Atkins - Month 1

Saturday, February 08, 2014

Obviously, the Atkins is doing the trick! One month in and I'm just shy of 20 pounds down from the end of last year. My waist has shrunk 2 inches. My old jeans were so baggy that they were falling off. The belt I had been wearing was down 4 notches, and I didn't have much further to reel it in. So I scrounged in the back of the closet and found an old pair of jeans that I fit back into. They're women's jeans, which are generally too high-waisted for me. I basically have no waist to speak of (only about 1 1/2") so the waistband is pretty much on my last floating rib. But I'm wearing them again after, hmmm, at least six years. If not more. So I'm cautiously optimistic.

We're using the Atkins products - the meals, the shakes and the bars. Yep, I know that it's all processed. But it fits our lifestyle and keeps the "MUST HAVE SOMETHING SWEET" monster at bay. We're still in the induction phase. Really low carb count. But it's working. It's coming off quicker for me than for my Beloved. But we can see the results, so we're sticking to it.
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    I have considered a modification of this. I have a couple of the entrees in my frig to take to work for lunch. I could do high protein/low carb, but not extremely like the Stillman's diet I used to do.

    I have read that very low carbs any 3 days of the week and not bingeging the other days is good for (ahem) cancer.

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    1498 days ago
    Thank you all for your support and encouragement. It really helps to keep me motivated.

    Debigene: I think we'll stay on this program for the long run. Gradually we'll start upping the carb intake to a maintenance level... where you're not losing, but you're not gaining either. So that means we'll be able to have pasta on occasion, or perhaps a little (brown) rice, or potato. That's what we're both craving the most. But it's quite clear that my body was made for times of famine. It stores away carbs as fat the way squirrels hoard nuts. But this is the only thing that's ever helped me chuck the weight after consistently gaining ever since college.

    I go back in to the doctor in May. I can't WAIT to see his face! Of course, I may have to go back in earlier to have my meds readjusted due to the weight change...
    1500 days ago
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    Wonderful start! And you're right: for many, a low/restricted-carb lifestyle is the only thing that's helped them. It's not just the weight loss... that's a "side effect" of the overall health you'll be discovering soon.

    @ DEBIGENE -
    you're right also - anyone who starts a new dietary plan and then abandons it isn't likely to see any advantage. Would you expect that of ANY diet? Why would the expectation be any different for this one? People say this about Atkins, et al, all the time... but it never seems to raise a thought outside of those parameters. It's a mystery to me!

    Anyway, what a great find for you in your new lifestyle. I think you'll be finding more and more ways to sing its praises!
    Welcome to the LC life!

    1500 days ago
    Good going!

    Atkins is a great lifesaver. You'll probably find over the course of a few weeks that your sense of taste will change and you'll be satisfied with a bit less "sweet" than before. That would be a good opportunity to taper off the bars especially. I use them myself occasionally (I get the cheap ALDI brand), especially when I have to go grocery shopping on short notice - keeps the impulse purchases down. But I learned the hard way to NEVER have more than one per day! Let's just say that my intestinal bacteria threw one heck of a party with the sugar alcohols I threw down there!!
    1500 days ago
    Good for you for finding what works for you !!! There is lots to be said for that. Just a question tho' because I don't know ... is this a diet or something that you will be able to live on??? Or perhaps you want a plan that will provide rapid loss for you for an intended purpose, or a good quick start to get your motivation going ? I am not being judgmental i hope you understand ... I am just curious really. I know many people that have chosen the Adkins plan and have had great success to only gain it back when they ended it. My guess is that they never followed thru' with the guidelines if it is meant to be a lifestyle change and none of them really wanted to talk about it when the weight starting coming back on.

    I encourage everyone to do what works for them so I don't want you to misunderstand my questioning or feel offended. The written word can be so misunderstood since tone is not heard and only imagined by the reader.

    I want to congratulate you on your commitment and success and am glad to have you as a SP friend to share our journey together. It's always so good to have the support of those with the same goals in mind.

    Have a wonderful fun filled weekend friend.
    1500 days ago
    Good for you! I've been doing Atkins since September and it is the only thing that works for me :) So glad that you & your hubby are both seeing results... funny though, it's usually quicker for the men - you got lucky!!!

    Keep up the great work!
    1500 days ago
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