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Big Changes coming!

Thursday, February 13, 2014


Since my last blog, I ran one more half marathon in November - it was a brutal experience, a cold snap left me quite unprepared for the temperatures that day and I also felt I got injured, but was able to recover well after a massage at the chiropractor.

Then in December more exciting things happened.....

And then I was keeping mum because....

I'm now over 12 weeks pregnant. :)

YEP! Sadly my fitness and nutrition are completely out the window right now. I've been going on very short runs occasionally, when I felt like the nausea and fatigue were light enough and the conditions outside weren't terrible. (So much ice going on here for a while.) Speaking of which I slipped on some ice a couple days ago... so dumb. But everything tells me I should be fine, baby should be fine, including my doctor's triage nurses that I called. *phwew* No cramping or bleeding. Guess I just have to wait for my next appointment and keep thinking positively. No reason to think anything's wrong, just you know - paranoia. hahaha :D I didn't land on my abdomen or anything, it was a butt fall, right side only - my poor right butt cheek and right hand.

I also somehow strained my left hamstring apparently. :P This week I've been really sick feeling - like beyond nausea, a virus involved I think. Congestion, headache, sore throat, etc. No fever so I'm just toughing it out, drinking lots of fluids.

But anyway - I've got a few pictures from the last scan!

Still eating mostly vegan, sometimes eggs - trying to make sure I get plenty of protein and I'm taking my vitamins. Gluten free is going well, too. Finding more options for various things which is cool - like I found some bread I can buy at a local store that is like real bread! hahaha :D But still trying to mostly eat things that are less processed but it's hard with the nausea, I have to just eat the only thing I can imagine stomaching. :P

Due date is August 24th - I will try to blog more frequently!!

P.S. - I can't believe I forgot to post my announcement video here - thanks, SEPPIESUSAN for reminding me! haha! :D

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