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Good Morning, Sunshine!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Good morning, all of my sweet Spark Friends! The sunshine has finally come back into my life (both metaphorically and literally)! After many weeks of being in a deep depression, the cloud has finally lifted and the sun is shining through. My husband kept telling me that just because I couldn't see the sun, it didn't mean that it wasn't there. He was trying to help me hang on to hope, and of course, he was right. Thank you to all of you who kept checking on me and praying for me, even when I wasn't able to check in with all of you! You are the best!!!

The good news is that while I was depressed I lost about 12 pounds because I was not able to eat. The bad news is that, now that I feel better, the appetite has returned and I want to eat everything in sight, so I have gained 10 of that back already! Now, if I could just find some balance... Oh well, I know that it will come. I am just so glad to be feeling better again!

In other news, I was contacted by Spark People, to be one of their Spark People Success Stories! The first time, was when I was in the middle of my depression and I couldn't even think about it. Now, they have contacted me again and I am still not sure. If they had contacted me a few months ago when I was blowin' and goin' full force, I wouldn't have given it a second thought. But now, I have been stuck for so long, that I really don't feel like much of a success. I have not given up though, so I guess that in itself counts for something. I have maintained most of my 70 pound loss, although I fluctuate up and down about 10 pounds. You have all been so very encouraging in all of your comments and suggestions about it, but something is still holding me back. Am I afraid it will somehow jinx me and I'll gain it all back and make a fool of myself? I don't know. Maybe it would do just the opposite and motivate me to keep moving toward my goal? I know I don't want to go back! I'll just have to think on it some more.

This is totally off the subject, but I just finished another project that I wanted to share with you! My DD1 loves t-shirts and has more than she knows what to do with, so since I started quilting, I thought it would be really cool to make a t-shirt quilt for her so she could have them on display and not just stuffed in a drawer somewhere. I finished yesterday and it turned out better than I hoped. She loves it and has already been sleeping with it for the last 2 nights (she actually slept with it before I finished it!). It is not what I would call beautiful, but for my sentimental 21 year old daughter, it is perfect!

Here is the front:

A lot of the t-shirts had writing on the back that she wanted to keep, so I used the back of the tshirts for the back of the quilt. That's why there are just randomly spaced wording on the back side:

She posted the picture on facebook and I have already been contacted to see if I would be willing to make some for others. It might be a great way to support my new sewing habit (material is expensive!) Oh, by the way, this quilt only cost me $8 to make (the cost of the thread)! Since I used the back of the tshirts for the back of the quilt I didn't have to buy any additional material. I also used some leftover flannel that I had for the batting, so it worked out perfect! Gotta love a good deal!!!

Well, back to work for me! I will try to start checking in with you more often, and hopefully can get back on track again! You mean more to me than I could ever express! I really do love you guys!

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

TMRGRANNY 2/25/2014 8:43PM

    I was so glad to see your blog. I have not been Sparking as much either lately. I am blaming it on the February Funk. I am so happy that you are feeling better also. Yes, you are a success story. I LOVE the quilt. I started one years ago, but just cannot get the umph to finish it.
Great job!

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KML410 2/23/2014 10:40AM

    Glad to see you back! Hope you are feeling better. I too have been away and trying to get back on track. The quilt looks great! Looking forward to reading your future blogs. emoticon emoticon emoticon

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SUEPERWOMAN 2/14/2014 9:53PM

You HAVE to be one of the success stories!!! What you've accomplished is important
and worth celebrating. Please don't say no.....

Love, Sue

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KANOE10 2/14/2014 8:50AM

    I am sorry your were dealing with depression. I am glad you are feeling better. You are a success story in keeping your 70 pounds off. If you do not want to do the Spark Success feature, I would just wait. You can always do it when you are ready.

Cute quilt.


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STAY39 2/14/2014 1:06AM

    I am so sorry you went through this awful time but so glad to see you back! We really missed you! emoticon

You know how I feel about sharing your story. I really hope you do it. So many people can relate to you and if you can even help 1 it will be worth it. You are a success story and this journey never ends so there may never be a perfect time that you feel ready. This may even help motivate you and help with accountability. emoticon

I love the quilt! I to really hope to do that someday with my favorite baby clothes of my boys'. And by "do that" I mean pay someone like you to do that! emoticon

Hope to see your smiling face more in spark land! emoticon

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CAT-IN-CJ 2/13/2014 9:21PM

    We've missed you!!!! Glad you're back and feeling better.

Love the t-shirt art!!! You are so creative!!!!

Do what ya gotta do . . . and take care of YOU!


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MRSP90X 2/13/2014 4:10PM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
SUNSHINE!!! Yeah! SO happy to see a blog!!! You lost 70lbs and kept it off!! Sounds like a success to me!! emoticon You deserve it with all your hard work!! Glad the sunshine came through!! Absolutely LOVE your work and new sewing addiction! That is a great one to have!!! LOVE YOU!!
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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_BABE_ 2/13/2014 1:20PM

    emoticon So happy to hear you are feeling better.

