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I feel guilty for eating a banana. Why are they bad?

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

I keep seeing that "5 foods never to eat" and it shows a banana.
I know there are a lot of carbs in a banana but I don't know why they are so bad for me. I couldn't sit through that video advertisement any longer than I did. I have about 4 more to go then maybe I'll quit buying them.

I have already quit buying sugary foods, milk, bread, rice, potatoes, grain & beans. My doctor told me to give up fat and now bananas. My life eating is getting really small.

Thank goodness I like spices. My doctor told me to give them up too, but enough is enough.
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    Don't feel bad, bananas are good for you! I've seen that article, but there are far more articles boasting the benefits of bananas.
    1494 days ago
    Bananas are not bad for you. the "5 foods you must never eat" is an ad, not official Spark content.
    1497 days ago
  • GENRE009
    I went to a holistic doctor, who knew nothing , other than pushing vitamins-his. He told me that banana were so high in sugar, 4 days worth. I think that it is very healthy, has potassium,and help your bowels. if you take pills, you need to eat
    potassium to counter balance that vitamin being robbed from your body. I didn't watch that tape either cause it seemed to long, and I knew it was trying to set me up for not telling something, then getting me to charge & pay for listening to the rest. I haven't given up beans, I think they are very healthy, 1/4-1/2 cup is a lot of protein. And I won't give up the healthy fats, bad ones yes. the healthy fats are the omega's. fat pulls fat out of the body. You should eat the healthy fats at every meal 7 some in between. they are :Salmon or sardines, olive oil, ground flax,1/4-1/2 avocado, only one handful of almonds. Hope this helps. I don't drink regular milk any more because I kept getting mucus, and phlegm. I drink almond milk, it's got the least amount of cholesterol. eva emoticon emoticon
    p.s. if you want to hear how crazy holistic doctors are read my blog, I'm off to see the Wizard, to get a heart. he actually tried to show me how my arm knew if I was a women? he was weird.
    1498 days ago

    Comment edited on: 2/12/2014 11:44:23 PM
  • OWLVR54
    I don't think bananas are bad for you. I have never heard they are bad. It must be the diet the doctor put you on. I believe we can eat all foods, just in moderation. I hope you find out what is best for you and not have to cut your intake of foods so low.

    1498 days ago
    In my opinion bananas are not bad for you. I have been eating bananas every day for the last three and half years since I started this journey and I have gotten down to my goal weight and I feel healthier then ever! I think it's all about moderation, not about what is "forbidden" for me to eat. If you go through life that way I feel your only depriving yourself of some of the things you like and it's only a matter of time before you give into those desires. You can always have a small banana instead of a larger one. Have a great day! I wish you much success! emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1498 days ago
    bananas are filled with good and healthy things that we need, so why should we quite eating them. I refuse to put any food on a banned or forbidden list......the key is to just eat any food in moderation,even veggies....well, that you can eat more of, but life is too short to restrict everything.....besides, the more that you have to restrict, the more likely you will not stick to it.....my doctor told me that I could not eat nuts, but I told him that nuts are good for you.......both protein and fat, which you need a certain amount every day....he smirked at me....and my husband, acting as if I were stupid and just the 'little woman' and what did I know......but I proved him wrong....
    if you are allergic to foods, that is one thing, but otherwise, I don't see why you can't eat any food in moderation. Do you have celiac disease and are not able to eat gluten? I mean, you really have few foods left in that list...why are beans on the not to eat list....? they are good sources of protein.......of course, they also contain carbs, but they are the good kind.....complex carbs....in my opinion....
    1498 days ago
    Bananas are my favorite fruit, however they raise my blood sugar if I eat a whole one. I usually have half of a small one with my oatmeal when I have it. I also love grapes which have a high sugar content so I have to have them in moderation as well. That is the key!! Moderation and portion control. I think as long as you factor the calories and carbs into your daily plan you can still enjoy bananas as long as there is no other reason you can't have them but I would discuss it with my doctor to make sure there are no other reasons you can't have them.
    1498 days ago
    Ignore that ad! It's junk!!! A banana is a fruit that is somewhat higher in carbs than some others, but it is NOT bad. Just figure it in and you'll be fine. Much better a banana than some things I can think of! I try never to click on any ads, but rather stick with the articles that I know are moderated and factual. Do the best you can and have a banana, too!! Hugs, Jeannie
    1499 days ago
    Whole grains all fruits all vegetables bean egg milk cheese yoghourt some meat fish chicken nuts And olive oil eat all in moderation
    1499 days ago
    That ad you are referring ro is garbage!
    I'm sure your DR would say Bananas are high in potassium and to eat at least 3 per week or even more! Spark didn't create that spam ad you are referring to. It is a PAID AD to help keep spark free! Keep up the good work and eat banana without feeling guilt.
    1499 days ago
  • LINDAM.1
    Carobs is my guess
    1499 days ago
    I have seen that ad but never paid much attention to it. My doctor has not told me that I can't eat them in fact she told me that they are a good source of potassium. I would ask more questions of my doctor.
    1499 days ago
    I just ignore that ad! I like bananas and try to eat a few each week!
    1499 days ago
    I was told one time that a banana will raise my blood sugars and not to eat them. I will sometimes eat a half instead of a whole but I really don't see where it bring up my blood sugars. Your Doc is giving you a lot of restrictions. Do you have medical problems he's watching out for?

    1499 days ago
    I eat 2 bananas every day to give me energy for my workouts. I love bananas; the taste lingers in my mouth for ages, giving a sensation of fullness and satiety.

    Your first port of call should be your doctor, to find out why he has banned you having bananas.
    1499 days ago
  • E_SAT55
    Those are a lot of restrictions. You should ask your doctor for clarification as to why they want you to cut them out. Bananas are fairly high in carbs and sugar but unless there are health restrictions (allergies, diabetes, etc), a person should be fine to eat them in moderation. However, just telling you to cut things out without telling you why is probably not the best move seeing as now you're feeling restricted and like you can't eat anything. Hope you can initiate a dialogue with your doctor!
    1499 days ago
    They aren't. And if blessed means what I think it does, you know that God blessed all his food. Check this out. http://www.settingcaptivesfree.com/
    on1/ I'm on day 16. It's refreshing! I eat all the bananas I want.
    1499 days ago
    I tell my wife…we can have anything we want…just in moderation!
    1499 days ago
    With all that, why don't we just stop eating!
    1499 days ago
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