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My new sneakers are rocking my world.

Saturday, February 08, 2014

New sneakers! Finally, a pair of shoes that don't kill my feet, so I can actually WALK again! I am loving it. The ball of my foot on the right is pain-free, and the plantar fasciitis flare-up on my left foot is getting better. Hallelujah. I have really weird feet. I have had no luck finding a comfortable pair of women's sneakers. First of all, I have really big feet, size 11, which some stores don't even carry. And second, My feet are wide across the toe, but narrow in the heel. I could not find a single pair of women's sneakers that didn't squeeze my toes. I finally started looking in the clearance room at Super Shoes and found a pair of men's Merrell sneakers that fit perfectly and didn't look overly guy-ish. And the best part was that they were marked down from $109 to $49.99! I love bargains.

Now that I can walk in comfort, I have been alternating 2-mile walks with walking/jogging on the trampoline. My dog is really old, but still loves to walk, so I take him on a slow half-mile first, at his pace, then I drop him off at home and go back out for another mile and a half. I listen to podcasts while I walk and the time just flies by. I love it.

Today, when I was shaving my legs in the shower, I put my foot up on the side of the tub and noticed my calf muscle was much more defined and kind of popped out a little. The mini-tramp is working the crap out of my legs and butt. Everything just feels stronger. My next goal is to get a strength training routine going for my core and upper body. I like strength training, so I am looking forward to it. I have been using some light weights on my trampoline, doing some presses and bicep/tricep work while walking on the tramp. I have to be careful of my right shoulder because I get rotator cuff pain if I push it too hard.

I am close to 300 fitness minutes this month. Last month I made 600. I will try for 700 this month. Now that I have my sneakers, my step count has gone up. My goal last month was 7000 steps a day, and I am doing well over that. I'm going to raise my goal to 8000 steps a day and see how I do with that.

I'm feeling good, and I hope you are all feeling good too!
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