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The FINAL day...of the Fast Metabolism Diet...I DID it!

Sunday, February 09, 2014

emoticon Let's hear if for ME! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

I've always been a starter...but rarely a finisher...it's what we creative types do. Big dreams, big inspiration, big plans....short attention span...pitiful and dismal follow through...to run over the finish line...nearly impossible! emoticon

Until NOW...the 62nd year of my crazy patchwork quilt of a life...I've done it...I've carried myself over the finish line of an extremely challenging new eating plan and an even more challenging life changing perspective developed during this last 28 days on the plan...of who and who might not be healthy falling under the cherished term of friend.

I've made adjustments and they for once...have been for MY health and MY peace of mind.

ZING...it's exhilarating! emoticon

I've FINALLY gotten to the stage in my life where I realize procrastination is not doing me a bit of good in reaching the fullest potential for the life I want to lead. Procrastination is a very fine friend of mine...but I've finally discovered it's a fri~nemy. Ahem...much like certain 3-D characters in my field of vision also.

This weekend we skipped our dine in/dine out group. This is about the 3rd week in a row and feathers are getting ruffled. emoticon The friend that was to have the group to her house for dinner called everyone at the last minute because she and her husband had to leave town in a hurry. In the past...I would have been the one to step in and either do the hostessing myself...or find a replacement so as not to let the group (oh my emoticon ) miss their usual Friday or Saturday night get together. This time since I wasn't involved as a particularly active member they had no one to save their little soiree. emoticon Any time their plans get ditched...it's a national tragedy...I'm telling you it is!

Another friend stops by our consignment shoppe to find out why the hostess blew up their plans and made a silly little remark to my hubs in my absence that they haven't seen us in SO long but heard from another friend (I'm telling you this group is like a bad game of telephone line) that it was because they were a bad influence on me because I couldn't be around them without drinking wine.

Since it's banned from my diet this is not negotiable. She got it half right...I actually said I couldn't TAKE being around this group of sometimes wonderful, sometimes snitty, well...more oft times snitty women without having a glass or two or THREE of my vino! emoticon

Isn't it funny how people that you have known for 25+ years can get so hostile when they are denied the pleasure of being the mean girls...they are the one's that have always done the rejection...when it comes winging back at them...it doesn't sit well at all...and I'm saying at their ages...it's really a funny human observation to witness.

We may go this weekend (IF we get invited) I've decided to repeat my FMD plan (I'll have to take my meal if we do attend) and see how long I can keep it going.

I'm not promising another 28 days...but I'll do the best I can because I do like the results I'm seeing. Again...I have to think long and hard about our weekend meet ups...I hate to lose touch with the group entirely...there are some of the 20 fold members that I would truly miss..and the truth of the matter is they just don't have the chutzpah to break away from the group...so if we want to see them it most likely will be in the group setting. We are too busy through the week with our biz to do things with them separately. On the weekends it's the group meet up event...as sacred as Sunday school.

Sooooo it's something of a dilemma and I just have to figure it out week to week. AND there is the absolute truth of the matter..this group is a whole lot easier to take with a glass or two of vino and I'm NOT going to bust my plan by drinking just to cope. I'll just need to step into my big girl panties with a selzer and lime and suck it up buttercup! emoticon

Today the hubs and I took a stroll through a very lovely art festival and I found some of the cutest book markers with awesome sayings on them.

Now this is TOTALLY weird..but instead of thinking of the fleshie friends in my life to give them to I was thinking of my Sparky friends...I bought several and buying them brought pure JOY to my heart...now THAT my friend...IS FRIENDSHIP! emoticon

Tomorrow I'm getting a day off to shop for my produce and work on my bookkeeping at home...gotta love that DH for taking over the helm...he's a keeper for sure for sure! emoticon
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    emoticon emoticon emoticon And as MommaBear said, it sounds as if that diet has improved your eyesight too. I think being away from your stressful group has allowed you to see that you're better without their influence, and now you know that even if you try another outing with them, if you end up being sorry you did, you CAN leave. Cheers to you, my friend!
    1501 days ago
    So happy to hear that you have found a successful plan that works! I'm really going to look into this and see if it is doable in my busy schedule of life.
    1502 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon I am proud of you for sticking with it and doing the whole 28 days. Good luck on the next 28 days or however long you do it for. Best luck with your Friday night group too. You have to do what you think is best. I sure wish we lived closer! 'Cause I sure could use a good mother figure in my life right now.

