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Weigh in #3 and Weekend Food Blog

Monday, February 10, 2014

Last week I averaged around 2,000 calories each day. And guess whatÖI lost weight! So to an old nutritionist who told me to live off soup and 1200 calories and several doctors who told me to cut back to 1200 calories a day to lose weight Iím going to say FU! I could not believe thatís the advice these health professionals gave me. I really donít know how anyone can live off of 1200 calories and I would be very sad and very weak if I had to do that, oh and very cranky. I like large volumes of food and I like to feel full. If I can eat a tray full of homemade kale chips for 200 calories or a measly ounce of potato chips Iíll pick the kale chips every time.

Yes, I eat 2,000 calories a day but I also work out 4-5 times a week doing cardio strength training and yoga and what I eat is mostly delicious, healthy, organic, unprocessed, unrefined fresh foods and tons of fruits and vegetables. This means that I can eat up to 2,000 calories a day and once in a while even have 4 pieces of pizza and sometimes eat McDonalds and still lose weight. 80% of the time I eat very well and 20% I treat myself. That my friends is called moderation and something I could not wrap my brain around before. I thought I had to deprive myself and be perfect to lose weight but thatís not real life, thatís not sustainable and thatís not healthy. So for me moderation is the key! Welcome to my weight loss equation moderation and take a seat because you are here to stay!

Weekend Food blog:

Pre-workout snack: I had a cup of puffin cereal with almond milk and my c4 pre-workout

Exercise: 1hr 30 min at the gym. Walked on the treadmill for an hour then killed my legs. They still hurt so badly. Stairs are my worst nightmare right now.

Snack: banana

Lunch: Tuna salad made with nonfat greek yogurt, 3 wasa crackers, fresh pineapple and a diet coke

Snack: Apple and almond butter

Dinner: Sopa de fideo & corn tortillas (Basically a Mexican chicken soup. Reminded me of my mom but for some reason the pasta soaked up all the broth so it was very thick and less soup like. boooo! Still yummy though.)

Total Calories: 1750
Calories burned: -578
Net calories: 1172 (Woo hoo!)

Breakfast: I woke up starving!!!! Maybe because I worked out more and ate less the day before. I convinced Rich to go to McDís and pick us up bacon, egg, cheese bagel meal with no sauce. Ugh!

Lunch: Had fresh mozz that needed to be used ASAP so we made a pizza. I ended up eating 4 pieces. Díoh!

Dinner: Felt gross from my big lunch and also probably from my garbage breakfast so I just got some health snacks for dinner. Oranges, pistachios and string cheese.

Exercise: none, this was my well-deserved rest day

Total Calories: 2,465 (Went over my free day goal of 2,300. I have got to do better next time.)
Calories burned: 0
Net Calories: 2,465

Bonus: Look at all my beautiful organic fruits and veggies!

Weigh in #3 in 2014

Starting Weight: 233
Previous weight: 213.6
Current weight: 211.6 (-2) Heck ya!
Total Weight Loss: -21.4

20 pound loss, I have arrived!

Sunday not so much but I'm back at it again today!

Member Comments About This Blog Post:
RELIVE 3/16/2014 11:28AM

    Awesome. Keep it up. :)

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PRETTYPITHY 2/28/2014 2:51AM

    You're crushing it! Can't wait to see this weeks blog.

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EDDYMEESE 2/13/2014 12:11AM

    Great job!

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SUZEMARIE73 2/12/2014 12:08PM

    I have found that when I exercise regularly I NEED to eat more like 2000 cals a day or I feel too weak. So you're totally on to something here!

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ASHESS85 2/12/2014 10:20AM

    I like you're thinking! I think health professionals assume that most people don't exercise regularly and would eat 2000 calories worth of crap. So I can understand it. The point is, you know what is right for you and your body and clearly it's working! Great job Mary!

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NIELSENSLADY 2/11/2014 12:17AM


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CNALLREDY 2/10/2014 5:59PM

    Awesome job! I think that clean eating is great and with that you can eat more calorie-wise and still lose weight, which is awesome! Keep it up emoticon

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ERNOINACTION 2/10/2014 5:57PM

    Seems like overall a good weekend. I don't think 2000 calories is too much but hey, what do I know? I have trouble with noodle soups as well. There never seems to be enough broth but they do taste good. I also love your freggie box! I got one for this Saturday and I can't wait to pick it up. There will be a lot of good stuff in that. It helps me eat clean and get in the servings of veggies and fruit. Nice work! Keep it up!

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CONFUSEDBIRD 2/10/2014 5:28PM

    Way to go lady!

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