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What Is It About February?

Monday, February 10, 2014

It was a year ago when I had my atrial flutter and electrical heart block with low resting heart rates around 20-30 or so. Got my cardioversion zap and was finally taken off coumadin and cleared for no restrictions in my activities this past June. My resting heart rate was consistently in the 60s.

I was warned, however, that this electrical gremlin might return and haunt my heart yet again. I got lax. Haven't been checking my heart rate. Last week after my fitness center workouts I began to notice my fatigue significantly increasing. A light bulb went off as I remembered this type of fatigue happened before last year.

So checking out my heart rate consistently and yep: it's baaaaack! Resting heart rate of 35 every morning this past week. Ugh!

Heading out to see the doc and check it out later today. I'm betting I need either 1) another cardioversion zen heart slap (still remember through my anesthetized stupor that big wha-BAM that hit my chest the last time) or 2) pacemaker time. We'll see. I almost prefer the latter option as I've heard plenty of good things about folks with pacemakers living very active lifestyles and not slowing down at all. Another cardioversion may just forestall this and interrupt my life again next year yet one more time. So I'm like: alrighty now, let's just take care of business and get 'er done!

BUT: one factor that's different from last February? Last year I was almost panicky over not having workouts available to burn off my calories...OMG my thoughts ran: I'm gonna pack on the pounds TERRIBLY!

This February? I've got this zero-sugar, zero-grain, 16-hour-fast, nutrition tracking deal down SO SOLIDLY that I can look ahead to managing just fine without the caloric burn of my cardio workouts.

The pounds they keep on dropping...and that's mighty fine by me! :-)

I'll keep folks posted on how things shake out...

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