    Sending you lots of hugs and love! emoticon emoticon
    1503 days ago
    Yes! I am so proud of you!
    1503 days ago
    Great Finish .. my dear !!
    I know how wonderful you feel because I started Dat 15 today feeling empowered and in charge... Exactly what was missing from my life ..
    Huge hug and a Congrats coming your way .. thank you for inspiring the other two Amigos to join the FMD and repair our bodies !!
    My body is so so thankful .. it still doesn't trust me though that I can tell .. just waiting for me to quit and go back to my old ways .. like you I really didn't eat bad food but I starved myself for periods of time throughout the day .. from supper time one evening to at least 10 the next morning before giving it any fuel .. sure it very well was a healthy something fruit and toast or a smoothie but I was always pushing myself to not eat .. This way of living is constant eating .. I like to eat slow and savour my food so it seems I'm always eating .. and I am .. but the amazing thing is the weight falls off .. 7.6 in two weeks ..
    I honestly feel so so good .. not only physically but mentally , my stress level is flat line .. my mood is one of fun and adventure .. I can concentrate better and get more done in a shorter period of time and now I find I am making more time for ME .. that has never happened in my life never ..
    I am a people pleaser and a care giver .. two badges I have retired for this life time .. I have got the lesson so time to just be me .. those that can't take care of them selves (other than my mom and my grandbabies ..kids too ) will have to learn how.
    I once was an over extender .. give all of me away .. then crab about it when I'm pooped out and feel like crap and everyone else has been waited on ..
    This way of eating has really opened my eyes , my heart and my body to want to experience new and crazy side of me .. laughing all the way .. blessed and thankful , kind and fun .. but no longer a caretaker or control freak .. that is true freedom!!
    I'm glad you are sticking with the plan for another week .. this is the week you body just might say .. "she really does love me enough to take the best care of me that she can!"
    I miss the wine . a cold beer and popcorn .. other than that I don't think I'll ever drink caffeine again ..( love the smell and make it for my husband everyday .. but I've never been tempted to sneak a taste )
    For the two weeks I've been on the plan I have just been modifying old recipes to fit my plan .. this week I am going to live on the edge and adventure out with new soups and other dishes .. I have discovered through I really don't like frozen left overs other than soup base so will have to just make enough for the two days of that Phase .. it will be fun ... busy but fun .. when I did my shopping mid week in the evening before getting home I stayed the course and chopped and peeled and bagged so everything was easy breezy if wanted to create a stir fry, soup or salad , I have food items in my pantry I've never tasted before and I'm quite liking that adventure as well!!
    We are living on the edge .. excited to be alive and promoting our health to the fullest ..
    I honestly believe this way of eating improves our eyesight and intuition .. we are able to see people and situations for what they truly are .. most are over grown school children .. the bully the "in group" the town kids vs the farm kids .. the haves and the have nots .. such a waste of time .. such a waste. I know you have the ability to find something good about most .. but in your group perhaps just spend more time with the ones of the group that you don't have to look for the good .. the feelings of friendship are mutual and to learn and grow from each other .. let the rest migrate to their corner of the room .. you shouldn't have to give up anything .. just situate yourself as to enjoy the people around you .. "birds of a feather " let them flock together .
    Also protect yourself .. imagine an invisible shield .. a bubble so to speak that .. that dispels negativity.. it bounces negativity off and sends it .. back to the person that gave it !! Almost like a smack from the universe .. now that is powerful ..
    I had better run I had my 7and 3 year old granddaughters for the weekend so am taking a couple of hours to catch up on what I didn't get done .. we sure had fun though .. we had a blast .. I'll post some pics on my blog later .. and I will blog it has been since the 20th of January .. jeepers .. but you know how busy we three are .. Kitchen bound .. I sure wish I lived closer as I said to Carol we could dine once a week together .. laugh like teenagers and enjoy a healthy meal!!
    Have an amazing week dear Bobbi .. and once again "sh emoticon emoticon eeeshh that 28 days went fast !!" with great results !! xoxo

    1503 days ago
    emoticon on sticking with it for the full 28 days. I can relate to your point of always starting - never finishing. As long as we all keep getting back at it we'll be finishers in this journey of health! I love your blogs on the "group" My DH and I were involved with a similar group of friends. We were originally thrown together supporting all our kids through the High School events and continued after all our kids were out of school. However, the "mean girls" got so obnoxious we all started backing off 1 by 1. Now it has become the monthly get together and its just THE GUYS. lol They go for wings and beers once a month and I get to stay at home, peace, quiet, and the remote! Good luck during the next 28 days. Looking forward to reading your progress.
    1503 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    Was there ever any doubt?
    See what happens this weekend but defend your
    right to choose the company you keep!
    1503 days ago
    You are emoticon !! Congrats on making it through the 28 days. You should be proud of yourself!!!
    1503 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1504 days ago
    emoticon on finishing the diet! And sticking to your guns with your "friend" circle.
    1504 days ago
    I knew you would do it!!!!!!! I am so glad you are making your health a priority.
    1504 days ago
    Congrats on making it through the full round! I totally support your decision to give it another go and who knows... maybe the cooking will be easier and more routine this time through. Very proud of you Bobbi... you can do it!

