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Valentines- will you be mine?- accountability buddy wanted~

Friday, February 14, 2014

First of all-Happy Valentines Day!!!! emoticon emoticon
Time is flying by~
I will not let 2014 slip past me and not get to my goals so here goes:
I want - er WILL lose 40 pounds by mid August of 2014

Actions do speak louder than words so I must put together and DO a program that will get results and I am thinking I may need a buddy or perhaps to blog every day...although I know part of what I need to do is spend less time on my butt and more time getting rid of the FAT on it.
It is all about that too- I want to weigh less and gain muscle.
My goal is 129 at about 17-19% body fat and that is by August 18, 2014
36-25/26-37/38- I am a realist I used to be 36-23-36...but after 4 kids and at my age..

Here are some things about me-
I work out at home. Weights-tabata-step and rebounding. I will be joining the pool for laps and will take some more tango. I might look for spin classes but NO zumba- I like to dance as in tango and waltz but dance is dance and so never liked aerobic type of dancing. I am curious about kettlebells and crossfit. I might upgrade my bike this year as mine is just a touring bike.

I eat plant based but have some meat and eggs- free range- meaning most of my diet is plant based- I try to live by Michael Pollan's philosophy about food.

I am married to a man I love but drives me nuts most of the time. Opposites do attract and can stay together with a great deal of work!
I am 52- 53 in May.
I have 4 kids- ages 22,21,17 and 16. The 17- (almost 18 year old )and the 16 year old are living at home and the 22 year old will be home for the summer- and we did homeschool most for most and some for some of that time and did homebirth and yet do not consider myself crunchy granola....

I am VERY proud of what my kids have accomplished- amazing stuff is going on in their lives and was very happy to be able to provide them with support and educational resources but it is MY time now!

~ I am more of a realist than a spiritual person. I am not into angels but do love random irony. I love rainbows as they are beautiful and love the science behind them but do not think they "mean anything". On the other hand I have an illogical fondness for prime numbers and my favorite number is 73. I do believe in using your intuition- it is part of one of our most wonderful organs!

We are looking for a house. I am organizing and decluttering so I can buy a house and finally be a grown up in one- in other words I want the house to reflect my tastes not just random garbage picks emoticon I am not letting anything in that house that does not give me joy.
Yes- my husband will be living there!

I am also working on my my dreams of being an illustrator- a paid one that would work on books- childrens/young adults or film concepts or even just getting my food pics published come to fruition.....fruition- well then esp. the pics of fruit!
-to storyboard a Joss Whedon film would be heaven on earth.....oooh baby do you know what thats worth???

I need some one who is also interested in NO EXCUSES!!!!!!
-also part of this is vanity. I have purged many things out of my closet but do have some nice clothes and some goals clothes- not many. Clothes that is but shoes.... I own 37 pairs of shoes (37 is a prime number) but I have worn every one of them at some time. If I buy another pair I will throw out one pair. It is fun to play with fashion such as hair and have had purple streaks put in and most likely will have nice short cut with bangs and become a redhead soon and perhaps put some blue in there then-
If I could have any body type it would be Sandra Bullock or Demi Moore.

My favorite films range from Little Big Man to District 9. Joss Whedan's Much ado about Nothing. Fried Green Tomatoes. Love Actually. Dan in Real Life. Cider House Rules.
Taming of the shrew- with John Cleese as Petrucchio . Drive. Seven Pounds. Little Miss Sunshine. The Godfather. so many more....
I love to read. All kinds of books!

My plan is-

ST 3 days a week until I need to split it up and do it 5- 6 days. Cardio but more interval types.
I have a pretty good collection of DVD's- and have a stability ball and step and weights and a rebounder. I am joining the local pool and taking walks until I run but that is more for mental health. I have found that stretching/yoga is important at my age.

For food- I do like Joel Fuhrman's Eat to live plan but need a snack (it calls for only 3 meals a day) and a bit more animal protein but nutritionally speaking it is a good one! I LOVE my vitamix!

I do know this-
I will NOT GIVE UP! and I will not let this year (unless some incredible obstacle comes up) pass me by without my attaining my goal!

If this sounds familiar and someone wants to be my buddy let me know. I want to give and receive TOUGH love!
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
so will you be mine?- or perhaps a daily blog- tough love needed!
  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

REENSKI 2/18/2014 7:03PM

    Em-I love this blog!
I love your dedication & determination. You can do this!
Have you found your accountability buddy? Let me know I could use one too.
I can't wait to see one of the books you have illustrated (I know its in the future) but you will succeed! In all your goals.
See you on the Titans!

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    I don't usually comment back on my own page- first thanks Annemargar- I will take you up on it and have commented on your page- just wanted to let everyone understand where I was coming from spiritually- I love and respect all beliefs - and they don't get in my way but what has so often happened in the past is that I have dissappointed a few people because there is an assumption sometimes that is different from where my head and heart is- but these are my beliefs or non ones emoticon so just to let folks know~
AND I will take Karen's advice too- THINFITRAWKIND- and will blog either daily or bi- weekly to keep my head in the game and get results. In that way I can be in touch with all my SP buddies
- today is another busy one but I have 30 minutes to do a DVD and tomorrow I will get my menu and exercise schedule together

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ANNEMARGAR 2/15/2014 8:35AM

    Emily - I too need a Spark buddy to help me reach my goals. I only need to lose 8 lbs, but it is NOT easy losing these 8 - even 5 lbs. I battle with what eating plan I should follow. I have read "Eat to Live" and I have "The Omnivore's Dilemma" sitting on my nightstand to read after "Savor - Mindful Eating, Mindful Life". I understand the benefits of a vegan life - my brother and SIL are vegan, but I feel it does not provide enough protein. I am unitarian - so my religious views will not get in your way. I have the BFFM book on my desk - though I need to read through the entire book. What I really need to do to get started is to PLAN my meals for the week AND plan my exercise routine.

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LOSINGLINNDY 2/14/2014 1:34PM

    emoticon An emoticon blog! Thank you for sharing about yourself and for kicking my butt with enthusiasm to exercise. That is going to be my goal for Spring--cardio and ST. emoticon

Hugs, Gaylinn

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    Loved learning more about you!! Very interesting! I hope you find someone who will accountable. Most of us are rather hit and miss. LOL.

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    Happy Valentine's Day to you and yours also.

You know that I can give kicks in the keester, but my background is deep and seemingly etheric. I work on the level of the subconscious mind which to me runs the whole show. When the sheit hits the fan and you want some very bottom line support you can SparkMail me anytime day or night and I will respond.

I would love to have you blog each day. To me exposing it all on a forum really helps and you know I walk my talk on that issue.

I know you are incredibly gifted, have a perfect DH because he is your opposite (seemingly!), and your kids are blessed to have such an involved and caring mom. Yes, it's time for you to shine as a gifted and healthy/fit person. You had your priorities correct before and now it's time to switch things up.

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