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Week Six: Only Light Stretching Allowed.

Thursday, February 06, 2014

Day 5 on my February goals. Goal two is to have a healthy breakfast. I found a new favorite but it will soon be eliminated when I slowly get rid of grains. I use a flaxseed wrap with two tablespoons of peanut butter, a banana, some coconut flakes, some sunflower seeds, and a tablespoon of honey. It’s a wonderful and sweet wrap for breakfast. It’s easy to make and I feel full from eating it as well as it sticks, meaning I’m not hungry 30 minutes later. I did stretching after my Walk Away the Pounds DVD. I also read an inspirational quote today.

Today was a very painful day. I woke up in pain. A lot of pain. By the time I went to the acupuncturist the pain went away. I told him about it and that I’ve been getting odd feelings in my hands where he is putting the needles. He began to focus on my hands then touched spots on my arms. They were very sensitive. I asked if it was early tendentious or arthritis but he said that all the spots that hurt me he finds very interesting because they are all areas that are linked to my back. He put needles in those spots then asked how my back felt. Amazingly my back was pain free for the moment. It was very interesting. He said that I need more traditional acupuncture versus the more modern style. He kept talking about the meridians which I looked up online. It’s quite interesting but something I really can’t wrap my mind around, it’s like fairy tales, stories, and magic. I was looking at the zones the bother me the most, apparently I’m mainly fire with a lot of water. It’s very interesting and I’m full of questions and whys when I go. I’m sure he is tired of me asking however he really gets into it when I ask a question. Now I have magnets on my ears, they get to be taken off on Friday and I have two small needles in my hand. I don’t like them. They don’t feel good. It’s a constant annoyance and I’m afraid I will rip them off in my sleep. He told me that when my back hurts to push the needles 10 times deeper into my hand. I laughed and said to transfer one pain to another for a distraction. He laughed. Apparently these areas are connected.

I am really a sight to see. I smell like Bengay from a topical Chinese lotion, I’m taking herbal Chinese meds that have earthworm and 180mgs of flying squirrel poo, I have magnets on my ears, and now needles on my hands. I hope this is all working and I’m not about to take them all off and stop taking them to challenge that. If they are helping I wouldn’t want the pain to be worse.

The chiropractor made another assessment on my progress. She informed the school that I should have all next week off to try to heal. I told her about how frustrating because one moment I will feel fine and be upset at myself because I feel like I can work and do things, the next moment I’m in major pain and feeling horrible. She reminded me this is what it’s like when injured. That it’s waves throughout the day and the big thing isn’t to overdo it. I asked her if she felt that my exercise was over doing it and she told me to stop exercise. That I need to do stretches, only one minute of stretches, and only at 45% of my normal range. Then do some more stretches a few hours later, and do that throughout the day. It isn’t what I wanted to hear since I was going a great job exercising before my injury. This just means I can focus more on my food intake since that is a needed area of growth.

I saw a recipe for a rice and bean dish. Since I have a lot of both I decided to make it. It was simple, 2 cups of a rice, 2 cans of beans (I did black and pinto), onion, 1 cup of salsa. I added bell peppers, tomatoes and made the rice with vegetable broth. It said that makes 4 servings. No, they are wrong; if someone can eat that amount it would be insane. I have to do the math to get the calories just right to track them but I’m going to have this for dinners in the future (some will be frozen and some for this week). Tomorrow I’m going to make more granola. Problem with Granola is that it has a lot of calories. I’m just trying to use up foods I have.

Here is my updated challenge information for the week, for the fling into spring Challenge. I’m going to be lacking in the exercise since I’m not cleared to exercise from the Doctor.

Week 1: Feb. 2-8, 2014
Day 1: Task 1 [X], Task 2 [X], Sleep [X], Drink [X], Calories [X], Contact CB [X], Freggies [X] = 25/25 Pts.
Day 2: Task [X], Sleep [X], Drink [X], Calories [X], Contact CB [X], Freggies [X] = 50/50 Pts.
Day 3: Task 1 [0], Task 2 [X], Sleep [X], Drink [X], Calories [X], Contact CB [X], Freggies [X] = 15/45 Pts.
Day 4: Task [X], Sleep [X], Drink [X], Calories [X], Contact CB [X], Freggies [X] = 55/55 Pts.
Day 5: Task 1 [_], Task 2 [_], Sleep [_], Drink [_], Calories [_], Contact CB [_], Freggies [_] = _/45 Total Pts.
Day 6: Task [_], Sleep [_], Drink [_], Calories [_], Contact CB [_], Freggies [_] = _/55 Pts.
Day 7: Task [_], Sleep [_], Drink [_], Calories [_], Contact CB [_], Freggies [_] = _/15 Pts.


Plans for tomorrow:
Rest Day, focus on food.


Five things I'm grateful for:
1. Modern Medicine.
2. My kindle.
3. Easy access to recipes online.
4. Limes they make my water have a little flavor.
5. Marvel Agents of Shield.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I also wanted to mention to you about "Relax Melodies". If you go to the Spine Injuries and Back Pain sparkteam, I wrote a lot about it in my post 2/6/2014 today. The Free version is okay to try. But the 2.99 or so Paid version is incredible, most awesome and amazing.
    1447 days ago
    Oh my, you've described ME! I'm told I move very little during sleep and when I wake up my circulation in poor and that's why I'm in such terrible pain when I wake up. Movement does help. I have the first 4 things in your list to be grateful for too. I use cilantro and lime on darned near everything. Especially my beans and brown rice meals. I use Greek Yogurt in place of sour cream. I can't tell the difference either. My other gratefuls are iPod, and Bluetooth stereo headset, and Roku to stream movies while I lay in bed to fall asleep, or during the night when I wake up in pain and have to wait til pill takes effect to get back to sleep. It all takes my mind off the pain til I can take another pill because right now that's all that's helping me. Today I ordered a powerful TENS/EMS/IF unit for my spasm back. And a few other spasmed places too.

    SORRY, I didn't mean to rain on your blog parade! Really !! Just in pain right now and I was relating to your blog. Yakety yak!

    It was a very good blog. I've used acupuncture before and it helped a lot. I can't afford it these days. Darn it.

    I do hope you feel better soon. It is a process. Aging like me, doesn't help either. UGH!

    May you wake up tomorrow feeling sunny and warm, all aglow! emoticon
    1447 days ago
    Hope your back feels better soon!
    1447 days ago
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