    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1504 days ago
    emoticon That took real commitment to get through all 28 days with all the planning and cooking! Hope you can keep it going! Looking forward to hearing how you are doing!
    1504 days ago
    I AM SO IMPRESSED and inspired that you made it!!!!! We can still learn, change, and grow, no matter the age. We can welcome new energy into our lives and move away from what brings us down. You demonstrate this over and over again! Rachel
    1504 days ago
    You have done so great sticking it out and finishing what you started !!!!! Sticking with it for the 28 days!!! I am too a creative/artist kind of person, great starter but not always finisher so I can relate. I am so proud of you and you should be proud of yourself!!!! Great job girlfriend, and I see a thin even more gorgeous Bobbi in the future if you stick to this plan. It wouldn 't be too many months until you reach your goal!!! That will feel better than any coffee, or food, or wine flavor you have missed on this diet, and will be worth every single solitary minute you spent shopping and cooking!!!!! I'm proud of you for doing what you need to do for your mental and emotional health in regards to your group. The mental battle is a huge part of weight loss, and taking a step back and getting some perspective is good for us all. It helps us to grow and see things more clearly. Even if you go back to the weekly gathering you will go back with a clearer picture on the whole thing and a healthier perspective of the boundaries you and your hubby need to set for yourself. Good boundaries are the basis for all good relationships, whether it's friends, family, or our special loves.


    1504 days ago
    So glad you made your goal! Congratulations. If your dining group is so full of snitty women why bother going? It doesn't seem like it would be that much fun to be around them. Maybe you need to get a new group going of people you enjoy being with and don't need to drink in order to be around then.
    1504 days ago
    emoticon emoticon
    1504 days ago
    Seems like only yesterday you were telling us about this plan & here those 28 days are done YIPPEE SKIPPY for you!!!!!
    WOW that group is like a reality show!! Do they not realize how they appear to others? I have a feeling it seems most of the time it is all about them & not about others. You need to do what is best for you!! Jeepers no wonder you had to have an extra glass of wine with that group. Sometime in your writings you maybe able to use them as characters in your book!!!
    Take care
    1504 days ago
    Congratulations on making it through 28 days, and on your weight loss! My usual smaller group of friends tends to get together over happy hour (smaller portions, lower prices) but they don't hassle me if I order seltzer water or fruit juice. My friend's husband can't drink at all due to medication; I usually don't drink when I'm trying to cut out empty calories or if my GERD is acting up. I don't know what is the best decision for your long time group; I'd probably keep on going with the group and not drinking
    1504 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1504 days ago
    Glad you decided to repeat this plan. I do think you will find it a bit easier this time around b/c you are used to it!! Results might even be better, too, if that's even possible! hehe
    Keep moving, too!! You are doing so great!! Your group will survive without you and you without them, at least for a while longer.
    Take care and have a wonderful and successful week!!! (((HUGS)))
    1504 days ago
  • PICKIE98
    Wonderful job on your 28 days..
    Here is a flash question: Isn't it possible to just go on a date with ONE of these couples ALONE? Are they all joined at the hip?
    I could never sustain a huge crowd gathering for years, non-stop!! That is like the bowling league commitment from hel- to me. That is why I never joined any leagues for anything.

    It sounds like you are healthy enough to cut the cord from this embryonic group long enough to stop drinking. but to HAVE to be under the influence to tolerate their company is awful.
    I hope this new lifestyle finds a different way to have the friends you WANT and find a routine without the acquaintances you have now.
    Kudos to you for not feeling guilty and keeping your weekends!
    1504 days ago
    It's emoticon DOUBLE emoticon emoticon
    1504 days ago
  • 0309COOKIE
    Congratulations on making it through the entire 28 days. It sounds like it is a lot of effort to do so. Good on you!
    1504 days ago
    Kudos on the finishing, I too don't finish often, especially some of my creative ventures. lol

    I can't imagine this diet you are on, eating all the time... wow. but you are getting great results so I may read about it. BNot sure I can do it and keep at it and also what are you going to do for maintenance or is there something to do...
    Great going!!! emoticon
    1504 days ago
    I'm so happy for you and proud of you. I'm not much of a finisher either, so it warms my heart to know you made it through to the end.

    Best of luck with your group, I know you will handle things in the way that is best for you.
    1504 days ago
    emoticon to you! Great job! D love to see some new photos of you..... soon, OK?
    1504 days ago
    so happy you have made it your priority to get healthy. keep up the good work
    1504 days ago
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