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White stuff comin'.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

"White stuff comin', Irma. We gotta stock up on the white stuff."

Tuesday is a day I normally go to the store. It's a regular thing. Among the things I regularly buy are bread, eggs, and milk. Sunday, She(WMBO) asked me to remember toilet paper, too.

That was before I looked at the weather forecast for this week.

Wednesday night through Thursday all day: 100% chance of snow and Whoa Nellie it looks like a big one! more than 5 inches (translation: we don't know. We will tell you how much after it stops snowing, but it's gonna be a lot.)

I really didn't want to be "that guy" at the super market. You know. *THAT* guy who stocks up on huge quantities of bread, milk, eggs, and TP before every time they call for snow. In my entire life, I have never seen it snow so much around here that one could not get to the store within 48 hours of the last flake. EVER! So what is the obsession with eating french toast and going to the bathroom?

White stuff for the white stuff.

And today white stuff included mayonnaise, yogurt, and swiss cheese. I also was out of bananas, but it would appear that bananas are now a blizzard survival food because there were no bananas left except some bruised singles and a few hands of hard green ones.

And bottled water. I generally don't drink bottled water but She(WMBO) does. And I was out. So was the Giant. Shazam! We are on the city water grid. I would understand if everyone were on well around here and dependent on BGE to keep the lights on; but we aren't. If electricity goes out (it has gone out for a week from a hurricane, once, but never a snowstorm) we will still have water. Pretty sure.

Is this just a mid-Atlantic/Southern thing? It was that way in North Carolina, too, only for even less snow. "Look out, Irma. Perky Katie Weatherfrau says we're gonna get three to six inches of snow. We gotta buy bread, milk, eggs, and toilet paper in quantities to feed us for three weeks of isolation." Or do people do this in Montana, Minnesota, Michigan, and Maine?

And yes, I felt a little silly buying this stuff even though I actually did need it. All of it. Honestly.

Just not in quantities that would keep me until June.
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    I enjoyed reading your blog!

    My thought is that too much is better than none when a blizzard hits.

    God bless!
    1374 days ago
    The media certainly helps us reach that state! I think it happens here in Northern New England, but I don't often get out just before a big storm to see what's happening in the stores.
    1374 days ago
    I understand the 'white stuff' and I know I am really anal (pardon the pun) re TP ................ But I just have to have LOTS stocked up on our shelves JUST IN CASE ............ It's hard to really stock up on bananas and things that will perish ................ But I have a friend who when it snowed, they had NO TP in the house, or even Kleenex!! (I learned from this example of how NOT to live!!) ................. emoticon .............oh and emoticon for the comment on my blog today ........ very sweet. Happy Valentines day too. emoticon
    1374 days ago
    Your last line almost soaked my phone! I'm a Chicago girl, born and raised. Anything under a foot is flurries and if I can dig out the car - I drive it. Usually the only one's around here "stocking up" are over 80 yrs old and just don't want to deal. I've been shopping during an "official blizzrd" and there were still lines.

    But this is normal for us, not for ya'all. Be careful and make French Toast!
    1374 days ago
  • STR458
    proudly walk with 24 pkg toilet paper, makes me feel like I belong!

    1374 days ago

    Comment edited on: 2/12/2014 11:45:12 AM
    Us midwesterners are made of sterner stuff! I already have snow up to my knees still on the ground, for a grand total of 66 inches!!! We normally get about 1/2 of that!

    I hate winter and am sooooooo done with it!

    Be safe.
    1374 days ago
    We actually have to have a blizzard to see that kind of
    behavior. Most people shop once a week and are a
    little reluctant to make a second trip to town unless
    it is an essential, like milk. And then, they do not
    buy 3 weeks worth. I do remember Mom stocking
    up but we lived on a farm and she only shopped
    once a month. She always bought 50 pound sacks
    of flour to get her through. And believe me, we ate
    a lot of homemade bread.
    1374 days ago
    LOL!! That is so funny! Actually we do get snowed in once in a while, but I stock up on certain non-perishables in the fall. We are on a well, so if the power goes out we do not have any water. But we have a 12 gallon holding tank that I can just fill up water containers to last. Also I put a camping grate in our wood stove and can boil water and cook. Just once has the power gone out for 3 days. The worst was the cell phones all died and the computer died too! The kids were not happy, but we played games and worked puzzles. But it gets DARK at night. Hmmm, how much toilet paper do you need for all that food?
    1374 days ago
  • TINY67
    We got more snow coming this weekend.
    1374 days ago
    It's a French Toast Emergency!

    Yes, in Michigan they do! Also rock salt or ice melt, gotta buy more! The store was limiting it to two 25# bags per customer yesterday, so of course most folks were buying two.

    You forgot some white stuff : cheesecake, powdered sugar, aspirin....

    1374 days ago
    I DO remember week long power failures after a snowstorm (1959 comes to mind). I also remember plows not coming to get us out for a week (1966, 1979 and 1996). I have a pretty good vegetarian pantry (beans, grains, canned tomatoes and canned milk) so we won't go hungry. And I have plenty of coffee. Have them grind it, though. You can light the stove and make coffee! Life without coffee is unimaginable.
    1374 days ago
    I'm in Michigan and yes they do. It baffles me because they don't hit the stores until the storm is starting (just for the driving fun I'm thinking) and then they buy anything and everything they can shove in their carts. Bizarre.
    1374 days ago
    We are getting the same storm - are they forecasting a nice layer of ice on top of the snow for you guys? I don't mind the snow - but I don't do ice!

    I thought the stocking up on milk, bread and tp was a wierd East Coast thing - but I guess not. emoticon
    1374 days ago
    Same thing happens in northwest Indiana. Although there did seem to be some restraint lat time... There was enough bread left that we actually had a selection.
    1375 days ago
  • CIPHER1971
    I think it is the same everywhere, in the UK we also have the same thing if the supermarkets shut for a day (Christmas / Easter). People are very odd creatures
    1375 days ago
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