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What you can't face

Thursday, February 13, 2014

I've about come to the conclusion that I'm a food addict.

I honestly didn't think I was. But there really isn't much else to explain the weight gain. Or unsuccessful weight loss. Or whatever you want to call it. I can lose weight, but I am a miserable failure at keeping it off.

I was making my typical lament Tuesday: if only I was addicted to smoking or alcohol or drugs. Then I know I could give it up. I KNOW it. But you can't give up eating food!

But then I said, wait a minute. I laid out a daily menu for 3 meals a day. I made it for 1200 calories, but would stretch it to 1350 on any given day, not to be too rigid.

I kept it simple. Cereal/rice milk, egg, fruit for breakfast. Sandwich or soup and fruit for lunch. A protein and two veggies for supper. Snack of at least one veg. during the day, and maybe a cheese stick or other protein.

Now. Could I give up eating outside that plan?

I have no idea.

But I'm trying it.

Now, the first criticism people are going to have is that no, you cannot ban certain foods or stay on a restricted diet forever. I will admit that I won't stay at 1200-1350 calories for life, if I reach my goal. BUT, nobody tells alcoholics that they should ease off and plan cheat days. Nobody tells a smoker not to expect to give it up.

And, let's not forget that people with celiac disease have to give up wheat. Not to mention other people's allergies.

So, I'm willing to give it a try. It's an attitude, is what it is. I'm going at it from the perspective of being addicted to something that I have to give up. I have to give up big bowls of buttered popcorn. I have to give up using more than 2-3 pats of butter a day for anything. I have to give up bacon and fried eggs for breakfast. And I could make a whole list, but you know what I mean. I just cannot eat like that.

So, Hi. My name is Shire. I'm a food addict.

One day at a time.
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    Yep, one day at a time. Hang in there! emoticon
    1402 days ago
    You might try the mental toughness training. ( not sure it is still available.) It has helped me a lot. It is hard to hear some times. But he doesnt say anything I have not already said to myself when I am being brutally honest.
    1402 days ago
    I think that weight loss is a skill we need to master. And then maintenance is another skill that needs to be mastered as well. It takes time and a number of setbacks. If you were trying to learn how to ride a bike, you wouldn't say you failed because you fell off a few times...

    I am like pookasluagh. I find eating anything less than 1500 calories a day too restrictive. I can do it for a few days, and then I eat like there's no tomorrow..

    I have also made this thought myself. That if I were addicted to drugs or alcohol, it would be easier to break because I could give up the addiction altogether. But one can't give up food altogether.

    And I have employed the same trick that you mention. Giving up eating outside my plan. I call it "no more than 1600 calories a day NO MATTER WHAT". I think this is the most powerful tool I have used during my weight loss so far.
    1402 days ago
    Food addiction strikes me as a fairly common condition; I wonder whether I'm addicted to sugary foods. It's a creative/nifty reframe to get around the have-to-eat dilemma by redefining abstinence. Clever, and I think that might be a very useful way think about it. Going to take this page from your book. Thanks.
    1402 days ago
    Wishing you well! It sounds worth a try....
    1402 days ago
    I hope it works for you, lovely! Everyone must find what works for them. I always knew I couldn't eat low calorie. Anything lower than 1500 - and even 1500 is pushing it - and I will quit within a day. And my body punishes me. The few times i've tried eating less than that, I've gained weight and then couldn't lose for months. Grr. I've come to realize, over the last few year, that for me, exercise is the crucial bit. As long as I don't overeat - as long as I keep my calories in a general 1700-2100 calorie level - and eat lots of freggies with it, I can maintain. And if I want to lose, I need to keep eating that amount and do lots of exercise. *shrug*

    Keep us updated. You can break this addiction!
    1402 days ago
    You may like the NO S. diet. not really a diet at all just a premise really. There is a spark team and also a book a bout it, very simple process and works. Not hard very simple once you get used to it and it is do able forever.... Check out the spark team and google NO S.

    NOt sure if I did the link right but...


    Also a lot of support and OOLALA53 has some great supportive ideas.

    HUGS and also once you are back farming... it will come off but I do understand your frustration! HUGS
    1402 days ago
    1 day at a time. emoticon
    1402 days ago
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