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Day 1: Today I reclaimed my life

Saturday, February 15, 2014

I have made statements similar to the above several times over the past months. Today, though, I think everything really started clicking again. Today, I think I got over the hump and got back on track.

Today, I recommitted to eating in a way that fuels my body instead of just pleasing my palate. I've struggled with guilt issues regarding my elderly mother, who now lives with us and expects me to eat exactly the same foods she eats. And boy does she love her sweets! But the truth is my eating habits have evolved over the years, and the way I eat now does not resemble the way I ate as a kid -- which is the way my mom still eats. Lots of beef, starch and desserts.

So today I told my mother I was reclaiming my healthy eating habits as a way to be able to indulge in desserts with her. Mom doesn't like having a fuss made over her or "being a burden," so in the past when I've made multiple meals (one to accommodate my needs and another to accommodate the husband and mother), she has kind of freaked out. Today I told her very clearly that I WILL be creating different meals for myself and that no one should feel put out about it. Then I said I was doing this specifically so I can share some of those delectable desserts with her -- and that made her very happy. Hopefully now we will have some culinary harmony in this household.

After that little talk, I went into the kitchen and did what I love best: I pre-cooked some healthy options for me to have on hand for lunches or light dinners. I roasted a couple of chicken breasts and then sliced and packed them in 3-oz portions. I cooked some brown rice and froze it in 1/3-cup portions. I browned some seasoned ground turkey and divided it into 3-oz portions in little zipper bags. I toasted some walnuts in the oven. It feels good to have those things on hand in the freezer.

Also today, I started tracking food again. I'm happy to report I came in right on target. Because I need to get a few pounds off (I'm about 5 pounds above my goal right now, maybe more; I'll find out when I weigh in tomorrow -- gulp), I didn't splurge and consume the extra calories I earned from taking a walk today. Did you catch that? I TOOK A WALK TODAY. ha ha First exercise in quite awhile. It won't be the last.

Over the past six months, I got into a bad, bad habit of evening snacking. As I write this, it's 8pm, and I'm experiencing a serious craving for Chips Ahoy. To combat this, I'm heading downstairs to finish cleaning up my kitchen: all dishes in dishwasher, counters wiped down. Maybe I will throw a load of towels or rags into the washer for good measure. I've found distraction works wonders for busting cravings.

I have not had anything to eat since 6pm, when I hit my calorie goal for the day. Normally, I don't allow myself anything after 7pm, and I'm getting back to that effective tomorrow. I find a nice snack right at 7pm helps me avoid the later-evening munchies.

So...that's it. It was a very good Spark day. I really feel I got myself back on track. Feeling in control of my diet always helps me feel more grounded. Life is good, but I'm not dumb enough to look too far ahead. Until I've re-established these good habits, it's definitely 'one day at a time' mode.
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