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Friday from frowning to fun!

Saturday, February 08, 2014

The end of the week brought a lot of gloom to the morning. I was being pouty about other friends getting more attention than me and I know that that is vain and envious. It's not normally in my nature to care that I don't get as much help as others, but I also don't ask for it either. I know I'll get past it and I guess I have the right to pout every once in a while.

It could have been worse. my son was able to breathe when he was in the hospital, It could have gotten as bad as needing a breathing tube. We were lucky.

I'm getting back to normal, even though I had a friend of my mom's husband die last week, my other friend's dog have to be put down after a long life and another friend with a husband who ended up with a stroke, even though they're younger than me. My medical bills were all covered. There won't be anything out of pocket for my son because of the health insurance we have. My friends won't be as lucky.

Yet I still go about my day with breakfast, no matter my mood.

I managed some good leftover chili for lunch.

I had peanut butter and Nutella for a snack shortly before I took a nap. I really needed the nap.

Dinner was a new recipe that didn't call for the chicken, but I added that as a bonus. I used all fresh ingredients (the pasta was from a dry box) and I splurged on the asparagus, it wasn't on sale this week. I used lemon and didn't use the butter it called for, just olive oil. It was pretty good, but I think I could have used more lemon or something for more flavor. I tossed in walnuts instead of the pine nuts the recipe called for. The cheese was fresh mozzarella instead of shredded.

It was my friend's birthday, so I went out bowling with her and some of her friends. I splurged on some cheesy fries, which I shared and we ended up only eating half of it.

It was a good workout and I even won the first round by 1 because of getting two strikes in a row on the last frame! Boy are my fingers sore today. I haven't pulled out my ball in a while.

By the end of the day I wasn't feeling sorry for myself and having fun. I ended up staying up really late since we couldn't get a lane right away. Fortunately we did get it so late, they changed it to moonlight bowling with blacklights. That may have actually helped my bowling since they have glow lines on the lanes. I finally crawled into bed about 12:30 since it was a long drive home, I live north of the cities and my friend south, but it's always a blast to go see her, even if it is 45 minutes away.
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