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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

We have to remember that this is a journey, some days we are going to walk down the wrong path, look around and realize that was so not the best idea.

One week we had leftovers week and so I bought pre-packaged lunches, it went terrible as my body immediately increased by 5 lbs that it didnt' want to let go till I went back to eating my meal plan. It always make me think, that just because McDonalds makes something that is 350 calories, is it really healthy for you, gonna say no.

I have learned weighing myself can be helpful and harmful. The 5 lb gain was gone after six days, but if I would have never known then I wouldn't have learned that making homemade dinners that become lunches and fresh breakfast has left me not feeling hungry and just made me feel better in general. I ate McDonalds a few weeks ago as we were traveling and after a few bites I remembered that it makes you feel like crap, like literally you just ate three spoonfuls of genetically engineered crap. But I have also found when I do get a good fall on the scale I tend to scale back on my exercise intensity.

It's easier to keep going than to have to start all over. Those day's I don't feel like getting in my steps. Hearing the local restaurant calling me, and not for a salad. I just remember that there will be a day when I can begin to only work out for 30 minutes a day and have treat meals. But I'm not there yet.

My goal is to get to my 176 so I can get my yoga reward. I found out there is an amazing studio literally a block from my work. I miss having classes I love. I have found one at my gym on Wednesday I won't miss but otherwise I don't find myself craving to go. But when I had joined a gym that had all these amazing classes I would go two times a day just because I couldn't chose. Exercise is about enjoying to move and become stronger. I am finally starting to want to run my miles, I feel confindent enough.

But my best smile moment, was last week I took my measurements for my BLC weigh in but will be in a wedding back in Omaha (we just moved in August) and had to call in my measurements. Now I have a 32'' waist and a 43'' hip, none of which do I even kinda call "smallish" on my 5'7'' frame but when I tell her my measurements. She was like you have a tiny little waist (I have literally spelled it waste four times now) and tiny little hips but with your bust we may have to go up a size (I'm a 38'' bust). To which I say I can understand that, she goes to tell me my remember this is a bridesmaid dress and I always think they run so small....and she says with that bust we would do a 12 but with your waist and hips we can do a 10.....she actually was like ummm maam. I was in utter shock. How can a 43'' hip fit in a 10, but then I realize the size I refuse to get out of is a 12, so anything is possible. So rock on. Even though I know she was totally lying about the word tiny, I'll take it. And I ordered the 10, not to be pre-sumptuous but my girls are a little inflated due to my cycle, and I always lose weight from them first.

Which is another reminder. We can't lose weight where we want, how we want, when we want. There is always a point where because my bust is reducing I feel like I'm getting bigger and looking too much like a pear, as I have a pretty natural hourglass figure when I'm not with a food baby. Losing my bust makes my waist look less prominent making me start to panic. But next time, just take a deep breathe, it will all even out. My 'bat wings" aren't permanent. When my cheeks look excessively puffy it is because I am just retaining water, or flushed, having my cheek bones pertrude has nothing to do with my health.

Finally this is about health. Not the size on my clothes tags. Not what I can't do. That I will be strong enough to do a triatholon this year. Fast enough to finish 13.1 within three hours. Couragous enough to throw myself over a wall during the tough mudder. these are my goals for this year.
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SUSANBEAMON 2/13/2014 12:51AM

  you can do it. keep it up.

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CFMOSS 2/12/2014 5:46PM

    Oh so good....this journey with its foibles and stumbling blocks and surprising successes and earned rewards. You're doing great.

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