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Got my SSDI backpay! But my housing situation is a nightmare.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Well, a little more good news. Tip: if you sign up for EFT (direct deposit) right away when applying for SSDI, your payment will come pretty quickly. I called the SSDI office today to ask some questions, and it turns out that they deposited my back pay on the 6th! I didn't even think to be watching my bank account. So I got my year and a half of back pay (they don't pay you for the first 6 months, for those who don't know) and I found out my monthly checks will start next month and it's several hundred dollars more than I expected to get. Also, medicare will start in July.

I also talked with my county worker. My food support will drop considerably, but that's fine with me. I'll have a year to pay back the cash assistance I've gotten. Since I have a CADI waiver (which is totally based on being disabled, not on income), even though MA won't cover everything anymore (because of my income) CADI will still cover in-home services and that counts towards the monthly 'deductable' I'll now have with MA, so that should help with medical costs until medicare kicks in, which will change the dynamic of everything.

The bad news is they STILL haven't figured out my housing situation. I have 1 week until I'm supposed to be out and they don't know what to do! Today they told me they were thinking about putting me and my cat up in a hotel. STUPID! First, the cheapest hotels cost minimum $60 per night. Second, with a pet deposit and having a location that's safe, it'll be more expensive. Third, I can't live off fast food for 1-2 months because I have gastroparesis, which means I need a microwave, stove, and fridge so I can have at least 1 decent meal a day - which means I need an extended-stay hotel that will cost even more. Fourth, they would have to pay to keep everything I own in storage. Fifth, they would have to pay movers twice, not just once. This means that it could cost several thousand dollars to keep me there until they find a place for me to live. Yet the ridiculously stupid moron CADI worker refuses to look outside of the county for housing and absolutely is against having the county pay maybe $1000-1200 per month to rent my house from the bank until they have a place set up! Yet he talks up how freaky intelligent he is, bragged about mensa (if mensa recruited him then their standards must have fallen below 'average' or he was seriously scammed!), and shames me every chance he can. He should NOT be in this field of work.

How about more reasons why this hotel idea is ridiculous? Sixth, I keep at least 14 medications on hand at all times - some are OTC but others should not be left where a random housekeeper can get to them. This means I would have to carry all of those medications with me everywhere I went and risk being attacked/assaulted by someone who wants them. There aren't any that would typically be sold (I don't take narcotics), but no one would know that until they read the drug names and looked them up. Seventh, I faint/fall frequently so is having a hotel room really that safe? If I call 911 how long will it take for them to find me? The county won't be sending any workers in, so if I trip and fall and get another concussion, how long will I lay there before someone finds me? Eighth, let's be honest: hotel rooms are not clean. They are disgusting. The floors get a quick once-over or spot-cleaning so you should never walk barefoot on hotel room floors. The bedspreads and pillows are rarely cleaned thoroughly. The tv remotes, phones, and lightswitches are rarely cleaned (or cleaned well) and can be covered in fecal matter and bodily fluids. Ninth, has anyone ever had a hotel room shower that worked well? I have a hard enough time showering in my shower; putting me in a hotel room with a crappy shower just won't be safe/sanitary/sane. Tenth, what hotel would be willing to give up a handicapped room for a month or two when most hotels only have 1-3 handicapped rooms.

So, I'm going to go to my bank and see if there is any chance they would be willing to give me a mortgage with a cosigner to try to keep my house. It's a massive long shot, but I have to try. I also called 211 - United Way - and asked if they had some places to call that I could have a place to stay for a month or two while the idiots get their crap toether. They gave me a couple places, so I passed that info on to the CADI worker (I can only do so much of his job for him!). Heck, if I like another place better I might just stay there.

The most heartwrenching thing is if this decision and payment had come in just 1 month earlier I could've saved my house! I could've stayed here as long as needed while I find the right place to move to and then hire a company to rent this place out for me so I don't have to deal with it. Just 1 month separated me from having everything work out and living this nightmare. JUST 1 MONTH! I'm so disgusted and I blame the jerk of a lawyer who failed my case!

Also, getting this backpay doesn't make up for all the time I went without any income. It's a huge number, but I'm even further in debt and if you count how far behind I was in my mortgage, my debt is nearly twice as much as that payment. I really hope LTD comes through sometime this year to make a bigger dent in this mess.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    1080 days ago
    WOW, a month!! That mensa guy is a total jerk! If he was THAT smart, he'd know enough to not treat you like crap!
    So sorry I'm late to your blogs. I've had the flu for days and finally beginning to get out of bed.
    I'm happy to hear about your SSDI decision and back pay. I know what that's like, I went through that a few years ago. The wait is horrendous and depressing. Oh, if you have bipolar, SSDI don't recheck you for 5-7 years. So you might want to catch bipolar disorder too. Why not? I'm sure I'd get bipolar disorder too if I had to deal with all you've had to deal with.
    The housing situation you're in really sucks! What moron decided a hotel would be the "fix" for you? I get it, on all the points you made in your blog. WOW. I am constantly amazed at all the crap you've been dealing with these past years. Amazed. I wonder if the bank would work with you on keeping your house? The cosigner idea might work. Please keep us posted.
    Despite my not being a regular SparkFriend, I've continued to pray for you, and I think of you often. Please don't be a stranger!! emoticon emoticon
    1240 days ago
    It's a shame this couldn't have happened a little sooner so you could keep your house, but good that you are getting that back pay.
    Maybe the Bank will work with you on renting your house back. Good Luck!
    1258 days ago
    Well, even though there is still a mess to deal with, getting more positive news is a good thing and maybe, just maybe this isn't the last of it. Hope there is more coming and hopefully, the bank will work with you. Maybe you will talk to a reasonable human being. Sure, it's a long shot but sometimes, long shots hit the mark.:)

    1260 days ago
    I am happy for the good news you got, and I hope the bank will work with you to be able to keep the house, at least long enough to find something that you like, and a place where Tane can stay with you too.
    1260 days ago
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