
    1495 days ago
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