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Getting back up from 1000 falls

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

It's been many years now and i'm trying to get rid of my extra weight and every time i loose a couple of pounds i gain them back because of mindless eating , and the same thing happens when i'm feeling down till i felt tired of this yoyo diet .
so i asked myself: is it really important to me getting to my ideal weight and feel healthier and more fit...well definitely the answer should be yes.
so i made myself a promise to start to live a healthier life style from now on and move more then i do and i won't stop no matter how long would it take as long as i keep going towards my goal.
For this reason i used something that's helping me out to stop opening my fridge door every time i feel bored or down .
It's a peace of paper that's written on it 5 questions that i have to answer everytime i want to open the fridge door .
The answers to questions{1-3-4-and 5} should be yes if i answered with "no" to any of these questions then i won't open it.
only number 2 should be a "no".
The questions are:
1-Are you hungry?
2-Are you upset?
3-Did you drink water?
4-Is it healthy?
5-Are you still within the calorie intake?
I know that this may sound silly but it's working for me so far.
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