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Days 44-47 100 Days of Weight Loss & how am I doing~

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Day 44 "Its Not the Right Time"

When you struggle with staying on your diet, its easy to dismiss it as it wasn't the right time to be on your diet plan. You may be right! Sometimes it really isn't the right time to be on a diet. Life will always include challenges, disappointment, dinner parties, holidays, vacations etc...There will never be a perfect time to lose weight.

Evaluate your timing! Are you going through a major life change such as a divorce, moving to a new home, finishing a University Degree, facing a death in the family? Issues of this magnitude happen rarely so it may not be the right time for a diet.

Is something in life demanding a huge amount of your time? A home remodeling, planning a wedding, being a teacher at the end of the semester or school year? Those events can take a lot out of you. Dieting requires a certain amount of energy so if you are already feeling drained , you may need to hold off on your diet plan for a while!

In reality you can make any time be the right time! Simply choose a time period that seems fairly reasonable and label it the right time. Move past your excuses and make it work out. Tell yourself you are capable of eating right and exercising despite your hectic life, JUST DO IT~

-Evaluate how your program is going so far. Is this the right time for you to work on losing weight?
-If not, make a list of reasons why it doesn't seem to be the right time. Measure your list against the criteria of major life events or any big issues that demand your time and energy.
-If losing weight is truly important to you, make it the right time. In your notebook, write a few ideas on how to get around the roadblocks in your daily life and make your diet work in spite of those obstacles.

Day 45 "Food Important or Not"

During the course of a day, how much time do you think about food? A little? A lot? Most of the time? Do you finish one meal and plan on what you will have for the next meal? What if you could eliminate food as the center of your life? You can choose to let food be important at specific times, and then other times, treating it as unimportant!

Eating doesn't always have to be especially fun or exciting. Lots of times, food will be mundane, but since its providing fuel & energy, you eat it anyhow. Instead of fretting about it just label it as unimportant. When it comes to eating, a new restaurant or a surprise party then food can be important again! You can appreciate food again, the flavours, textures, smell and have it be important to you again. Just because food is important doesn't mean you can overeat though.

Be selective about when you label food as important. Choose when to let your food be routine or important!

-Think carefully about specific times you want to want to label food as important.
-In your notebook, make a list of all times, places or even specific foods that you would usually designate as important.
-Write times or situations that aren't on your list, plan to view food as unimportant.

Day 46 "If Not Food, Then What?"

After you decide to label more of your food as unimportant then you have to decide what is more important. In your journal, number 1-10 and make food number 1. Write down other items that are important to you. You may add travel, your job, spouse, sports, writing, kids and health as important. After you have your ten items, scratch food off as number 1. Then move it to the bottom as number 11! In the empty number 1 slot list a new item. Look at your list and decide how to give the other non-food items more importance. Notice that when you remove food as a priority it causes you to add more importance to the other items on your list!

As you focus on the non-food items on your list, you can play more with your kids. You can plan a movie night, or watch a favourite TV show with your spouse or a friend. BY increasing your commitment to these things, you find you can replace food easily.

-From the list you made earlier, write your new number 1 item in your journal or on a sticky note.
-Deepen your commitment to this item. Spend time thinking or doing or in some other way, focusing on this item, person or activity. Assign it a very high priority, making it more important than food!
-At the end of the day, write a few notes on how you now feel about this item of person. Over time, do this with the rest of your list!

Day 47 "Kick the Can't"

"I can't" These two words will always prevent you from being successful. Right after you say I can't there is always an excuse behind it like I can't give up dessert, or cook healthy meals, or stick with an exercise program! Perhaps you believe its not your fault you can't stay on a diet or exercise consistently. You may even blame a few people who you believe stand in your way or don't support you.

Every time you say I can't, you cement that as your truth. Saying I can't is like tying a huge boulder to your ankle and then trying to run. No matter how determined you are to reach your goals, the I can't will always defeat you and keep you from making progress. Banish those 2 words from your subconscious mind! Substitute the phrase "I'll find a way!"

Believe nothing is impossible. Describe your challenging goals as "Hard but not impossible!" Add the phrase "Maybe I could!" and then come up with a new action plan for your goals. Example, maybe you have a hard time staying consistent exercising. You can say "Its hard to exercise regularly, but I'll find a way. Maybe I could start walking every day at lunchtime."

