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My Missy Mac is ailing...I'm attempting my blog~hold your breathe!

Thursday, February 06, 2014

emoticon My Missy Mac is in a bad, bad way...she's been ailing for the past year or so and I think she's giving up the vapors. It might be time to bite the bullet and go Mac shopping. STICKER SHOCK! emoticon My husband always has to have the biggest and the best in electronics...so it's coming out of HIS biz account!

Good strategy right...he pays...I get to enjoy! emoticon

I'll have to save this blog as I go along...so if I get cut off mid sentence you'll know why.

Thank goodness for the edit button. emoticon

I'm on day 25 of my 28 day commitment to The Fast Metabolism Diet. It has gone well. I'm in my phase 2 rotation right now and that is mostly protein/veggie. I always seem to lose weight on this particular phase...no big Einstein moment here...it's why low carb has been all the rage throughout the U.S. for so many years.

BUT the thing about low carb is your body just can't sustain it for day after day after day, you get those carb cravings which is your poor beleaguered system saying I need carbs for brain function! emoticon

That's exactly why this diet plan is so effective. You get your two heavy carb days and then switch it up for two days of low carbs, then back to three days of carbs and protein and another necessity for good body function...healthy fats.

I LOVE Coconut oil, and coconut vinegar which has more nutrients that even Apple Cider vinegar...I'm learning a LOT from this wonderful plan...it's ALL good...except the extraordinary amount of cooking...how DID those pioneer women manage all of that? emoticon

Well...of COURSE...they didn't work outside the home..their work was COOKING and believe me it can easily overwhelm you on this plan. Or at least it's a real challenge for me.

I'm getting better though..I have actually taken a semi liking to my kitchen area. I'm actually enjoying my pots and pans and my pantry has never looked so spiffy and organized!

I'm looking forward to my Teddy Bear Challenge weigh in on Saturday and then I have just one more day left to fulfill my FULL 28 day challenge. I've never managed to stick with a diet so faithfully for that length of time so it surely shows you that this plan is effective and you are NEVER hungry, therefore not tempted to cheat and throw the whole darn thing into the crapper! emoticon

From that point I'll decide if I want to recycle through this again, or take a few weeks off as my good friend Carol suggested and then jump back in. OR...I could just go to another wonderful plan of Dr. Oz's OR back to my Tasa Reno's Clean Eating which I also love. It's good to have choices isn't it?

I haven't heard a word from the Friday/Saturday night dine in group this week. I heard plenty for the first 3 weeks we chose not to attend...now I think they are finally realizing I'm resolved to protecting my health with this new way of eating.

We most likely will attend future events...it's just so lonely without my rag team of adopted family...but we'll never get sucked into the crazy drama rama that we were subjected to before. I just am in a stronger mental place right now about resisting the storm surge this group can sometimes stir up. I'm healthier all over....physically and mentally. emoticon emoticon

I am continuing to put my energy into things that will most benefit the hubs and I not the constant tidal pool of this group's drama~rama's disfunction. It feels GREAT! emoticon

We need to get our consignment gallery ready to accept a very large paint inventory on my new endeavor CeCe Caldwell's Chaulk Paint. I have to add a shopping cart to my website for orders via the internet and that will free me up to make my jewelry available also. I also want to have a blog feature added. This will take some concentration and more important TIME.

I'm glad I'm in a better position now to do this than I have been for years. After losing our beautiful son I was so crippled that I had a hard time functioning in the day to day. I'm finally starting to come back from the netherworld of grieving him and his physical loss so strongly.

Of course I've ALWAYS known he is right here with me cheering me on...but I sure miss being able to squeeze his beautiful bod and I miss his snarky sense of humor and most of all his brilliant mind and smile. Love you Josher...you KNOW I always will! emoticon emoticon

Now I have one focus and that's the sweet angel guy I'm married to his awesome and supportive dad!

Isn't he just the CUTEST little hunk o hunk of burning love? emoticon

He's still sporting his beard and I think he wears it WELL! We do EVERYTHING together, we work together and have since 1988 (haven't killed each other yet) we have the same interests, and we have the same hopes and dreams to honor our Josh by helping out his many, many friends. It's what we do and we are blessed to have the crazy patch life we have...it's ALL good!

Yay...I made it through the blog...I highly recommend the post and edit..you outsmart the computer sometimes...on a good day that is! emoticon

Today is a GOOD, GOOD day. It's still early....ha ha...a funny in the early a.m! emoticon
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    So glad you made it through another blog without issues! Thanks for sharing the picture of your handsome other half emoticon
    As always, you are in my prayers! emoticon
    1501 days ago
    I smile and chuckle each time I read of the Bobbie adventures. I think most writers have to be envious when they read this as you certainly have a way with words. Have a SPARKtacular day because you just made mine! HUGS!
    1506 days ago
    You are an inspiration!!!!
    1506 days ago
    I'm so proud of you. The empowerment you feel from the FMD has carried over into every aspect of your life. What a super-duper role model you've become! Keep up the great work - that which makes you leaner and stronger. Love your smile and spark! Hug, hug -- Evelyn
    1506 days ago
    You can certainly write - even with a crippled Mac! It sounds like you and your husband have the kind of relationship that Jackie and I had. Isn't it nice to have somebody that you can do everything together!! You're also right about Josh - he's right there cheering you on. Take care!
    1506 days ago
    Hooray for the blessing of writing off business expenses!
    1506 days ago
    Hi Bobbi Anne emoticon
    Love this blog & love the new background those shells are so beautiful, I can almost hear the ocean & feel like I'm walking down the beach with my daughter. She's always with me.

    So happy that you've stuck with the FMD; I knew you could do it; I believe in you my dear friend, so glad your feeling so much better & healthier. You'll find the path you want to wander down next, you've learned so much as you've blogged this entire time you've been taking one step at a time each day.

