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Monday started out fine...

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Remember that yesterday I got a hair cut. It is an important point for me, although still coincidental.

It started out like a normal day. As far as I knew nothing was going to happen besides my Amazon boxes showing up for the few things I ordered. (Steam mop! Yay!)

I stepped on the scale and it told me I was down a couple of pounds since last week. This is even despite the obvious salt bloat from the stuff I had starting Friday. It would have been an even 186, but that bloat brought it up to the .4 more. Perhaps Monday isn't the best day to step on the scale?

I started out with my regular breakfast, thinking the worst of my day would be through my friend and her husband being hooked up to tubes because of having surgery for that second stroke. They're still keeping an eye on him and she is taking unpaid leave to be with him.

I managed some lunch in-between boxes being delivered. I just made a cheese quesadilla with spicy cheese, along with some sour cream and organic salsa (I'm still glad I found the organic stuff, working more organics into my life every day).

I managed some laundry, having to go to the farther laundry room to get both loads done since someone was using one of the driers in the laundry room I usually go to.

Then dinner happened. I was going to use the brats in another pasta dish, but I was lazy and had my husband pick up some buns so I could just throw them on buns like they're supposed to. These ones happen to be turkey brats, with fewer disgusting ingredients in them than some brats, but still had one of them (nitrates, I think?). It's so hard to find good sausages without all the nasties in them short of making them myself. He also picked up fries and I had an apple to offset the grease in this meal.

My husband also brought me home some chocolates. Aaw. I was able to only eat a few. This container had 2 servings. I would like to know how you divide 7 into 2 servings? Who eats half a chocolate? I ate 3 of them, my husband had 2 and I still have 2 to eat later.

You'd think that would have been my day. Remember that I had a haircut on Sunday? Well, my Dad was admitted to the hospital later in the evening. Mom knew he wasn't feeling well all week and finally convinced him to go to the doctor, who told him they couldn't diagnose him there, so they told him to go to the ER. Apparently because of his diet that consists of no fruits or veggies, and only hot dogs, burgers, waffles, chips, and nuts (primarily, I could name about 3 other things that are consistent in his diet), his intestines aren't working as well. I'm not sure if a colonoscopy could cause harm to intestines too? He had one of those a couple of years back. It's possible he may need surgery.

Now I know a hair cut has nothing to do with people ending up in the ER, but this is the second haircut in a row that ended up near a day that a loved one ended up in the hospital! I'm getting tired of the hospital. Sleep will be tough this week.
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