-Write a List of the things you Believe you can't do!
-Several tines today, read through your list. With each item say, "Its hard to (fill in the blank) but I'll find a way!
-For each item on the list, add the phrase. "Maybe I could..." and plan at lest one action that will help make you make progress!

So now I'm caught up to 100 Days of Weight Loss :)~Tuesday is Day 50, so that is halfway there. I'm glad because I have never thought so much about food in my life. Its not all that important to me. I know you have to eat otherwise issues will occur lol.

I like to eat good food but with my digestion issues and having to be careful about what I eat, I just don't think about food most of the time until its almost meal time a lot of instances. I am the Rachael Ray kind of cook. I want to do 30 minute meals most of the time. I like cooking but I don't want it to take up a lot of time so I make sure I have the foods I want at hand ready to go so I can get it prepared in a reasonable amount of time. I use the crock pot, oven, stove to be quick about my meals. I have chicken, fish or the main parts of the meal preseasoned and ready to rock when I want them. I don't want to start out with frozen foods since cooking them alters the texture (at least to me it does) and it comes out tough. I find that a waste of food honestly.

Every week, usually on Sunday I ask does anyone want anything specific for dinner that week. This week the young ones want Ravioli with Pesto & Chicken on Thursday because they both have practise that day so they want something good for dinner. Friday the SO wants to have Shrimp Carbonara. He said mine tastes better than his mother's lol. Plus the kids will be with their mom this next weekend since she'll be on business for a few weeks so she won't see them till she gets back in March so Paolo said it was fine for the deviation in schedule. I would like veg food for a long while now. That'll fix me from wanting to have meat ha? If I would of sent that burger back, sigh! At least it wasn't worse. Its bad enough where I really don't want to eat much or do my normal day though. Exercise is a difficult thing to do because the energy isn't quite back for me yet. I'm going to try and walk tomorrow again though. I'll try 30 minutes and see how it is. Build back up!

I went to Kohl's with my Mom earlier because I wanted to find a particular pair of shoes and I would up finding a light coloured vest which is good because the way people drive here is a travesty. Every night you see it on the news that a pedestrian or a driver was killed because the driver was driving either too fast or improperly. Drivers here act like because you are doing the speed limit you are in the wrong and get out of their way. Uh, yeah and they are the ones wrapped round a pole somewhere. I went of the track there ha? I usually get back before its seriously dark about 540 but a lot of drivers don't use their lights when they are supposed to so the greenish, yellow may help them spot me a little better, maybe. Before that we went to Office Depot to get a box of printer paper, pens, ink and I bought a mouse because this one is sticking too much for my comfort level!

After we did Kohl's & Office Depot I needed to eat so I had Subway's 6 inch oven roasted chicken breast, no sauce, only 1 slice of Swiss, olives, tomatoes, spinach, and a few cucumbers and I had water with it. We were supposed to go to Wal-Mart but she was tired and I felt crappy so we came back and will hit those guys tomorrow because I need some stuff. I don't like Target or Wal-Mart on the weekends personally since I hate crowds. I took a nap after we came back and my Mom had made dinner for everyone because she knew I was not feeling so hot. How nice!

So maybe I'll have some fruit and see if I can feel okay eating that and a little later have a nice shower. My cat hasn't seen me much for a few days but he likes my dad the best anyhow so he's not been lonely! Tomorrow I'll blog about V-Day with the SO, I was a good sport about it all!

Happy Monday~

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    I hope you are doing better today! Have a great day tomorrow as well! emoticon
    1460 days ago
    Hi how are you today, hope well
    1460 days ago
    Great blog with lots of excellent advice! Glad you got to go shopping with your Mom and found some great items. Hope you get your tummy issues resolved! emoticon
    1461 days ago
    Happy Monday to you too.
    1461 days ago
  • SHERYLP461
    Kayah, are you on a specific type of diet? If so what is it? Your blogs are interesting and thought provoking and I would love to hear a bit more about what you are doing.
    1461 days ago
    I'm certain that you've thought about this, but I'll bring it up anyway: are you sure you don't have a nasty parasite nestled in your innards having babies??? Stranger things have happened. I would think that the initial stages of plain ol' food poisoning would have gone after 24 hours.
    1461 days ago
    Wow, that burger really threw you off your game , to be still interfering with your exercising!
    Take care and get back to normal emoticon
    1461 days ago
    Morning Mrs Motivational, thank you for giving me food for thought, please pardon the pun! lol

    I will be mulling over your interesting points thank you

    Have a great day/night

    1461 days ago
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