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Sunday, February 16, 2014

I know I haven't done a blog for a long time -- January 27th to be exact. And when you have people who follow your blogs and write to you that they miss them -- then it's time to write another. That's the reason for my "what shall we talk about" title.

Today I read a blog about "What can 1 person do?" and while it's true just one person would normally find it difficult to make much of an impact, unless you happened to be in a position where you had the funds and the power to do things. But even as just one solitary person, you CAN make a difference -- to someone -- to an animal -- or to the environment.

emoticon Make a meal for someone who just went through surgery!
emoticon Pick up the bottle or can laying by the curb.
emoticon When you hear of someone needing help, volunteer yourself.

Think of the impact if 99% of the people followed the above criteria. I say 99% as there is always that 1% who won't do anything.

You know, I recently went through a lot of stress in my life. It seems there is always one of two things that cause a bit of stress, but when suddenly there is more and more a person's body/mind just can't handle it all. It's like expecting your tiny little lawnmower to mow the whole ballpark. Even if you say to yourself 'I think I can' it could be that your mind just blows a fuse or whatever happens. For me, depression is the first indication that I've got too much on my plate (not my literal plate). lol
And I'm not normally one of those people who over-eat when stressed out, probably just the opposite. True, I may gulp down a bowl of ice cream with peanut butter on it, but that's it -- it's not an on-going thing. But for me, stress causes me to gain weight. And then gaining weight causes me stress. Does this look like it's going to have a good ending?

But, happily, sometimes things do work out for the best, and that's what is happening here. Most of the stress has fallen into place. All that is left is the normal day-to-day stuff that keeps you on your toes. My weight is coming down, the building of our home in Yarnell is doing really well -- and they've given me a date of April 1 as a date when painting (inside and out) will take place. After that it's a piece of cake, just stuff I call "finish work" -- hanging cabinets, putting in the appliances, flooring, and I suppose the frames around windows and doors. Not sure about that last thing, as this is my first time to actually build a house.

So I'm a emoticon "happy camper" right now. I'm back in swing, and will soon be boring you with more blogs than you ever wanted.

Be well, my dear friends, and thank you for noticing!
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