    Can hardly wait to hear that all the new improvements to your gallery are working. The paints really sound interesting. Can you sparkmail me a link to your gallery's website so I can check them out PLEASE. Thank you, good luck with another blog. Hope your dear Hubby gets you a new Mac or something even better. He sure is a cutie, I've been married for 43yrs to the same man wow!! Yet your hubby could get a wolf whistle from me.

    Take care & be well, keep on keeping on when do we get to see new photos of you?

    Many Blessings Always Debby emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1506 days ago
  • A_SIZE6
    awesome on your accomplishments on the 28 days diet and your losing weight. I know a sweet angel too but he is a younger brother and best guy friend to me. :) that is a very sweet thing to say about your spouse.
    1506 days ago
    I'm so impressed with how you are pulling so many aspects of your new and improved Bobbi together. The paint, the eating plan, the gallery, the dining dingbats and hangers on - you are just blossoming emoticon and it is lovely.

    Keep smiling and cruisin' along! emoticon
    1506 days ago
    Yes, that hunka hunka burnin love is a cutie. Is that Mel's? lol I hope you do another round of Fast Metabolism... you have your momentum going... keep that train a movin!

    1506 days ago
    Good luck with the Teddy Bear Challenge!!!! HUGS!

    1506 days ago
    Hello my dear .. great blog as usual .. :) I am so so proud of you and thankful for you starting the FMD because without you I wouldn't have known or started .. my mind , body and soul thank you and that is the truth!!
    I like you have honestly never felt so good in a very very long time ...
    My body is healing from the years of stress and abuse .. not that I didn't eat well .. "I sure did " too well .. and too much of the wrong things.
    As well I like you allowed others to rule me and my decisions .. I feel so empowered just being able to stick to this plan .. same story as you .. I could commit to everyone one but me !!
    I feel so much more in control and focused.
    Damn that Haylie is one heck of a gal and a great motivator .. when I need a kick I open up the book ,.. she gently gets me back to me and reminds me that it is just a day ..then tomorrow the plan changes .. that is the part that I like .. I can easily get stuck in a food rut .. easy and comfortable but to think outside the box .. now that is something ..
    I read the other day life begins at the end of your comfort zone .. so I am going to start living like that !!
    I've never in almost 60years eaten just an egg white ..YUK I said ..never .. well today I had a sauté bean sprout , green onion and egg while omelet ... for a snack I had boiled eggs to pickle so decided to try to create another egg white deli item ... and I did chopped egg white .. chopped dill pickle .. a dash of mustard and a few grains of sweetener .. sea salt and fresh ground pepper .. now fill your celery .. It really isn't bad !! da da
    So my dear I repeat your sentiments loud and clear .. I love the FMD .. love it

    I'm excited for your weigh is as well as Carols and mine ..
    Congrats my love .. a job well done.. it feels so good to keep a promise to oneself !! So Good ..

    Your dear hubs is a cutie pie for sure .. the two of you make an amazing couple !! Enjoy each other to the utmost .. and keep growing and learning about just how great your love is.

    I'll bet you are excited about the new paint biz .. I know I am for you

    and the website .. wow with an online shopping cart.. . your jewelry .. your paint .. loving it already
    exciting times dear one .. hold on to your hat this is just the beginning ..!!
    huge thankful hugs .. now I must get back to the stove ..

    PS and as for those pioneer women .. I have no idea how they did it .. from the butchering to the curing .. the bread making and deserts at every meal .. the pots and pots of oatmeal , the canning and preserving the delivering lunches to the men at harvest .. hauling and heating the water to wash clothes and scrub them on a board and hang them on the line in all seasons of weather .. I remember frozen sheets and clothes and a huge barrel of snow in the middle of the kitchen so as not to have to haul so much water in the winter .. then tend the garden in the summer .. milk the cows and separate the cream to sell it and make butter .. then store it down the well to keep cool in the summer .. then sew the clothes on everyone's backs .. darn the socks .. make caramel popcorn at the drop of a hat or toffee out of nothing .. then pull the toffee .. I have very very many fond memories of my grandmothers .. then they still had time at night for a game of cards, to visit a neighbour , tend to someone ill or to read the bible .. amen my heart and hat goes off to them !!
    1506 days ago

    Comment edited on: 2/6/2014 10:35:27 AM
    You are doing so well, Bobbi!! Way to go!! I'll be very interested in hearing about your weigh-in on Sat.! I'm glad you have some good choices for when your 28 days is up, but gotta tell ya, now that you are much more familiar with your kitchen and this plan, if it were me, I think I'd have to do the same plan at least one more time before switching to another. No real good reason, but that this one is now well in your mind and you're getting used to the routine. You'll get through the recipes a bit quicker and maybe save you some time (as I know you are trying to do this and work full time, too, plus the new painting stuff starting soon, time may be somewhat limited). Just my take.
    You are doing so well!! If only your MAC could do a makeover on itself for you and save you some serious bucks! lol!
    Keep Sparking and stay Sparkly!! Love ya! (((HUGS)))
    1506 days ago
    So happy your 28 day plan worked for you! emoticon
    1506 days ago
    You my lady are emoticon !

    1506 days ago
    Dr. Oz just had your book and author on his program yesterday! I had checked it out of the library just a couple days before and am reading in it. It is a good book and she explains things well. I don't want to do that much cooking though. I would prefer to not think about food. But I am picking up some good ideas from her. We'll see how it goes. I know about her now and can purchase the book in future if I decide to go with the program full force. So happy it is working so well for you!
    1506 days ago
    1506 days ago
    good for you on sticking to the 28 day thing.... and good luck on the new merch.
    1506 days ago
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