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Dead Deer, Valentines Day, My Triceps

Monday, February 10, 2014

On the way to my b'day lunch on Saturday, there was a traffic jam on the freeway. As we got closer, I saw that someone had hit and killed a huge deer on the side of the freeway. It was sad to see. What was sadder is that the family that hit it had a huge german shepard who was snuggling its head onto the deer as if to comfort it. Very touching.

I am truly not a bit sad not to have a Valentine for Friday's holiday. For too many reasons to name here, but I've been there and done that. Have had nice men in my life, but am luxuriating in my own space and time at this point. A free-spirited, extremely independent soul, it takes a special type of guy to put up with this type of woman. (smiling) But to all of you who have honeys (sp), wishing you tons of love, joy and happiness together.

Finally, in my bubblebath yesterday, I was soaping up with my fave delish soap when I said, "oh wow, there's my triceps!" I've recently added arm weights to my walks and do flexing as I walk. It's made a difference and I'm delighted. (biceps too are doing much better)

Wishing all a happy day.
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    I always feel so sad every time I see an animal that has been hit.
    emoticon on your triceps.
    1471 days ago
  • _LINDA
    So sad about the deer, its a miracle no one was hurt..
    emoticon on the emoticon emoticon
    Way to work it!
    I have never felt the need for a man in my life and still don't. Enjoy my solitude and the freedom to live how I want and keep the hours I want :)
    Here is to living La Vida Loca, Single style!
    1472 days ago
    Isn't it wonderful to actually notice the benefits of our efforts? Keep it up girl!!
    1472 days ago
    emoticon Make every day special!
    1474 days ago
    1474 days ago
  • NANCY-
    Bubble bath and triceps!!! Woo Hoo! What a wonderful discovery.
    Just know that you are loved here in Spark Land.
    1474 days ago
  • DELIA38961
    1474 days ago
  • SCOOTER4263
    I always sort of wanted to be the kind of person to whom Valentine's Day would mean a lot, but the truth is that I'm not and never was. I'd much rather wait til the 15th and get the candy at half price. Thirty years ago, we didn't have a big wedding either - we wanted to *be* married, not *get* married. Maybe because he was a professional musician and I was running a fancy restaurant - we had enough attention and fuss and mostly just wanted to stay home, blend in, enjoy things for no reason and without an audience.

    As for the deer, one time I was coming home from work, mid summer, 6:00 p.m., came around a corner on a back road and there was a dead fox by the side of the road. Standing in a weird little mourners' circle around it were a fawn, a rabbit and a crow. I could almost hear them saying, "Damn. We *told* Mel to look both ways."
    1474 days ago
    That is great news about the triceps.

    I feel really bad for the deer, but what is worse, is when people hit a deer and it is badly hurt but not dead. The saving grace here is the poor thing didn't have to suffer.

    1474 days ago
    I'd rather have my space and live independently on my own, earning my own money and spending it too!, then celebrate Valentine's day hands down!

    In your picture it shows you with a man. I assumed you were married.

    Hooray for us.

    So sorry about the dear. Touching about the dog. Animals are kind! I was driving down a rural road where dear often jump the fence. One jumped in between the car in front of me and me. I sensed to slow down before this happened. Thank goodness!
    1474 days ago
    Congrats on the triceps. Sad about the deer. I agree about being free, 2 marriages and 2 divorces, I am done. My kids are raised and gone, I love my empty nest.

    1475 days ago
    That is very touching how the dog cared about the deer.

    Wishing you a happy "non-Valentines" day! I'm not celebrating the day either. For me, I will be very happy snuggling with the fur kids that day and watching the Olympics!
    1475 days ago
    sorry about the dear. You don't need a dear to be special. the best time of my life was when I had my little apartment and read outside on the porch under a tree everyday. My apartment was on the second floor and I would open the door to my room at night and let the air in . I do love my husband but it is nice to be free . have a great birthday month
    1475 days ago
    From sad, to OK, to great! Nice way to connect all three events.
    1475 days ago
    I have always hated Valentine's Day because of all the commercial hype. I think it is just another way to put down a segment of society (those without partners) and make them feel bad about their lives. My older daughter, at 24, rarely has a boyfriend during Valentine season and always, always, gets depressed. Not enough to accept anyone (thank goodness) just because it is Valentine's Day/Week. Oh well.
    1475 days ago
    There have been more advertising about Valentines Day this year, than I ever remember, I got my hubby a card, and he will reciprocate, and probably flowers too, maybe (and this is a huge maybe) we will go out for lunch, nothing I take too seriously,
    1475 days ago
    Whoo Hoo for those triceps!

    An even bigger emoticon for the bubble bath!
    1475 days ago
    So sorry about the deer. And to think hubby and I go deer hunting for the food, but many times we don't even see one in the woods. All relationships should be give and take. But some men don't want to give. Enough said.
    1475 days ago
    I would not give Valentines a 2nd thought if it weren't for all the advertising. Still couldn't care less about it. Sets too many people up for hurt and disappointment due to unrealistic expectations.
    1475 days ago
    life with or width out a partner Each have there good points Freedom sounds like it night be fun put loneliness is not.
    1475 days ago
    i hate to see animals hit like that. You would think someone would come up with something to prevent this.

    Hubby and I always stay home on Valentine's Day. We will have a nice dinner.
    1475 days ago
    Woohoo on the triceps! As for deer, we see them all the time out here and bodies litter the highway all spring and fall. It's sad since they are beautiful animals. Just way too many of them without natural predators to keep the numbers in sync.

    As for life without men - I still say that the most fun I ever had was the three years between first husband and the relationship beginning with second husband. I came and went as I pleased, did whatever I wanted when I wanted to and didn't have to worry about what anyone else thought. So if anything happens to DH, and I love him dearly, I'm done. My advice to women everywhere (now isn't that a bit of conceit?): think twice before getting into a new relationship!!

    Hope you have a wonderful week!!
    1475 days ago
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