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The Photoshop Effect

Saturday, February 15, 2014

A lot has been written and said about body image. Here is a video that demonstrates with just regular women what the magazines do for the models in Photoshop to get them on the cover.

You can also find this video here:

I would like to have uploaded two videos, but this widget doesn't allow that. I found this second, somewhat longer video that demonstrates the same effect. In it, the photographer estimates that nearly every picture you see in a magazine is Photoshopped. When you see a picture of a Meg Ryan or a Nicole Kidman, it has been approved by their publicist and is almost certainly been doctored:

Lest you think Photoshopping is something new, consider this picture of General Grant from the Civil War:

It is a very famous photo known as “General Grant at City Point.” But detective work by the Library of Congress revealed that the horse and body belong to Major General Alexander McCook, and the head is taken from another, less majestic portrait of Grant, cropped from a picture that showed him standing in front of his tent like an ordinary soldier, leaning casually on a hunk of wood.

Even the place in the picture is not what it claims to be: Instead of City Point, the photo is actually set to the background of some Confederate prisoners captured at Fisher’s Hill.

In the 19th century the view was "It must be true, there's a picture!"

But we know better now in the 21st century. So why do we so often get suckered into believing pictures?
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