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Everybody Poops!

Monday, February 10, 2014

Now that I have lost the Long Distance Relationship post twice, I figure it is totally time for the poop post.

If you told tender little 13 year old me that in ten years from then I would be writing a blog about poop, she would be mortified. She, like so many other girls, was raised under the impression that girls don't poop, that pooping is embarrassing and accordingly tried to hold it in as long as possible. Heck, there are products which mask the scent of your poop in public toilets or even supplements to make your poop smell better.

Since then, things obviously have changed for me. I have friends, family (and even my partner) who I talk to about poop. And really, I'd encourage everyone to talk about poop more often. We all poop, we have to, and the way we do can be a great indicator of whether or not our digestion is healthy. By no means am I a medical professional, and these are only things I have learned from medical professionals in relation to myself and the people I talk to about poop.

There is a *lot* of individual variability, but everyone has their own little rhythm. For me? Right in the morning and then in the late afternoon. I know others who are every other day, just mornings, but from what I can tell once a day to every 2-3 days seems to be the norm (even if I can't fathom not going at the very least once a day).

There is a poop chart called the Bristol Stool Chart
which shows different shaps and sizes of poop and a range of what healthy poop should look like. It's debated amongst physicians but a lot of them seem to use it as an indicator for potential illnesses. However, it's a great starting point to tell your doctor what's up. "So hey doc, I hate type 3 all my life and suddenly it's been all type 5." that kind of thing to give your doctor an idea what's going on with you. A nutritionist told a good friend of mine that the ideal poop should be the length between your elbow and your wrist. That's massive! And actually after some investigation, pretty accurate. WHOA! I love it!

Colour is always a weirdly scary one with poop for me. Pee you know what you get: loads of water = nearly clear, dehydration = richly yellow, vitamin supplements = NEON PARTY BUS, agressively coloured drinks usually give it a bit of a tint. Poop isn`t that straight forward. Varying shades of brown are usually the norm but depending on medication and diet, you can get anything from chalky white (!) caused by medications to greenish tinted from nomming all the veggies we`re supposed to eat.

The most important part we should look for is probably change. If I were to go from pooping how I do right now to suddenly not going for 2-3 days, there probably is something that should be concerning. Dietary changes have a huge impact on your digestive system (kind of a no brainer there) and when I first started eating as many veggies as I do now combined with drinking green tea and loads of water, three to four times a day was the norm for a long time. Our digestive system changes and adapts to our dietary changes, but every change that is a change to extremes should be looked at with caution and followed up by a medical professional.

And the only way that will happen more often is if we all open up about something that is considered taboo topic. I mean, let's not go and call our friends to inspect our poop (or hey, if you are that chill with your friends? go for it), but keep a conversation open and be more comfortable in our skin. After all, like that children's book says: everybody poops!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post:
CHICA_BORICUA 2/12/2014 7:54AM

  this is very interesting, thanks for sharing!!!!

I will take a look at our poop link.

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LUANN7 2/11/2014 12:29AM

    thanks for the links they are helpful and interesting.

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    This is well-written and totally useful. Yet I'm still squirming a little.

You're right, it's so dumb to be thinking such a good gauge of how well one's system is working should be so taboo.

Thanks for the links :)

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