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Wednesday Blog Feb 5 2014

Wednesday, February 05, 2014

biggest loser challenge 2014

Wed January 1st - 180.4 lb
Wed January 8th - 176.4 lbs
Wed January 15th - 178.0 lbs
Wed January 22nd - 174.4 lbs
Wed January 29th - 173.0 lbs
Wed February 5th - 174.0 lbs

I must admit I'm dissapointed :( I know it's only a pound but I want to go down! I want to be out of the 170s soon!!

Anyways I'm gonna recap my week/weekend and maybe that pound will make sense.

Thursday I was eating great, very healthy, very clean! I had a follow up appointment with my urologist regarding my kidney stones (Been battling them for 2 years!) I was hopeful, I had a bought of unbearable pain, trip to emergency, pain meds in November thinking I passed that last one. Well he did a KUB and said it was still there, big as ever, and won't pass on my own, so he booked me for lithotripsy the next day!

Thursday evening my boyfriends mother wanted to take us out for dinner. Even with all the stress of finding out I was having day surgery I looked at the menu online and picked out a salad called sweet heat from swiss chalet and it was 440 calories. A fresh and flavourful fusion of fresh mixed lettuce, roasted red peppers, carrots, sweet corn and Mandarin oranges tossed in a kiwi-lime dressing. Topped off with a sliced Rotisserie Chicken breast, glazed in a tangy Thai sauce with toasted sesame seeds, it’s certainly something to behold.

Friday morning I took my daughter to school and headed for the hospital for 9:00 am. (that's what time they told me to be there). I had to fast, so nothing to eat or drink that morning. I got all in my hospital gown, locked up my personal belongings and waited........and waited.........and waited! They didn't call me until 1:00 pm!! I had a chat with the anaesthesiologist, then they hooked me all up, IV, blood pressure, heart monitor, oxygen mask, the works. It's the 5th lithotripsy procedure I've had for this same stone! It's insane. I've had enough! Anyways they did the procedure, I was sore and groggy but I went home around 4:00 pm. They didn't say anything post opt, just to come back for a follow up in 6 months, but that's what he said 6 months ago when this happened then............lithotripsy every 6 months doesn't seem like a solution to me.

So I got home and was sleeping on and off and my boyfriend says he is going to order pizza for dinner. I figured I hadn't eaten all day so why not. So I had two slices of pizza and went back to bed. Then I get up a few hours later and he was running to the store asked if I wanted anything, so I asked for orange juice and chocolate covered raisins. I probably ate my entire calories for the day in that one meal and snack. But when I'm hurting I just want food. Saturday was a free for all, since I unleashed the monster Friday I just ate, because I was hurting, because I was upset, I don't know why really, I just didn't care. I was having the worst day ever Saturday. I just couldn't function like a normal person. I was dropping things and breaking things and finally ended up just calling it quits and going back to bed. I was trying to be superwoman and make lunch for my daughter and clean and do things around the house still but it didn't work. So lots of sleeping happened Saturday. and with lots of sleeping comes lots of Cuddling!!!

Sunday was a bit better. Still alittle sore but nothing compared to Saturday. My boyfriend made crepes with spinach/kale and cheese for breakfast. Relaxed most of the afternoon. Took the dog for a short,slow walk. My boyfriend wanted pizza again (It was the superbowl) so we opted for homemade pizza, he made his cheesy, pepperoni, greesy pizza and I made whole wheat thin crust full of veggies/chicken pizza! YUM!

Monday started out okay. I was tired but other than that I was okay. I switched up my breakfast and through in some raspberries with my greek yogurt. I ended up having a free muffin someone gave me. My willpower seems not as strong....

Tuesday had a good day. Worked all day. Eating right. Then the chip man comes in to restock the vending machine. I always stay far far away from the vending machine and never bring change in for that reason, but the guy was restocking it and offered me a free bag of chips, I turned it down........then he hands it to me anyways saying "You deserve it!" ggaaaahhhhh I should have thrown them out, but I ate them :( Had leftover healthy pizza for supper, took my daughter skating after work, then went to a friends to watch the biggest loser season finale! I won't say anything about it, since I don't know if anyone watched it.

This morning I weighed in and felt kinda sad. I think I can kick this back in the right direction fairly easily, but when I'm tired/worn out it's hard to have the determination. I also miss running terribly (physio said two more weeks). But I know I'll get there, just having an off week!

This morning I had an interview for a new job!! WOOHOOO!!!! I loved the office and the people, the job seems really interesting, but there are some cons that I have to work out if it's worth it. It's further away (more traveling), and the hours are a bit more than I have now (only 30 more minutes a day). Benefits/vacation are the same, if they send me an offer I think I will end up making the decision based on the salary, if it's a bit more I'll take it, if it's the same/less then I won't.

This is me, dressed up for my interview!!
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  • 4KWALK
    For the week you've had I would say you did well. That pound could be a bit of water too from the surgery and pizza. Hope you are down next week.
    Don't be too hard on yourself. You'll be out of the 170's before too long. emoticon
    1473 days ago
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