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TAMWIL2 2/13/2014 1:11PM

    I have to admit that as soon as I saw that you had posted a blog, I had to check it out, especially because of the title. I am so glad to see that you are feeling much better.

As for the Success Story, I would say go for it. You have had success even if you don't see it. I prefer the stories that show struggle because this journey is not as easy as some of the stories seem to make it. I'd like the story simply because you are still struggling BUT, during your "dark period", you didn't give up completely and kept most of the weight off. However, the decision is yours and you should do what you feel is best for you.

The quilt is awesome and what a way to create a memories. The t-shirts themselves have meaning to your daughter and the fact that YOU made the quilt makes it even more memorable.

emoticon emoticon So happy to see you again!

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AMBERLICIOUS88 2/13/2014 12:46PM

    Glad to hear you are feeling better! Funny thing the same thing just happened to me, like a switch went off or something. I think it is a really great honor for you to be asked to be a success story. Even if you mention that you aren't always perfect. No one is perfect. We all lose and gain back. We all fall off the wagon. How cool to be able to tell people that you are a success story on a world wide website...just sayin'


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MSHEL7 2/13/2014 12:24PM

    1st of all, it is so great to see a blog from you, to see your smiling face and to hear that you are feeling better, it has been a Gold Star Point in my day!! emoticon emoticon Good Morning Sunshine for sure!! I am sorry that you have had such a hard couple of months, it must have been terrible.
When reading your blog, I found myself thinking the exact same as you about the offer for your story. I guess for one I wouldn't know how to write something like that and for 2 I would have the fear that it would cause me to reverse my accomplishments. One thing I do think about this idea, is that I am trying to over come my fears and do new things, so that might make me try it. I also think you have come a long way and you have a wonderful mindset and you have no plans on letting yourself get out of hand again. You know you are healthy now, you know you have been through a bad season that could have caused you to gain back and you did not, so I think you are in a good place over all for writing something. I do agree with the others, we are not perfect, our journeys are not perfect and when we read one that is too perfect it doesn't seem right-too good to be true. I do think you are a perfect person to write this as you are such an inspiration to me and others on the site. It is a hard decision, but I know you will do what is right for you.

The quilt is awesome. So cool, especially for teens and those in college. I'm sure you can make enough to cover your habit, you may even find that you don't have enough time in the world to do all the quilts that people want from you.

Have a wonderful sunshiny day!! Glad you're back.

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GAILANN48 2/13/2014 11:41AM

    Good morning, Sunshine-Dachelle! Seeing that there was a new blog from you really made me smile, and hearing from you that you're feeling better is such wonderful news.

What you've gone through must have been terrifying. I'm glad the light has shone through, dear friend.

As for the decision you have to make, my vote is yes. I say that because I think it would be helpful for people who are struggling (or those trying to decide whether or not they should even try) to know that real people with real problems do this. Sometimes success stories are so "pat" that they're discouraging. Of course, the other thing to consider is how you think it would affect you yourself. If you think it would help you, then go for it...but if it would be a source of stress, then let it wait. If they've asked you twice, I'd say you have some time to decide. :) Either way, big CONGRATULATIONS on the recognition that you deserve!

As for your new quilting endeavor, HOW COOL! I can only imagine how loved and respected your daughter have her Mama undertake such a labor of love for her.

So good to see your smiling face...
:) Gail

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BLESSED2BEME 2/13/2014 11:03AM

    Personally I think you should do the success story. Success doesn't mean being perfect, it means continuing to fight the battle. It might help others to know that you still struggle from time to time but you are back at it again.

Way to go on that quilt! Bee U Ti Full!

Nice to see your smiling face on my feed again too!

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NHES220 2/13/2014 10:48AM

    You do some thinking on it and decide what is best. Would it overwhelm you or motivate you? Only you can decide. I love the T-shirt quilts, my daughter makes them and people do pay her to make them so it could support your habit - LOL. So glad to see a blog from you again! Glad the sunshine is back in your life!

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ROCKPORT9 2/13/2014 10:33AM

    When I lived in the Sacramento California valley, we called the winter depression "cabin fever". We felt so closed in with heavy fog and lack of sun. It is real. I am celebrating the sun with you. The quilt is wonderful and such a gift for your DD. I have missed you and I am glad to see you fighting your way back. Big hugs, Laurel emoticon

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NILLAPEPSI 2/13/2014 10:20AM

    None of the people on SP are perfect -- we're all human. I think you should do it, Dachelle. It might be just what you need to get back on track. You ARE a success, you just hit a rough patch like most of the rest of it.

I'm so glad you're feeling better. You've been on my mind, in my heart & in my prayers. I was so excited to see a blog from you this morning. Totally made my day.

Beautiful t-shirt quilt. That's so awesome.

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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MAUREENREDUX 2/13/2014 10:11AM

    You have to decide about the Success Story pursuit, but to me, the lack of perfection and still maintaining is the ultimate success! Thanks for sharing your highs and lows --

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