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Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Yesterday was a crazy mixed bag of emotions for me yesterday. First off, as I put on my status, I had a late afternoon physical appointment, so I was STARVING all day. emoticon Of course, I won't know about the lab results for a few days, but the office visit of the exam went really well. My blood pressure was good: 124/79, and all of his listening and poking and prodding came back just fine. He was very pleased with his findings and hearing about my efforts at the gym. He told me to keep at it, and I didn't even get the weight lecture!

The other piece to my day was waiting on one of two loan officers to call me back. I can't remember how much of this nonsense I've really gone into, but my husband and I are trying to buy our first house. We have lost about a week and a half on this proces because Equifax wouldn't give my credit score out since my name is different. Because, you know, I've only been married for close to two years now..... emoticon So four phone calls and a week later, they have that stick out of their butts. Yesterday I called the LO and let him know we were straight..... and I waited ALLLLLL day for him to call.

Monday night our realtor called, and suggested we try a local loan officer as well, to see if we couldn't get a better deal, maybe through one of the products that are only offered in Virginia. So I said sure, give him my number, and we'll talk to him, too.

Which means I was on pins and needles ALLLLLLL day yesterday, everytime my phone buzzed, I just knew it was one of them calling, only to be disappointed. So by the time I got home yesterday, I'm about frantic. My husband can't reach the rental office to see if they can't give us a week to get this pre-approval before we sign a six-month extention. So we're facing potential "homelessness" in two months, we can't go look at houses until we get this pre-approval, my next class started this week... I'm basically just overbooked to my eyeballs.

Six o'clock my phone rings. It's the California loan officer. We haven't talked to the local guy yet, but at this point, beggars can't be choosers. He runs our stuff and......

emoticon emoticon emoticon WE GOT PRE-APPROVED!!!!! emoticon emoticon emoticon

And then about an hour later, the local guy calls. So we're going to to ahead and see what he can do for us as well, we're not locked in with this other guy or anything, but regardless of what happens, we have A pre-approval, which means we can FINALLY start scheduling showings of some of these houses. Everyone involved is confident we can close by the end of March, and if we have to shack up with one parent or another for a week or two, we've been told that's ok with them as well.

I talked with a lady at the gym for a few minutes this morning about the frustration of trying to figure out how to get my weight loss kicked off again, and she told me to write down my food for the next three days and she'd look at it. Well, lucky for her, I had printed out the past week of food from Spark, in case my doc wanted to go over anything, so I gave that to her, and we're going to discuss tomorrow. It's really not a stellar week she has to review, either, but at least it's honest. I've been doing a little stress eating lately.

I've spend some time this morning really getting an action plan together. I took my nutrition back to the old way, but also updated my fitness tracker to more acurately reflect the amount of exercise I do (it was set too low). I also set my weight to what the doctor's scale said. emoticon And I refreshed my weight loss goal. Using the low end of my new range, I broke my day into three meals and two snacks, and worked on an action plan, that I will show Donna tomorrow, and see what she has to say about it. I feel better about this part of my life just by taking these steps. I feel confident that I will get out of this slump. Especially with the support of my gym peeps, and all of you (yes, YOU, right there) here at Spark!

Thanks for your love and support! emoticon emoticon
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