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Wednesday, February 05, 2014

I haven't been on in awhile. So two blogs in one day to make up!

The other was focused on the Biggest Loser. Holy crap! Read that if you want.

This one is about other stuff. I have slowly been losing the weight. My fat pants are still my pants. My skinny clothes are taunting me in my closet. I WILL get my a$$ back in those pants!

I know I fail on food most of all -- so in order to get my head right, I am doing less working out (also super busy!) and more focusing on what I put into my body. I know no matter how much I work out, it won't help me if I eat five candy bars a week… which I was doing.

Food is my weakness, so food is my focus. Until I can get that in check, I'm not stressing about not getting in my cardio. Not that I'm not moving. I've been walking more, and working more. Both schools are back in session. Now on Mondays and Wednesdays I work from 8am to 10pm. It sucks! I teach two lectures in the morning, lunch, then teach a biology lab, then go to the other school and teach a chemistry lab. I'm standing more. I'm walking more. I burned over 3000 calories just teaching and walking on those 14 hour days. That's nuts! The other days I'm working on trying to catch up on grading and assignments and papers and blackboard and homework and prepping. I really did take on A LOT this semester. Three classes and four labs is a lot. Hopefully it will equal a good paycheck, but again, I won't know until the end of February how much I'm being paid.

Lindenwood has been good. I need to get my job application in. They've had me start picking out all of my supplies ;-) So either I'm going to have an awesome lab set up, or the newbie is. The faculty keep talking like I've got the job, but I don't want to sound too confident.

So that's it - I did my quick update. Now back to creating Blackboard quizzes!
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    Food is such an issue. I want food to be my friend, but not in a way that's a problem. Just listening and learning from yourself is the way to go. Your body knows what's good for it!

    Good luck with the job!
    1477 days ago
    Slowly but surely, just how you got down there once before, you'll be there again. :)

    14 hour days are no joke though, I have been doing 14 hours 5 days a week for the last two weeks! Don't forget about "me time"!
    1477 days ago
    Why does food have to taste SO good and be so readily available?!?

    I'm right there with you! Food is my downfall, not lack of activity!~
    1477 days ago
  • MINEA999
    Remember when you were desperate for work? Now your cup runneth

    Like you, I think I need to start focusing again on my food and less on my exercise. The past several weeks I get plenty of exercise but a little lax on the food and voila, no loss. Big surprise.

    1477 days ago
    I think food is a huge problem for most of us on here. Every time I fall off track its never for lack of working is ALWAYS the food. Just try to keep positive, I know its hard. I always find that trying to just maintain is better than gaining more. I have been stuck in a bad food rut but still working out & just maintaining. Haven't lost my holiday weight gained but at least I'm not gaining more. I've learnt that this journey is all about small steps forward even if its one step forward 2 steps back. You've got this, really. you know what the issue is & are working on resolving it slowly but surely.
    1477 days ago
    Food has been my super duper downfall this whole time that I've been off track. If you've read my latest blog, you know the sick amount I've been eating. So that's a huge thing to focus on for me. I KNOW that you will get your booty back in those skinny clothes, and before long, those will be too big! We know what to do, we know HOW and WHEN to do things, now we just need to make the knowledge a reality again! We can do this!!
    1477 days ago
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